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How to Clean Longaberger Baskets [Explained In 5 Steps]

Longaberger baskets, named after the inventor family of the basket, are very popular.

But most people clean these baskets in a random way that is wrong. Maybe you’re also doing it for years.

For this the basket is losing the original look. So, to keep it clean and hold the original look you have to clean it in the right way.

How to clean Longaberger baskets?

There are several steps to follow. You have to collect the proper materials first. Then give it a general clean focusing on the fabric inserts and plastic protectors. Cleaning the molds is also necessary. Finally dry and store them.

I know, this small bit of information won’t serve you to the fullest. No worries, I’ve got you back. Just keep reading the content!

5 Easy Steps to Clean Longaberger Baskets

Longaberger baskets hold many traditional values. And they’re being used from generation to generation. So, taking care of them is an essential part of owning them. Otherwise, they can get dirty and smell bad like a “made in China” smell.

Now let’s get to know in detail how to clean Longaberger baskets.

Step 1: Gathering Cleaning Materials

There are several cleaning materials that can be used to clean Longaberger baskets. Some of them are-

  • Cleaning brush
  • Soft cloth or sponge
  • Cleaning solutions (Alkaline-based)
  • Safety mask
  • Disposable suit
  • Hand gloves
  • 60-90% Alcoholic solution etc.

If you’re confused about getting them all together at the same time, here’s something you might be interested in. I’ve listed down some products which come with the total cleaning materials package:

Product 1
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I hope this recommendation will make your work easier. Now let’s go to the second step.

Step 2: General Cleaning

When you use your basket regularly, it’s normal that there will be dirt and dust. And to remove them, a brush is a must. It’s better if you are using a soft-bristled.

Remove the dust and dirt from the surface of the basket using the brush. After that, use a soft cloth to get rid of the dirt and dust well.

You can also use a damp sponge for doing this. Clean the dirt following the weave for easy access.

If there’s a stain in the basket, use mild alkaline-based cleaning solutions (not abrasive cleaner) mixed with sufficient amounts of water. Wipe the basket repeatedly following the weave to get the best result. Apply some gentle pressure to remove stubborn stains.

A damp cotton swab may help you to clean the nooks and corners of the basket. You can use that for extensive cleaning.

Then allow the basket to dry properly before storing it somewhere. Remember, If it is not dried properly, then molds might grow in the basket.

Step 3: Cleaning The Molds Properly

First, make sure to wear a disposable suit, safety mask, and hand gloves for mold removal. You will also need 60-90% alcohol solution for cleaning molds.

Soak a soft cloth in the alcoholic cleaning solution and then clean the moldy areas. Use a soft-bristled brush to loosen and remove the stubborn molds. Then take another soft cloth and wipe the loosened molds. Repeat the process to remove all the molds. If needed, wash the basket to clean the basket fully.

After you’re done with all the cleaning processes, dry the basket in sunlight so that there will remain no mold remnant. But don’t keep it under the sunlight for more than 8 hours.

Step 4: Cleaning The Fabric Insert

Wash with hand to clean the fabric insert of the Longaberger baskets. Using laundry detergent is okay for cleaning the fabric insert. Soak the fabric into the detergent, warm water, and baking soda overnight. Wring the fabric and then let it dry.

Step 5: Cleaning The Plastic Protector

For cleaning the plastic protector of Longaberger baskets, fill it with vinegar (not muriatic acid). Then pour some baking soda and let it sit for sufficient time. After that, scrub with a brush and rinse well. A sponge will also work well to clean the plastic protector.

So, these are the five steps for cleaning Longaberger baskets.

Tips for Better Output

Here are some tips for your convenience while cleaning Longaberger baskets.

  • Work in an open space where there is good ventilation.
  • Wear disposable outwear so that your clothes don’t get exposed to mold.
  • Place all the cleanup items, disposable outwear, etc. together in a plastic bag while discarding them.
  • Keep your pet and the children away from the cleaning area.

I hope these tips will help you to get a better output.


Question: What is the worth of Longaberger baskets?

Answer: Some of the Longaberger baskets are worth more than a hundred dollars, but there are also cheap ones close to twenty dollars.

Question: How to clean non-washable baskets?

Answer: Utilizing a bit of mild soap can help to clean the baskets that are not washable. One teaspoon of soap is enough for diluting in one gallon of water.

Question: Is it allowed to wash Longaberger basket liners?

Answer: Yes, you can wash Longaberger basket liners, but it’s better for them to be machine washed cold.


Dirty Longaberger baskets are surely not something that you would like to use. That is why I tried to give you a step-by-step guide of how to clean Longaberger baskets

Make sure that you are following all the steps carefully. And take on your gloves and mask before starting.

That’s all for now. Have a good day and say no to dirty Longaberger baskets!