How to Clean Grout Between Marble Tiles: 3 Easy Methods

Cleaning your marble grout is an important thing to do, but it requires some crucial methods. It takes a little bit of time but it’s very effective.  How to clean grout between marble tiles? Brush a tiny amount of the mixture into the grout using the bristles of the toothbrush, being careful not to get … Read more

How To Remove Orange Glo Wax From Hardwood Floors In 4 Steps

Hardwood floors are quite sustainable and warm to use in Nordic countries. But orange Glo wax damages its shiny surfaces. Also, it makes the texture grimy and sticky that diminishes the natural appearance.  How to remove orange Glo wax from hardwood floors? Firstly prepare your cleaning solution with ammonia. Maintain a proper ratio of water … Read more

Cleaning A Black Stovetop [3 Simple Methods]

cleaning black stove top

Black stovetops go perfectly with modern kitchen designs. But the black color can also make the dirt and stains pop out. Which makes cleaning them every week necessary. Now you might get startled to hear that but it’s not difficult. What’s the process of cleaning black stovetop? Mix dishwashing liquid in hot water. Drown The … Read more

How To Remove Floor Tiles Without Breaking Them [Explained]

how to remove floor tiles without breaking them

You may have put those wonderful floor tiles in with all your heart. But you might need to remove them at a point for numerous reasons. The tiles may need to be completely replaced if they are broken. But how to do it properly! How to remove floor tiles without breaking them? First, you can … Read more

Will Magic Eraser Remove Water Stains Off Ceiling? Answered!

magic eraser water stains ceiling

Water stained ceiling is a form of a nightmare. It leaves an unwanted and unpleasant scenario that might also cause mould problems in future. If not taken proper care of, things might not be reversible. Nobody would want that for their ceiling. Will Magic Eraser remove water stains off the ceiling? Most individuals use Magic … Read more