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How to Convert Natural Gas Heater to Propane [3 Steps]

Natural gas is usually more efficient than propane.

But natural gas can’t produce as much heat as propane does.

So, if you live in very cold weather, natural gas won’t cut it.

You’ll need to convert your natural gas heaters to propane heaters. 

How to convert natural gas heater to propane? 

To convert a Natural Gas heater to Propane, you’ll need a converter. Take safety precautions before beginning. Then take out the access panel, gas pipe, manifold, orifices, and gas valve. Then put the parts of the converter in and put them all back in. 

This is simply a quick rundown of the whole procedure. Interested in knowing more? Let’s go down and read the rest of the article!

Why Should I Go for Propane?

The Natural Gas vs Propane battle has been going on for quite a while now. Everyone wants to know which one’s more efficient. And most people will say that it’s Natural Gas. 

But, did you know that the answer varies depending on where you are?

The price of Natural Gas and Propane is different in different states and countries. The requirements are different as well. 

Propane has the ability to produce twice as much heat in one unit as Natural Gas. Basically, whatever heat Propane produces in one unit, Natural Gas produces half of that. 

They have a huge difference in the price though. In the states, one unit of Natural Gas costs around $7. Whereas, one unit of Propane costs more than $20. 

And in places where it’s cold like Alberta, Natural Gas can’t keep up. You need Propane to maintain efficiency. You won’t have to run Propane heaters like Natural Gas there. 

You’ll be able to complete the task in half the time. So, if you live somewhere like Alberta, a Propane heater will be much more efficient. 

Just a fair warning though. It’s a common problem for Propane heaters to not stay lit

Converting A Natural Gas Heater to Propane [3 Steps]

Converting a Natural Gas heater to Propane isn’t that much of a big deal. Before you get into the process, check if your heater comes with a conversion kit. 

A lot of manufacturers attach a converter kit with their heaters. It makes their consumers’ lives considerably simpler. The conversion is simple as converting floor drain to shower drain but you just need to keep patience.

If your Natural Gas heater came with a converter then you got saved from some trouble. The instruction manual given by the vendor should suffice. 

If you’re unable to use it, contact your manufacturer. 

If your heater didn’t come with a converter, then contact your manufacturer first. If they don’t have a converter, follow our method. 

You’ll have to get yourself a converter kit for that though. 

Don’t know what to buy? You can find a lot of Natural Gas to Propane converts online. 

But, here’s a list of some of the best Natural Gas heater to Propane converters around:

Product 1
Product 2

Get yourself one of these to get all your work done without any problem. 

Now that you might’ve gotten yourself a converter we can go into the procedure. Without any further ado, let’s dive right in! 

Step 1: Safety First

Before you start using the converter, you need to ensure safety first. Otherwise, you risk damaging your heater and maybe hurting yourself. 

The first thing you should do is switch off the natural gas supply. You honestly don’t want running gas entering your heater when you’re converting.

If you notice the gas pipe making a whistling noise then be cautious. You might need to change it. 

Next, make sure all electrical connections that are going into the heater are unplugged. You risk short-circuiting the heater and other appliances at your home. 

The last measure is not much of a safety issue but more of a preparation. Before you begin, double-check that you have everything you need.  

That’ll be all for safety measures. 

Step 2: Removing All Connections

You’ll only be removing things here. The first thing that’s gonna have to go is the access panel of the heater. 

There’s a pipe that supplies gas to the heater, disconnect that next. Take off the manifold from the burner box by removing the screws. 

You’ll be able to take out the gas valve assembly as well. 

You’ll find orifices attached to the manifold assembly. Take all of them out and put them somewhere secure. You’ll need them if you ever convert to Natural Gas again. 

Step 3: Setting up The Converter

There are Propane orifices in the kit. Place them in their respective places and tighten them with a wrench. 

Convert the gas valve combination following the manual on the kit. It varies from one kit to the next. 

Fit the Propane fuel rating plate label on the space heater. Maybe next to the serial plate. 

Install the manifold assembly back in place and make sure it’s screwed in. Place all the electrical back in place. 

Check if the igniter and the sensor are damaged or not. Lastly, fix the gas pipe back in position. Once you’re done, you’ll probably need to know how to get rid of the gas smell.

That’ll be the only thing you’ll have to do. Your Natural Gas heater is now a Propane Heater. 


Question: How can I select the right converter kit?

Answer: You can’t make every converter kit work with every heater. That’s why make sure you research properly and find a kit compatible with your heater. 

Question: What’s a Pressure Regulator?

Answer: Pressure Regulators are equipment used to keep heaters at a safe level. They are used mainly on Propane heaters. 

Question: How do you get Propane?

Answer: Propane is a by-product. Which means it’s not found naturally. It’s made by processing Natural Gas and refining Crude Oil. 


Now you know how to convert natural gas heater to propane. Follow our steps properly and you won’t face any problems at all. 

If your heater doesn’t work after converting, get a professional. 

Good Luck!