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How To Remove Desitin From Skin [3 Simple Solutions]

Removing Desitin from skin can be pretty annoying. It’s persistent and refuses to get removed even after rubbing the skin furiously. If it’s on a baby’s skin the situation is even dire.

how to remove desitin from skin?

If using normal soap and water doesn’t work to remove desitin work, apply oil . Rub the area where you’ve applied Desitin with oil. Clean it with a wet towel. You can also try using a makeup remover. Some people even use facial wipes to remove it. You can use these solutions one by one chronically. 

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What Is Desitin?

Desitin also known as diaper cream is a medicinal moisturizer that is multi-purposed. From the name itself, you can guess the real use of it. 

Desitin is used to prevent baby skin rashes that are caused by diapers. It’s pretty common to see babies get diaper rashes. Sometimes it doesn’t end with a mere rash rather ends up in skin burn.

Such scenarios are really painful for a child. To prevent this, Desitin is used on the area where the baby gets irritated. This is the main use of Desitin.

But people use it for other skin issues as well. People have been using Desitin to get rid of acne issues. Since its main ingredient is zinc oxide. It works great for skin problems.

A great benefit of zinc oxide is that it prevents inflammation of the skin. Thus, in many sunscreens, it has been used as one of the prime ingredients. 

It helps greatly to get rid of pimples. It can also be used as a moisturizing cream to treat rough, and scaly skin.

How To Get Rid of Desitin From Skin?

Applying Desitin is as easy as applying any other moisturizer. But taking it off of your skin is not so easy.

That’s because the zinc in Desitin is water-resistant. Even if you want to remove it from your skin it won’t be so easy. Especially if it’s baby skin that you can’t even rub much. It’s a thick white cream that doesn’t get removed easily. It’s like rubbing off concealer from cloth.

So what can you do? You can try the following solutions to get rid of Desitin off your skin.

Solution-1: Use Oil

As if you’ve already seen water isn’t enough to rub Desitin off of your skin. Then try using oil on it. Coconut or any baby oil would suffice. Apply some oil on the area where you’ve applied Desitin.

Rub the area properly with oil for a few minutes. After that, clean the area with a clean towel or tissue. This solution is approachable for baby skin.

Solution-2: Use Makeup Remover

This option is not favorable for babies. Only use it for grown-up skin as make-up remover may contain many harsh chemicals.

Take an adequate amount of makeup remover and apply it over the Desitin. Rub the area properly before it all comes off. Clean the area with cold water afterward. 

These are the makeup removers you can use for removing Desitin:

Product 1
Product 2

You can also try using a face wash. The irony is it may be useful for cleaning gold-plated flatware. But not so much in our case. So better use makeup remover.

Solution-3: Use Wipes

This is a very regular method. But the trick here is not to use regular baby wipes. Instead, use wet tissues or makeup removing wipes. If you use it on baby skin, clean the area with water afterward.

Take a towel and damp it in warm water. Wipe the area from front to back gently. For adult skin simply wipe it off with the wiper. Later clean the area in cold water.

If you don’t see much of a good result try combining all these solutions. Like how you’d try everything to get rid of asphalt from concrete. Relax, it’s not gonna be so hard.

Follow the solutions chronically. Hopefully, it’ll come off after you’ve tried all the methods. For baby skin be especially careful not to rub hard.

How To Use Desitin?

Consult a doctor before you plan on using Desitin on your skin. Because it can react differently on different types of skins. Unless you’re not sure of its safety don’t use it.

Always read the user guideline and follow as it’s instructed. The product should have a user manual inside the packet. 

Sometimes the usage procedure is mentioned on the tube itself. How often you’re to use it should also be mentioned in the package. But if you still have any confusion ask your dermatologist.

Shake the medicine before you use it on your skin. Desitin is only for external use. That means you shouldn’t use it in any area that can have an internal effect.

If you use it for diaper rash first clean the affected area properly. Dry the skin before you apply it. Be careful to apply it to your baby’s skin. You wouldn’t want it to reach the area it shouldn’t go.

If you’re using it for a dry hand, apply it after you clean your hand. You can apply it multiple times depending on your skin condition. It’s best to get direction from your dermatologist regarding this.

For skin burn or radiation first, make sure that it’s safe to be applied. It should be applied before you take any radiotherapy.


Question: What causes yeast rash?

Answer: Yeast rash is caused by a bacteria named Candida Albicans. This bacteria grows in warm, secluded, moist areas. The most common reason for yeast rash infection is the use of antibiotics. 

Question: How to get rid of Desitin from fabric?

Answer: Fill a bucket with an adequate amount of hot water and detergent mixture. Soak the stained cloth in it for 15 minutes. After that rub the cloth where the stain is at. Clean it with cold water.

Question: Should Desitin be used on every diaper change?

Answer:There’s no fixed answer to this. But usually, it is used in scenarios where babies get rash or irritated skin. Also, it’s safe to use after every diaper change.Some mothers apply Desitin before any rash appears.


Now you know how to remove Desitin from skin. Removing the stubborn moisturizing cream shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Always keep the Desitin away from your child’s reach. Never let them use it as a plaything. It’s safe to store somewhere that would be out of your cold’s reach.

That’s it for today. Take care!