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Duplex vs Quad Outlet [Explained]

This article is for informational purposes. Always seek the advice of qualified professionals.

You’re choosing electrical outlets for your place. Anyone would get confused with so many options in the market.

Which one to pick between duplex vs quad outlet?

Duplex outlets aren’t any different than quad outlets. To keep it simple, quad outlets are just 2 duplex outlets adjacent together. They are both of the same anatomy and functionality. Quad outlets are formed when the electrical boxes aren’t different for the 2 duplex outlets.

Still not sure which one is better for you? Well, we have a whole in-depth article for you.

Read ahead to find out everything about duplex and quad outlets!

What is a Duplex Outlet

It is one of the most commonly used outlets. There are two receptacles on a normal duplex outlet. A receptacle is a port that connects electronics to a power source. 

Electrical outlets are normally mounted on the wall in buildings. But they can also be placed on the floor.

What is a Quad Outlet

A quad outlet or quad receptacle is an arrangement in which two duplex outlets share the same electrical box. 

It allows you to keep your other electronics plugged in. While also plugging in the room light and leaving a vacuum sweeper outlet free. Or if one of the ports is hard to plug in, you can use another one.

While ordinary duplex outlets have two outlets beneath a cover plate secured by one screw. Under the same cover plate, two duplex outlets have four outlets fastened by two screws. Up to four large plugs can be placed close together in this arrangement.

Duplex Outlet vs Quad Outlet: The Differences

Quad outlets and duplex outlets are the same things. Quad outlets are just two duplex outlets placed next to one other. They are anatomically and functionally identical. 

Quad outlets are created when the electrical boxes for the two duplex outlets are the same.

Duplex outlets can be connected separately or together. On both sides, a little metal tab between the terminal screws may be removed. To separate the two receptacles for separate wiring.

A standard outlet will have two or four wires attached to it, plus a ground wire.

Duplex receptacles come in a variety of amperages. And can handle varying amounts of electricity. So be careful to check the “Amps” your outlet can manage. The quad outlet is in the same boat.

A duplex outlet and a quad outlet can similarly handle multiple voltages (V). Whether your washing machine requires 125V or your electric dryer needs 250V.

Most duplex outlets and quad outlets are made of heavy-duty thermoplastic. And they usually fit into existing wire boxes, making installation a breeze.

How to Install Duplex or Quad outlets: 7 Easy Steps to Follow

I’m going to guide you to set up a duplex or quad outlet on your wall. The processes for duplex and quad outlets aren’t different. Before doing any sort of electrical work make sure you have taken proper precautions. 

Tools Required

Take a look at the tools you’ll need before starting the procedure. We’ve listed them down below-

  • Phillips Screwdriver.
  • Slotted Screwdriver.
  • Tape Measure.
  • Utility / Box Knife.
  • Writing Utensil (Pencil)
  • Wire Cutters

Step 1 of 4: Turn Off The Main Electricity Switch

Every house should have a switch that cuts off the electricity supply of the whole house. Make sure you turn that off before doing electrical work. 

Also, make sure your gas line and electrical lines are distant.

Step 2 of 4: Install the Electrical Box 

Make sure you’re installing the electrical box 18 inches above the floor. Insert the conduit with the threaded box fitting attached. 

Then tighten the included plastic knot. 

Step 3 of 4: Wire

Pull the 3 electrical wires through the conduit. And make sure they are released about at least 6 inches out. You should get a green wire, a gray wire, and a black wire. 

The green wire is the 2.5 booth or ground wire. The hot wire is the 2.5 black wire. Then the 2.5 gray wire, which is neutral.

Follow the steps mentioned below to complete this step-

Step 1 : Process the Wires

Strip off or skin the covering of the wires for around 1 inch. Then wrap the copper wires together spirally using pliers. 

Step 2: Identify the Receptacles Screws

Now, if you look at your receptacles you’ll find it has different colored screws. The hot wire(black) is secured with the brass screw. The neutral wire is secured with a silver screw (gray). The ground wire is secured using the green screw (green).

Step 3: Wire Connection

Loosen the screws and wrap the wires around the screws that correspond to them. Then tighten the screws to secure the connection. Use a Phillips screwdriver for this. You can find one in the suggestions below if you don’t own one-

Product 1
Product 2

Step 4 of 4: Finishing

Finally, fasten the receptacles to the electrical box with the 2 screws provided. Make sure the hot wire pin is on the upper side.  Close the box and cover it with a cover to prevent anyone from being shocked. 

Last but not least, never work on electricity with wet hands or on bare feet. And make sure your electrical panel is grounded.

Duplex Outlet or Quad Outlet: Which One to Pick?

Both of the outlets serve an identical purpose. So, it’s solely your decision to choose according to your preference. 

Choose a quad outlet if you need to connect many electrical devices to the same port. In contrast, if you think 2 receptacles are enough for you, go for the duplex outlets.


Question: What does a duplex outlet look like?

Answer: Standard duplex outlets have two outlets on a single screwed-on cover plate.

Question: What does a quad outlet look like?

Answer: Four outlets are mounted on a cover plate held in place by two screws in a normal quad or quadplex outlet.

Question: What do you call a double outlet box?

Answer: Two devices are housed in a square electrical box, commonly known as a “double-gang box.” Inside, there will be a combo outlet or a pair of outlets.


With that, I’ve come to the end of our in-depth article on duplex vs quad outlet. We hope you make the right choice focusing on your preference. 

Until then stay happy and safe. Catch you next time!