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How to Get Rid of Fly Larvae in Carpet in 4 Steps

Fly larvae infestation is quite an annoying thing to deal with. You need a lot of patience to get rid of these things. Also, the process takes some time too.

How to get rid of fly larvae in carpet?

You have to follow a 4-step guide to get rid of fly larvae from your carpet. First, find the maggots and freeze them. Now, sprinkle some boric acid and vacuum the carpet. Finally, steam clean the carpet to make sure there aren’t any fly larvae left.

However, there are instructions regarding these steps. Let’s see what they are, shall we?

How to Get Rid of Fly Larvae in Carpet?

Fly larvae or maggots are often seen under carpets. Dirty carpet edges can be the perfect breeding spot fly larvae. 

Getting rid of fly larvae will take patience and a bit of effort. However, it’ll be a breeze for you with our detailed step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Find the Maggots and Freeze Them

It’s more likely that your house has maggots in places other than your carpet. That’s why you should look for fly larvae in your house. Maggots in food are harmful so remove those as soon as possible.

If you find a lot of fly larvae in one place, collect those immediately with a broom. Then, put those in a sealed plastic bag and store the bag in your freezer for a minimum of 60 minutes. 

Finally, take the bag outside and put it in your garbage container. But don’t feel bad because this is actually the most humane way to kill fly larvae.

Step 2: Sprinkle Some Boric Acid on the Carpet

You need to buy some boric acid from the local hardware store or online and sprinkle it on your carpet. Then, use a broom to brush the boric acid into your carpet fibers. Boric acid is a natural insect killer that should kill any fly larvae in no time.

Remember that boric acid can take quite some time to work. You’ll have to wait between 4 to 6 weeks. So, don’t lose your patience. After this period, all of the fly larvae eggs will be dead.

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Step 3: Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Plug your vacuum cleaner in and vacuum every inch of your carpet thoroughly. Continue vacuuming until you’re absolutely sure that all of the fly larvae are vacuumed. 

Now, take out the vacuum bag and put it in a sealed plastic bag. Like before, store it in your freezer for a minimum of 60 minutes to make sure that the fly larvae are dead. Finally, take the bag outside and put it in your garbage container.

Step 4: Steam Clean the Carpet

If you don’t already have a steam cleaner, you can rent one easily. Now, go online and buy an insecticide solution. After mixing it with hot water, pour it in the water tank of the steam cleaner.

Finally, use the steam cleaner on your carpet at least twice to make sure all of the fly larvae are dead. 


Question: Can flies lay eggs in carpets?
Answer: Sometimes fly larvae, maggots lay eggs in carpets and trash cans. The smell of rotten food attracts these pests.

Question: What kills maggots instantly?
Answer: Hot water can kill maggots instantly. But freezing in your freezer is the most humane way to kill them.

Question: Are fly larvae dangerous?
Answer: Eating fly larvae infested food is dangerous. It can cause bacterial poisoning in your body. These things live in feces and trash cans making them quite disgusting.


So, that’s what we had in store about how to get rid of fly larvae in carpet. Hope this guide helped you to solve your fly larvae problem.

Good luck!