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Christmas Lights for Decorating Small Spaces

Getting a 10-foot-tall Christmas tree is not ideal if you have a small space. People with tiny homes struggle to decorate for Christmas because of space constraints.

You do not have to miss out on the fun of decorating for the season. You can beautify your small space with suitable trees and lights.

Look out for practical décor and light choices to bring the perfect holiday glow to your space. String lights and candles are a perfect and simple way to bring coziness in the evenings.

Keep reading to uncover a few simple ways to prep your small spaces for Christmas. No one will notice the space constraint if you do this right.

Light Up Your Staircase

Most people focus on the tree and outdoor lights so that they forget other spaces. The staircase can be a great way to add more light and fun to your festive season décor.

There are different ways of achieving this. First, consider using string lights that go up the stairs. Include lanterns on each step to help add a beautiful twist and bring out the season’s magic.

Use the Non-Functioning Fireplace

Christmas Lights for Decorating Small Spaces 1

If your home has a fireplace that you hardly use, this is a great time to decorate it. Use LED candles to brighten the space and make it a focal point in the living space.

Choose candles of different heights and arrange them to create an optical illusion. You can mix these LED candles with ordinary scented candles to bring in an inviting scent for the season.

Christmas Statement Sign that Light Up

If you are like most people who love decorating, you are looking for unique pieces. One of the easiest yet surest ways of ensuring your décor stands out is to use a statement sign

On one of your empty walls, put up a Merry Christmas Sign that lights up. Choose one with white or warm lights, depending on your goal.

Select one that either contrasts the wall colors. Go with similar ones since it will create an illusion of a bigger space.

Glitters and glows are a great way of creating a focal point. Your guests will not focus on your small space if you have areas that capture their attention more.

Create a String light Christmas Tree

You do not have to bring a bulky Christmas tree in a space already too small for comfort. Achieve the same goal by arranging and sticking the string lights in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Start by choosing the right location you want to shift your trees to. Come up with a desirable pattern for the tree and have it set up. Every time you light the tree, you will notice that it illuminates and forms a tree. Unless one is very keen, with the right background, it is not so obvious that no actual tree exists in that location.

Use Wreaths that Light Up

People decorate for Christmas to make themselves happy during the festivities. You may also be the motivation your neighbors are waiting for to get into the Christmas spirit.

Consider lighting up the wreaths you put on the door and windows. Choose battery-operated lanterns and insert them into the wreaths you use. The glow will be a much-welcomed and a reminder to stay merry during this season.

Light Up Your Curtains

You do not have to insist on having a Christmas tree if that option is not viable. Sometimes the space is too small to have small trees without seeming cluttered.

The good news is that this should not hinder you from setting up Christmas lights. Get string lights and have them installed on the curtains.

This creates a beautiful waterfall effect when you switch on the lights. Have a sheer between the lights to make it even more magnificent. The glow is something you appreciate if you entertain people during dinners.

Set Up Dining Table Lights

Christmas Lights for Decorating Small Spaces 2

Creativity is vital when choosing to decorate during the holiday season. Think outside the box by setting up dining table wreaths with lights.

This illuminates the food you set up. It also makes everything pop which is excellent for presentation if you want to impress.

Dress Existing Lights

Are you on a budget and wondering how to improve things with what you already have? No problem. It is possible to elevate existing lights and turn everything into festive lighting.

For instance, get some décor over the chandeliers at the dining table. You can also cover the living room candles with Christmas décor before lighting them.

Small additions make everything look new. Play around with what already exists.

The Single String Light Magic

Does your home have a mantle? If so, you can consider hanging a string light over the mantle. This is a minimalistic way of ensuring that the space looks more significant than it is.

Having too many colors is disruptive and often makes your space seem cluttered. It helps if you have a small but well-lit tree, hanging Christmas socks, and a single string light over the mantle.


How can I decorate my small area for Christmas?

You can do so much to make your small space Christmas-ready. No matter what you do, make sure to emphasize lighting.

Use as many lights to brighten the space and make it look bigger. Small spaces need extra illumination to stand out.

How does a minimalist decorate for Christmas?

There are so many ways to decorate minimalist, especially for small spaces. A few suggestions would be to emphasize monochrome patterns. Also, focus on greenery and keep things simple. Avoid overdoing any area of the space, as this only seems cluttered.

How do you make a room look festive without a tree?

You don’t have to bring a large tree into a small space to make it look festive. Consider using garlands and wreaths instead. Incorporate lots of lights for the twinkle and glow.

Video showing how to use light to decorate small spaces during Christmas