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Things You Didn’t Know About Microwave Outlet Height

Choosing the right height for your outlet is extremely important yet crucial. You can’t install it at any height of your choice. There are certain things to consider before determining the outlet height. 

What’s the optimum microwave outlet height?  

The consequences of inappropriate height are quite serious. So, you must install the outlet carefully. The perfect range of height for your microwave outlet is between 66 to 75 inches. You must install it with a gap of 13-16 inches between the cooktop and the oven. Set your one in an optimum position considering everything. 

Yeah, you’ve got an outline of the whole thing. We’ll have a more detailed discussion afterward. Just stick around with us until the end.  

What Is The Optimum Height For Microwave Outlet?

Positioning an appliance is an extremely crucial job. Besides the basic measurements, you’ve to take situations into consideration as well. 

Just like placing a french door refrigerator beside the wall, placing any kitchen appliance includes the same hassle. You must measure a lot of things and rethink the entire look of your kitchen.

When planning to place an over-the-range microwave oven, some obvious questions arise. Firstly, which height would be perfect for hanging microwave oven outlets? 

66 inches is the most suggested height. But the height can be changed depending on other considerations. 

The placement of the outlet varies from brand to brand. So look into the manufacturer’s recommendation before you end up mounting the outlet.

Your local building code might even play a part in the height.

As we can understand, that height might not be a good position for everyone. Hence, the system is to install the outlet a minimum of 66 inches from the floor.  Also, ensure a difference of 13-16 inches between the cooktop and the oven.

Though, some suggest 75 inches as the optimum height. This is for people who are more than or around 5’9” in height.

So, the range for setting an OTR (over-the-range) microwave oven varies between 66-75 inches. Choose an optimum height in between then install the OTR perfectly. 

What happens if it’s not set properly at the optimum height? Let’s focus on that then!

What Happens If The Outlet Goes Too High or Too Low?

Placing the OTR anywhere won’t be a good decision. It’ll look extremely unpleasant and bother your daily activities.

Balancing the microwave outlet with the kitchen cabinets is an absolute must. As we’ll place the over-the-range oven in it. Putting it higher or lower can be troublesome for microwave users.  

Getting the hot bowl and tray out of the oven will be tougher if it’s too high for you. Lower microwaves are hard to use as well. It’s extremely discomforting for people with spine complications.

Not maintaining a certain height between the appliances is extremely bad. You shouldn’t install the oven too close to the cooker or stove. It’ll pass the hot smoke directly towards the oven. Setting it low isn’t wise at all. 

That’s why you must maintain the appropriate height for your OTR microwave oven outlet. 

Is Getting An Over-The-Range Microwave Oven Worth It? 

As we’re installing hanging over the range outlet for OTR ovens. It’s time to know a bit about it. 

They offer a wide range of pros that attracts homeowners to install them. But they have some cons as well. It can be said that OTR ovens aren’t as popular anymore. Before finalizing your decision let’s have a look at them.

As OTR microwave ovens are optimum sized, not too large or too small. They can carry out their duties efficiently while saving space. Indeed useful for small kitchens where placing all the appliances is extremely tough. 

Children can’t access microwaves that are put on the top. It’s preferred by parents to create a safe home space for their kids. 

OTR microwave ovens have fans attached to them. It can blow out the odor, smoke, and steam. We know how immensely important it is to ventilate the ductworks by adding vents

These are reasons why people choose over-the-range microwave ovens for their kitchen space. Now we’ll be focusing on the other side, the cons. 

Let’s begin with the height problem. This type can be bothersome for people who have short heights. Personally, it’s discomforting for a lot of people. 

Checking the cooking pots and keeping an eye on them while it’s running can be extremely tough at times. Because the height might be higher than most people’s normal eye level. 

If you don’t have cabinets installed on the upper side of the wall, installing an OTR might look very unpleasant and unappealing. Similar to leveling cabinets to granite, leveling all the top outlets is important for a better kitchen view.  

These are reasons why you should think twice before getting an OTR microwave. Choose your one considering your kitchen space’s needs and your preferences. 

But if you decide to get one for your house, then we’ve got this list of the best products for you. This will ease your pressure of choosing the best of this kind. Just choose on from here:

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Just grab one from here. For any confusion regarding this issue, don’t forget to consult an expert. 


Question: Does a microwave need to be vented?
Answer: According to the building code, proper ventilation even for appliances are required. So, microwave venting is immensely important. Mostly for microwaves that go on the top range have a fan and light attached underside. It ensures the removal of the smoke and air coming from the stovetop. 

Question: Can a refrigerator and microwave be on the same circuit?
Answer: You can’t and you mustn’t plug your refrigerator and microwave on the same circuit. Basically, none of these appliances should be even shared with other lights or fans. 

Question: Should the microwave be on GFCI?
Answer: Obviously not. Plugging a microwave oven on a GFCI outlet can trigger the reset. It might even cause disruption in the flow of the operation. So, GFCI plugging is not recommended for Microwave ovens.

Take Away 

Hope this post answers your questions about the microwave outlet height

By the way, take your budget and kitchen space into consideration while choosing the oven. 

Wishing you a very pleasant experience with the microwave oven set. Stay safe and healthy!