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Achieve the Perfect Holiday Glow with the Right Christmas Tree Light and Décor

It’s that time of the year when you want the best-looking Christmas tree in the neighborhood. Family and friends will stop by for a celebration, and there is no better way to prepare than have your tree ready.

Easy as it sounds, having the perfect tree is not as straightforward. But it isn’t impossible if you know how to play around with the lights and décor pieces.

So how do you get the perfect Christmas tree light and décor going? Below are fantastic yet practical tips that can help you achieve your goals.

Christmas Décor and Lights Make a Huge Difference

If you are a décor-holic, you are already excited about this season. Your mind is already racing with all the creative décor pieces you want to try.

You may already be checking out themes or even have a few mood board ideas for this Christmas season.

 How you tie everything together matters more than the exciting Christmas shopping spree. Your Christmas décor and tree lights will make a massive difference in your style this season.

We are here to help you understand a few tricks and tips that make this possibility a reality. It is not rocket science trying to choose what works.

Many companies are already advertising and selling décor items and lights; you will have an easy time. Bring your Christmas spirit along, and you will be fine.

Getting the Right Lights

Achieve the Perfect Holiday Glow with the Right Christmas Tree Light and Décor 1
Christmas Tree & Fireplace Decorations

First things first, it is vital to get the right Christmas lights. Lights are mandatory for real Christmas trees and low-maintenance artificial tree types.

 A basic thumb rule is to choose lights that are easy to work with. No matter how intelligent lights seem, they must be practical.

Consider the spacing between the bulbs. It doesn’t matter how long the lights are; the spacing between bulbs is reasonable enough.

Preferences play a significant role in what you settle for. While some homeowners love mini lights, others prefer lights with giant bulbs.

I would recommend mini lights for a bright first-impression kind of look. If you want something different, try incorporating large bulbs like the G50s, C9, C7, and G40s.

You can also use large LED bulbs if mini lights are not within reach. These are brighter and have fewer safety risks compared to incandescent lights.

 Personal preference is a significant determinant of the lights one settles for. Incandescent lights lovers should never leave the lights on when leaving the house.

The bulbs tend to get too hot. You do not want to cause a fire outbreak by choosing the wrong lights.

Tips for Lighting a Real Christmas Tree

Lighting each tree is different. There is a technique for lighting each tree, and real trees are no different.

  • Get the lights out. Go for a 13-set light if you have a standard six-foot-tall tree, which gives you the best twinkle.
  • Professionals use an extra set of larger bulbs, i.e., G40s or G50s, when decorating a megawatt tree. Place these at the branch extremities.
  • Confirm that the lights work. Do this by plugging each light stand before placing the lights on the tree.
  • Place your lights starting from the bottom upwards. This avoids running an extension cord on top of the tree.
  • Wind lights around the tree horizontally. Start by wrapping the lights around the tree as you work upwards.
  • Note that working when the lights are on is a great trick. It helps you identify bulbs that aren’t working and also allows you to gauge the tree’s brightness as you progress.
  • Pause and step back always to observe what you are doing. Inspect the uniformity of the glow on the tree and adjust at every step if needed.
  • Make sure that the light distribution is throughout the tree. You do not want an imbalanced tree, which makes it look awkward.
  • Follow the opposite strategy when pulling down the lights after the festivities.

Lighting an Artificial Tree

Achieve the Perfect Holiday Glow with the Right Christmas Tree Light and Décor 2
Christmas tree in modern home apartment living room

Most professionals love and prefer working with artificial trees. These are easy to handle and maneuver.

Moreover, you can set the lights so you won’t have to remove and re-do every year. This works if you have enough storage for a whole, un-dismantled tree.

  • Prep your lights. Most artificial trees have three-part divisions. You can also categorize the lights you want to use.
  • Try going for the 6-set for the lower part of the tree, 5-set for the middle section, and 3-set lights for the top section.
  • Start with the natural tree as you do; start with the bottom and light each branch. This helps keep the extension on the lower side of the tree.
  • In this case, opt to illuminate every branch trunk to its tip before proceeding to the next. Avoid wrapping the lights horizontally.
  • Following this spoke pattern helps maximize the twinkle/ sparkle on the tree. It also makes it easier to fluff up the tree and add as many décor pieces as you want. Pros like it since it is easier to make everything seem even.
  • Store installed lights with the trees. Do this by keeping lights and the tree parts together until the next holiday season.


How many sets of lights can you connect to a Christmas tree?

Try your best to do an average number. Don’t connect highs of up to 20 sets, as this will lead to a blown a fuse.

Is it possible to hide the plugs and connections?

Please find a way to do this, as it helps keep everything neat and tied together. After all, the beauty of the tree is in the details. Use green cable tape to camouflage the plugs and connections if it’s the only thing you can do.

Should you tape down extension cords and wires?

This is not recommended. Doing so makes the cables and wires ugly and creates a tripping hazard you want to avoid.

This video explains how to place lights on your Christmas tree for a great glow