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Square D vs Siemens Electrical Panels: The Better One!

Electrical panels are undoubtedly crucial whether it is at home or outside. You can not just choose it without having prior knowledge. Square D and Siemens are two of the best ones you may know. But which one comes first between these two!

Which one to choose between Square D vs Siemens electrical panels?

Siemens panels have better compatibility than Square D panels. But Square D electrical panels are way more reasonable than that of Siemens. The price of Siemens is too expensive compared to Square D panels. In addition to that, the Square D panels have better availability than Siemens panels.

To differentiate properly, this is not enough yet. Keep reading to unfold the main info that I got here.

Let’s get started!

Square D vs Siemens Electrical Panels: Head to Head Battle

A brief would give you a heads up on the detailed comparison. And here’s that one you need:

FeaturesSquare DSiemens
CompatibilityAverageAbove Average
PriceAround $400Around $3,000

This is a brief that helps you comprehend easily. 

Square D vs Siemens Electrical Panels: A Detailed Comparison!

As you have already got the brief, it’s time to move on to the details. But you must know one thing: these panels are tough to differentiate. 

Because these are made up and produced almost the same way with similar quality. As a result, their features are quite similar. 

Nevertheless, there are a few subtle differences that you might want to know. 

Let’s start digging for a more detailed comparison.


Compatibility is something very important especially when you think of electrical panels. Not all the appliances are that much compatible, you know.

Square D Electrical Panels

Square D electrical panels are manufactured in a very qualitative way. These are not just random electrical panels. 

If you plan to improve your electrical outlets, these can be a good choice. Because the quality of these is significantly good.

But there are cons too. These panels are generally not that compatible. By this, I mean these panels are compatible only with the selected appliances.

Because the quality they have does not go with any random appliances. Thus, you need to make sure these are compatible with the appliances you use.

Siemens Electrical Panels

On the other hand, Siemens is not that selective with appliances. These electrical panels are quite versatile in general.

You can almost use these panels with any appliance. Thus, the compatibility is high with these panels. These are quite good as the main electrical panel while grounding.

Not to forget that these panels are also manufactured with good qualities. Thus, you can not leave behind the thinking of the quality of panels.

Winner: In terms of compatibility, Siemens won. That’s because these electrical panels have better compatibility than Square D electrical panels.


You can not just forget a feature while comparing two things. And when these are similar, it is a must. Here’s the pricing comparison.

Square D Electrical Panels

When it comes to pricing, it can actually vary in the range. But you can expect to spend around $400 on these electrical panels. Remember that the price may vary depending on the appliances.

But it would not possibly go over $800. Thus, the maximum it can go is $800 for this.

Siemens Electrical Panels

In contrast to the price of Square D panels, Siemens is way more expensive. You might need to reconsider your budget while you think of these panels.

The least charge it may start with is around $1,000. And if you think of the maximum, it can even go up to $10,000. Thus, you can understand how expensive these can be.

The expense is like building a tiny house.

Winner: When the price is your concern, Square D electrical panels win. Because these panels are way more reasonable than that of Siemens.


Normally, the availability of goods plays a good factor in the market. Because the more available the products are, the better.

Square D Electrical Panels

Square D electrical panels are generally produced in bulk every day. Thus, there is more than enough production of these for the consumers.

As a result of this, you can get these panels easily around you. And any complementary stuff for these is also easy to find.

Remember that you can cover these panels if you want.

Siemens Electrical Panels

When you consider Siemens electrical panels, you need to think of a thing. That is, these panels are not that widely available.

In fact, these panels are quite expensive. Thus, you may not be able to get them that easily around you. You know, not all expensive things are that much available all around.

Winner: In terms of availability, we choose Square D electrical panels over Siemens. Because these panels are available almost everywhere.

Which One To Choose?

This part can guide you to the final decision if you are still confused. 

If your priority is compatibility, Siemens panels come first. But for reasonable price and availability, Square D would come before Siemens.

Finally, here is a list to get these panels easily:

Product 1
Product 2

Hope this helps!


Question: Are there any brands that come with the best electrical panels?

Answer: Yes, there are numerous brands that are popular for their electrical panels. Because their electrical panels are the best in the market. A few of them are Siemens and Square D electrical panels. The durability, effectiveness, and withstand power are great.

Question: Can I interchange Siemens and Square D electrical appliances?

Answer: You can not get the answer directly to this question. Because you can’t randomly interchange any electrical appliance of Square D and Siemens. But there are some appliances that are interchangeable so far. Thus, an expert can actually tell this properly.

Question: Are there any shortages of electrical breakers now?

Answer: No, there is no significant shortage of electrical breakers now. But still, some of the companies like Square D have come up with less production. This especially happened in the last few months due to the pandemic. But the companies have already started covering up.

The Final Words

Hopefully it helped you to choose between Square D vs Siemens electrical panels! I do not think you would still have a confusion regarding this.

Remember one thing. Try not to mix up the appliances of a single panel with two companies. You may think of trying two but this can actually be risky

Thus, make sure to follow this!