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How to Remove Odor from New Wood Furniture [6 Easy Steps]

I’ve all had that new wood furniture stench that won’t disappear. Some individuals respond more negatively than others, causing dizziness and nausea. 

How to remove odor from new wood furniture?

New furniture sometimes emits unpleasant chemical aromas. Humidifying the furniture and the space with fresh air is the greatest approach. White vinegar, charcoal, and baking soda, when used carefully, may also help get rid of the odor. Leave the room until the odor has dissipated.

This is a matter about which you’ll need to learn more. That’s why I went into each factor in great depth.

Got a couple of minutes? Let’s get started!

What Causes the Odor?

How to Remove Odor from New Wood Furniture [6 Easy Steps] 1

Before we get into the process, you have to know what causes the problem. A new wood fragrance comes with new wood furniture. 

A similar thing happens when you refinish indoor teak furniture

Intoxicating at first, the fragrance of fresh wood furniture fades away. This might cause headaches and exacerbate allergies. 

Deodorizing your new wood furniture might take time due to the fresh wood fragrance. Using the correct home materials and practices will speed up the process.

New wood furniture may smell for many reasons:

First, wood has a unique smell. While many people like this perfume, others find it overwhelming. 

Second, wood furniture is often treated with chemicals. 

Chemicals used to manufacture stain-resistant, or flame-resistant wood furniture may generate odors.

New furniture may emit these substances into the air, generating an unpleasant odor and poor air quality. 

This is called off-gassing. Air out your house enough to avoid this heavy odor from new wood furniture. 


Off-gassing occurs when gasses and chemicals contained in furniture are released into the air. These are generally VOCs (volatile organic compounds). 

In short-term exposure, toxins have been linked to rashes, dizziness, and nausea. Asthmatics, children, and the elderly may be particularly vulnerable.

The EPA estimates that indoor VOC levels are up to ten times higher than outside levels. This includes furniture, cosmetics, cleaning, and disinfecting agents. 

Estimated Time for Wood Furniture to Off-Gas

With some airing, the new furniture smell should go away in a few days or a week. Even if the odors have faded, they will likely continue to off-gas for a few years. 

However, the volumes of gas created are so little that your nose cannot detect them:

Product 1
Product 2

I hope this helps clear up the matter you might have.

Is This Odor Dangerous For Health?

While businesses deny it, a small minority of consumers do.

VOCs like formaldehyde may irritate the eyes and nose. It causes asthma or allergies, and even causes cancer in high doses. The amount and duration of exposure influence the risk. 

While formaldehyde levels are controlled in the US, other VOCs are not. Until further information is available, we recommend airing new wood furniture. 

Caution is advised for infants and the elderly. While painting wood kitchen cabinets, try not to put your food bowls into them. This odor might make your food smelly and disgusting.

Essentials You Need

The odor from new furniture might be frustrating.

This is why you need a few essentials to remove the odor:

  • White Vinegar
  • Charcoal
  • Air Purifier 
  • Baking Soda

These items can easily be found in your local market. So, no need to be worried.

Easy Ways to Remove Odor From New Wood Furniture

How to Remove Odor from New Wood Furniture [6 Easy Steps] 2

Before applying any material directly to your wood furniture, verify the manufacturer’s instructions. Always try a new cleaning procedure on a hidden area first to ensure color safety.

Now, let’s get into the process:

Step 1 

Placing your furniture outdoors is the most efficient method to air it. The ideal weather for airing your furniture is bright, and there is wind. 

We don’t advocate leaving your furniture outdoors in inclement weather since it might be damaged.

If you can’t move your wood furniture outdoors, boost ventilation by opening the windows. Keep it for the day to let in lots of fresh air. 

If required, repeat this process for a few days.

Step 2

Charcoal has been demonstrated to absorb VOCs and enhance indoor air quality. Leave some in a dish in or on your wood furniture to aid odor removal. 

Note that the charcoal needs oxygen to come into touch with it. 

Thus, keeping it in a sealed container is pointless. The impact of coffee grinds is supposed to be similar.

Step 3

VOCs may also be absorbed with baking soda. Since most VOCs are acids, this method works. 

Baking soda has an alkaline pH. Baking soda interacts with and binds VOCs when they come into touch.

Step 4

Wipe off your furniture with a vinegar-water solution, then a dry cloth to absorb moisture. 

Use a spray bottle to apply it on fabric or furniture. Of course, this will just mask the wood stench with vinegar, but it’s a start.

Step 5

Several air purifiers can remove VOCs from the air. An air purifier with zeolite pellets or activated carbon filters will absorb VOCs.

Step 6

If you don’t like the smell of fresh wood but don’t think it’s impacting your health.  You might use an essential oil diffuser to conceal it.

Spray a home odor neutralizer in the area where the new wood furniture is placed. Even spray in the furniture’s cupboards and drawers. 

If the stench has damaged your floors, walls, or drapes, spray the neutralizer on them as well. 


How long does it take to disappear the odor entirely from new wood furniture?

Answer: The new fragrance may fade after a week or two. Depending on the home object and the chemicals used to cure it, off-gassing may persist anywhere from 6 months to 5 years.

Why does my new furniture smell horrible?

Answer: The finish on painted or varnished furniture may generate unpleasant chemical scents. It stinks in any setting.

How long does it take to air new furniture?

Answer: Unwrap new furniture outside and let it air for a week. Regular dry-cleaning may also be unwrapped outside or in a separate garage. Open windows and doors as frequently as possible to let in the fresh air.

Bottom Line

That’s everything I had regarding how to remove odor from new wood furniture. I hope the issue is now apparent to you

The odor is unpleasant in both cases. It takes time for the chemical smell to dissipate. But, there are techniques to speed up the process.

To prevent any issues, strictly follow the above instructions. If you still can’t do it, see a professional.

Good Luck!