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Decorating Your Christmas Tree with Lights: Top Essentials to Master

Your Christmas tree is the center of attention in all Christmas festive decorations. As a homeowner who loves the season, you want yours to stand out. But how does one ensure this is so?

Lights! No matter how great your decorative pieces are, the tree only pops with the right kind and amount of light. You want it to glitter and sparkle enough to draw everyone’s attention.

If this is your goal, don’t mess up with the lights. Choose smartly and be creative when putting up the lights.

Hide all unsightly wires and switches. However, let the flickering bulbs shine amidst greenery and décor.

Hanging your Lights

Decorating Your Christmas Tree with Lights: Top Essentials to Master 1

The Christmas tree pops with the right Christmas tree. Adding lights is the first step to decorating a Christmas tree. Christmas lights come in white or green strands.

  • These are great for camouflage, depending on the color of your tree.
  • It is essential to illuminate your Christmas tree from the inside out. It is advisable to start from the bottom to the top. While wrapping the lights, fluff them as you work on them.
  • Experiment with different lights when choosing the appropriate one. Unless you have worked with specific lights and loved them, be free to try them.
  • Mix and match the lights until you find the right fit for your tree.

How to Ordinarily String Lights on Christmas Trees

Use 100 lights on every foot of the tree. This should be a guide when looking at the number of lights per foot.

  • Instead of wrapping the lights around the tree, split the work. Divide the tree into regular triangular sections first. Then work on each section from top to bottom, focusing on getting to the cone.
  • You should plug the first string of lights and nestle the last bulb on the string at the top of the tree trunk.
  • Make sure to weave the lights back – forth following the triangle. Be careful not to cross the cord first.
  • As you connect the lights, make sure not to go beyond 300, as this will overload the power source.
  • Make sure to step back from the tree and check the lights to see if they are going as you anticipated. Doing this at every stage ensures you can re-adjust the lights as you deem fit.

Putting Up Lights for a Minimalist Look

Decorating Your Christmas Tree with Lights: Top Essentials to Master 2

If you are going for a minimalist look for your Christmas tree, you want to follow a different approach. Instead of 100 lights per foot, you should get half the number.

It is also better to choose the correct bulbs. Retro-inspired bubble lights and globe string lights are better than LED lights.

  • Start forming the tree’s bottom and work your way up.
  • Make sure to separate the cord close to the first bulb in a way that forms a loop.
  • Next, slip the loop over a branchlet or greens close to the trunk. It would be best if you also wrapped a cord around the green several times to secure everything.
  •  You should pull the Christmas light strings taut to the branch tip and work backward to the trunk. Wrap the cord over itself as well as the branch.
  • Separate the cord once you get to the trunk and split the branchlet to have the cord secured.
  • Carry the cord to the next branch and wrap it around the greenery near the trunk, pulling it out towards the tip. Then wrap the cord over itself, and the trunk like you did before.
  • Keep wrapping branches this way until you get to the end of the string. Proceed to plug the next set until you finally come to the point where the tree comes apart.
  • When wrapping the top section, ensure not to wrap too many lights at the top so that the whole tree looks evenly lit.

Lighting the Christmas Tree for Moderate Lighting

Decorating Your Christmas Tree with Lights: Top Essentials to Master 3

This is one technique that assures you of a bright and classy look. Usually, LED warm lights are best for this kind of effect. They are also very safe to use, and you don’t have to use fewer lights. You can use the ratio of 100 lights per foot.

Follow the original procedure to set up the lights only when using subdued lights. Always work from the bottom of the tree upwards and cover the tree with more sparkle than light.

Lighting the Tree for Showcase Lighting

This is one of the most conspicuous trees you will probably ever set up. If your goal is to have a statement piece on your Christmas tree, it has to sparkle and stand out.

This means adding the number of lights per foot. We recommend using 200 lights per foot since the tree you will likely use will also be massive.

It is also for such trees that combining different light styles is best. Try incorporating different techniques too.

Weave the lights on the tree for your larger string lights. Then, layer the smaller LED lights to achieve a more dramatic outlook.


How do you put lights on a tree like a professional

You can give your Christmas tree a pro appearance by stringing your lights randomly. This allows your lights to appear more organic and to have a natural feel. Have some of the lights deeper into the branches and others up front, as this creates depth

Do you need clips to hang up Christmas lights?

Refrain from securing your Christmas lights using nails or staples. The metals increase the possibility of ruining them.

Decide on the necessary tools and hooks to hang the slights. Gutter or brick clamping clips are the best.

What is the average number of lights on a Christmas tree?

Generally, using 100 lights within a 1.5 feet distance of a tree works best. You can adjust the number of lights needed based on the effect you want to create. Consider all these when making your decision.

Video showing how to light and fluff the Christmas tree