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How to Choose A Deck Stain to Coordinate with Your House

A well-chosen deck stain can completely transform the look of your house’s exterior. Choosing the ideal deck stain is a hard and tedious task. But it can be rewarding in the long run. 

How to choose a deck stain to coordinate with your house?

You have to carefully consider your exterior and surroundings before picking the deck stain color. An ideal deck stain should be made of materials that offer painting flexibility. Following patch tests can help you figure out the perfect deck stain that’ll complement your house.

Still confused? This short article will help you find the best deck stain for your house. 

Let’s not waste any more time and get right into it-

What Should You Consider Before Choosing A Deck Stain?

A deck is more preferable to many homeowners. One doesn’t have to worry about fixing a deck like fixing uneven concrete patios.  But having a deck means that you’ll need to choose an appropriate deck stain for it.

Today, I’m going to explain to you some fundamental points to consider for choosing deck stains. These aspects help me choose the right stain that coordinates with my deck-

Home Exterior

Many people find it tricky to pick deck stains that effortlessly blend with their exterior. Your deck has to complement the look of your house. 

When I pick my deck colors, I take notes of the existing shades of the exterior. This includes the trims, siding, and other elements of the house exterior. Closely observing the pattern and hue of the elements helps me pick an accent color.

After picking up the color, I refer it to the color wheel. This helps me to choose the color that will bring the best out of my deck.

Don’t forget to take the color of the patio furniture into account when choosing stain color. Modern furniture tends to blend along with darker shades of stains. If you have wooden furniture, try something more subtle.

Deck Material

I often see people completely overlook this point. 

The building material of the deck offers you the flexibility of painting or staining. If you have a wooden deck, you can either paint it or stain it. For concrete decks, you should opt for staining.

Want to enjoy the flexibility of easily changing deck colors? 

I suggest you pick wooden decks. Not only do they offer the most options, but it’s also easier to stain wooden decks. You can also easily extract latex dye from wood surfaces.


Your deck doesn’t only beautify your house, but also its surroundings as well. And I believe that the landscape surrounding your house also influences the look of your deck.

Depending on your surroundings, the shades of the deck can vary. For green landscapes with a dominant hue, I prefer picking bright and vibrant deck colors. This added vividness makes the house stand out even more.

Similarly, for decks surrounded by lively elements, a pale and neutral deck can be equally appropriate.

Future Maintenance

Being an exterior structure, the deck is exposed to regular use and harsh environments. So it’s only normal that your deck will wear and tear after a period of time. 

Choosing quality sealers can make your deck stains last longer. We recommend you try these stain sealers for your deck-


To keep your deck in top-notch shape, you must ensure regular maintenance of your deck.

I usually suggest people consider the maintenance required before buying a stain. Stains that come in solid dark colors are hard to get rid of. Compared to that, neutral-colored stains are easier to remove.

So carefully plan out your deck stain before applying them. Depending on its durability, you might be required to reapply deck stains after a period of time. 

To keep birds off the deck railing, strategically place shiny objects near the deck.

Test Out Different Deck Stains to Choose The Right One

You have finally narrowed down your choice of deck stains. And yet, you’re having a hard time picking the final deck stain for your house.

What do we do now?

A very effective method I like to try out is the Patch test. It’s actually pretty simple.

Collect the samples of the stains and try them out on a small portion of your deck. Closely assess how the stain looks on your deck. Try to picture how the stain fits along with the surroundings and exterior of your house. 

Once you pick the stain that you deem to be the best fit, stain the deck!

I like this method because it lets you experiment with your deck. Rather than staining the entire deck and finding it brash afterward, it’s better this way.

Modern-day technologies have made this process easier. Specific apps let you customize the looks of your house in a 3D environment. Playing around with the colors and designs can help you find the perfect deck stain.


Question: Should the deck have the same color as the house?

Answer: Many houses tend to have decks matching their colors. But there are no such set rules. If anything, such practices can sometimes make the house look dull and boring. 

Question: Does deck staining last longer than painting?

Answer: No, it’s the opposite actually. Painting lasts longer than staining due to a number of reasons. Paint usually has higher resistance and prevents the deck from damage from sun rays. 

Question: Is it okay to pressure wash my deck?

Answer: Even though pressure washing is highly effective for cleaning, it’s not ideal for cleaning decks. Pressure washing can erode the woods of the deck and damage the paint of the deck. 


Now you know how to choose a deck stain to coordinate with your house. Don’t rush to any sudden decision and take your time picking the correct deck stain. Take help from professional deck repair contractors.

With that said, we’ve reached the end of the line.

Have a great day!