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600 Amp Wire Size: All You Would Want to Know!

It’s very important to use the correct size of wire for the consequent amp. I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t know how to choose the correct one.

There are different sizes of wires required for different amps. 

How to choose the 600 amp wire size? 

It’s very significant for using the perfect wire size. Because if you do otherwise, you can cause harm to your equipment. While choosing the correct wire size you need to consider wire material, length and the quality of the equipment. But generally the 1500 kcmil gauge wire will work for 600 amp.

It is just a quick preview. In the below article, we will provide you detailed information on this.

600 Amp Wire Size

There are different Amps for different equipment. You need to use the perfect Amp for your device. Similarly, you need to make sure that the wire size is also adjusted to the 600 amp.

What is Amperage

It’s not too difficult to figure out this one. If you still think it is, then we are here.

It isn’t usually encountered with the emblem, though. The equipment connect schedule, a panel schedule, or a one-line schematic will most likely be required.

If none of these options are available. Or if they don’t show the disconnect size, you’ll have to size the switch. Based on the wire that feeds it.

Significance of Using Correct Wire Size

It’s very crucial to choose the correct wire size. Because electricity flows through these wires. Incorrect size of the wire can overflow and damage the electronic devices. 

Therefore, you need to choose the wire size according to your demand. And also measures the capacity of your electronic device.

The American Wire Gauge (AWG) System value is used for these.  This calculates the overall cross-sectional size of a wire as per your device. The ground wire has to be the same gauge in this case.

There are approximately 40 different gauge additional options. It ranges in cross-sectional area from 0.012 mm2 to 107 mm2. The diameters can change as they go through the gauges.

What Size of Wire Should You Use for a 600-Amp Connector

The size of your wire mostly depends on the ampere of your electronic device. You need to consider many things when you choose your wire. 

The ampacity of a cable corresponds to the greatest amount of electricity it can safely take. The Length of the wire depends on your needs. 

According to AWG , the duty cycle of 600 amps should be 60 percent. The length of the wire in 50-150 feet will be constant. And that will be 3/0 AWG.  But for 150-200 feet it will be 4/0 AWG. 

And considering the ampacity and the length you need to choose the perfect gauge wire. For a 600-Amp device, I will recommend you to use a 1500 kcmil gauge wire. The wire size of 100 amp in 150 feet will be 3/0 AWG too.

The diameter of the circuit breaker is determined by the right size used in the circuit. Excessive current flow is stopped by the circuit breaker before it damages the conductor. Therefore, you can’t use a small gauge wire, otherwise it will harm the wire.

The 600 Amp circuit is mainly used for wielding or some heavy works. You need to be careful while you are conducting. You have to make sure that the electricity flows through the correct size of wire.

It’s wise to use the wire size which is adjusted to your electronic device. For a minor error Electronics devices can cause major accidents. You need to handle every small matter with proper importance.

In Particular, you will take a huge risk if you use a smaller wire. Because it will not be able to endure the heat produced in the electricity flow. And this may melt the wire. 

This could harm the circuit or the device. Or it may cause a fire which will end up in a major accident.

Though if you use a bigger size of wire, something major will not occur. But it may give you some trouble. But that may turn out to be fine.

But you shouldn’t take any risk and use the required size to avoid any hitch.

Therefore, it’s very important and critical to find and implement the correct wire size. There may be no ground wire for your device. You should take some safety measures in order to save yourself from any accidents

Though it’s difficult to get it perfectly. Because you have to consider the equipment size,wire Materials and many other things.

Wire Material

The material of your wire also plays a major role in deciding the correct wire size. 

There are various wires of different materials available in the market. The most common of them are aluminium, copper, brass, or silver. 

There are some materials that you can use for your circuit. Check out the recommendations for choosing the material of your wire:

Product 1
Product 2

As it is a matter of taking risks, you may also consult a professional electrician. Thus you will get your perfect wire size.


Question: Why is my 600 amp disconnected?

Answer: Generally amperage comes in a fixed size. But for any wrong connection or any other error, it can get disconnected. It’s mainly because the disconnected power is greater than the circuit amperage. As an instance, for a 200 amp, you may use a 300 amp circuit.

Question: Would the wrong amp cause a short circuit?

Answer: There can be two possibilities if you use the wrong amperage. The fuse mainly gives us a buffer before doing any damage. If the fuse has small amperage, the current may pass. And generally nothing bad will happen. But it’s better to avoid the wrong amp.

Question: Can you use 600 amps for your car battery?

Answer: Any regular car battery will work in 400-600 amp. For a regular vehicle, 600 amps will be enough. But for heavy vehicles, the battery will need more amp to start the vehicle. Because the battery needs more current flow during its starting period. Otherwise, it would work in 600amp current flow.


I hope this article will help you to get the correct 600 amp wire size. In this article we have explained why it’s important to get the perfect wire size and how to get it.

If you have any other enquiries, you can comment below. 

Thanks for staying with us this long!