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Can You Convert Gas Fireplace To Pellet Stove? [Explained]

We know spending so much on heating is very ineffective. Wondering what might be an efficient option?  

Why not convert gas fireplace to pellet stove?

To do this you only have to follow a couple of simple steps! You’ll have to start by inspecting if you have a firebox to burn the logs. Then you can go on to removing your old fireplace for this. Now you can install your pellet stove. Finish off this process by sweeping off the dirt and debris around the fireplace.

If the overview piqued your interest, you might enjoy the segment below. So go ahead and read through it to know all the details!

Can You Convert Gas Fireplace to Pellet Stove?

Yes, definitely! You can turn your gas fireplace into a pellet stove. You’ll only have to inspect if your fireplace is suitable for the change and make the change.

To help out a bit, we have some of the most used pellet stoves down below:

Product 1
Product 2

You can buy any of these without a doubt. And you’d be surprised how well these are serving you!

Perks Of Converting To Pellet Stove

It is clearly the cheapest alternative compared to the gas one. Comparatively, it uses less wood compared to how much gas a gas fireplace uses. You don’t need a lot of pellets to get the fire burning. But gas one needs a constant need of gas to keep it burning.

You don’t even have to worry about your propane fireplace not burning. You can use 2 pounds of wood for more than an hour! Therefore, it’ll save you a lot!

Running a pellet stove is 25-35% less expensive. And it might only cost you about $10 on an electric bill. 

These stoves are also environmentally friendly. By installing them, you’d be causing very little air pollution as well.

How to Convert A Gas Fireplace to A Pellet Stove – 4-Step Process

The conversion will only take 4 simple steps to get going. And don’t worry if you’re new to this. Our detailed guide will assist you through the process. 

If you’re not sure about installing it yourself, hire a professional.

Essentials You’ll Need

For the installation process, you’re going to need a few things. So here’s a list of tools this process will require:

  • Clamp
  • Plug
  • Wrench
  • Crimping Tool
  • Mortar

Now, gather the tools and get to installing!

Step 1 of 4: Inspect And Prep Your Fireplace

Before installing your pellet fireplace, make sure it’s fit to be placed. For this, check that if it was built in a way that logs can be used. That is if there is a firebox, it’s a wood-burning place! Otherwise, sadly you need to replace the whole thing.

Once you’ve confirmed that, you’ll have to place a chimney liner. That is considering you don’t have one installed. 

Besides this, you’ll have to repaint your fireplace with fireproof paint. This will save the firebox and the flue from burning This will also prevent your wall from getting hot.

Another thing is to check your flue for cracks. This can be dangerous for pellet-burning! If you find any, cover them with mortar or cement. 

Step 2 of 4: Take Out Your Old Gas Fireplace

Start by turning off your main gas line. Use a clamp and a plug to secure the gas line from leaking. After that, take your wrench and remove the fireplace from the pipes. 

Then you’ll have to cut the pipes down leaving half an inch of the pipe. After that, secure the end of the pipe with a crimping tool.

After that, start installing mortar around your pipes and seal them. Then safely dispose of the old gas fireplace. But wait 24 hours for the mortar to dry before you move onto the next step.

Step 3 of 4: Time To Install Your Pellet Stove

It’s finally time to set your pellet stove in place. But first, if the stove came with wires, you’ll have to connect them to your nearest wall outlet. However, you might have to take off the fireplace and rebuild it for this. 

If you have the regular stove, just fit it in the firebox and let it be. 

Place the stove 1 or 2 inches from your rear wall. You can place it further out if you’d like. You also need to install a hearth pad. This should extend at least 6 inches in front of the stove.

If you want some modifications, you can even make your own hearth pad. For this, lay down the concrete backer board and top your hearth with tiles. Or you place a large stone slab according to the measurement of your fireplace. Just buy one from your stove supplier.

Now examine the previously installed vent in your chimney. Check your product description for the measurement. Using a stud finder check if the hole is big enough to fit your vent. For most stoves, it only requires a 10 inches hole. But it’s best to follow the manual!

After that, install your vents to the stove and run them outside. Also, fit a rain cap to secure the end portion of the vent! This will keep the chimney cap raised for the stove to burn properly.

To keep the stove from moving, screw in the burner legs tightly.

Step 4 of 4: Final Touches

After you’ve installed your fireplace, you’ll have to sweep all the insides with a brush. That is to clean out the chimney flue and the burner. This will remove the flammables away from the stove. 

Keep the fireplace area clean at all times. Sweep regularly to prevent any flammables from building around the fireplace. As they might start a fire. And you don’t want to spend a hefty amount on furnishing your place again. 

That’s basically how you convert your gas place into a pellet stove. Just carefully follow the steps to have yourself a perfectly working stove.


Question: Can you burn firewood in a pellet stove?
Answer: Yes, you can definitely burn firewood in a pellet stove. But there’s a condition you’ll have to maintain. You need to use a pellet basket to burn the pellets. Or else if you toss it in an open flame, it can cause damage.

Question: Which is more efficient gas fireplace or pellet stove?
Answer: Comparatively, the pellet stove outweighs the pros of a gas fireplace. These stoves are less expensive to operate and also generate more heat. However, they are inefficient at times.

Question: How long does a 40lb bag of pellets last?
Answer: A 40-pound bag of pellets will last you about 24 hours. However, you’ll have to factor in the temperature. If you set the temperature high, the pellets will burn faster. 


That was all from today’s segment. Hope this helped you understand how to convert a gas fireplace to a pellet stove. Basically follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll be all set.

For any further queries, take the guidance of a professional!

Until next time, take care!