3 Steps To Perform Transformer Continuity Test

transformer continuity test

Performing a transformer continuity test can be hectic. You might have searched the whole internet but found out nothing.  Can you perform a transformer continuity test?  Yes, It is possible to perform a transformer continuity test. There are three steps to conduct the transformer continuity test. But before conducting the test, you need to consider … Read more

What Is The Right Shower Vent Size? [Considerable Factors]

shower vent size

Want to install a shower vent in your bathroom but don’t know what size to get? It’s a common concern. Well, don’t worry as we’ve got the answer to your question. How to choose the right shower vent size? Choosing the right shower vent is actually not that critical. Because you’d only have to consider … Read more

Are Delta And Peerless Faucets Interchangeable? [Explained]

are delta and peerless faucets interchangeable

You’ve installed delta faucets in your kitchen. But now you’ve changed your mind. You want to interchange it with peerless faucets!  Are delta and peerless faucets interchangeable? Yes, you can interchange delta and peerless faucets! Begin by assembling the parts. Remove the old faucets and hardware afterward. Once that’s done, install the new faucets and … Read more

Toilet Shut Off Valve Size [Explained]

toilet shut off valve size

Shut-off valves are long-lasting. But when it finally quits working, you’ll be needing an immediate replacement. But the size requirement could be a big problem. What is the toilet shut-off valve size? To be fair, there are many types of shut-off valves for toilets. Compression fitting, sweat fitting, PEX shut-off valves are the most common … Read more