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Why Does My Frigidaire Fridge Keep Freezing Food [5 Reasons & Solutions]

Did you suddenly notice that your Frigidaire fridge is freezing your food? Everyone who has a refrigerator, believe me, has had this issue at some point.

Why does your Frigidaire fridge keep freezing food?

The first likely cause is a malfunctioning air damper. If this isn’t the case, you might want to check your thermostat. The temperature control is often damaged.  Problems with the main control board and the temperature control board can also cause this problem.

Are you still confused? I kind of figured that out. Don’t worry. All your confusion will be cleared out once you read this article.

Why the wait? Let’s start!

5 Reasons Why Your Frigidaire Fridge Keeps Freezing Food

Refrigerators are the most typical source of household troubles. And the biggest problem that you’ll face is your food getting frozen. 

This happens more if you have a Frigidaire fridge.  

This is a pretty frustrating thing. And most of the time you’ll see it’s something really little that’s causing the problem. Also, we don’t want you to get frustrated, do we? 

Worry not. Because I have all the possible reasons why this could be happening. 

Reason 1: Faulty Air Damper

The damper adjusts the quantity of cold air that enters the refrigerator chamber by opening and closing. The damper will admit too much chilly air into the refrigerator if it is jammed open. 

The refrigerator will be overly chilly as a consequence. Determine whether the damper is damaged or jammed open by inspecting it.

Reason 2: Faulty Temperature Control in Thermostat

The temperature control thermostat is a crucial component in your refrigerator. 

It’s possible that the refrigerant system will run longer than needed. And if the temperature control thermostat isn’t functioning right, this might occur.

The refrigerator will be overly chilly as a result. Set the thermostat from the lowest to highest level. Then listen for a sound to see whether it’s broken.

If the thermostat snaps, it’s doubtful that it’s broken.Find the correlation with a multimeter if the thermostat does not crack.

Repair the temperature control thermostat if there is no continuation at any level.

Reason 3: Broken Thermistor

Based on the thermistor values, the control board adjusts the power to the compressor and evaporator fan.

If the thermistor malfunctions there can be some problems. The compressor and evaporator fan may rotate excessively fast.

The refrigerator will be overly chilly as a result. Check the thermistor with a multimeter to see whether it’s faulty. 

Be extremely cautious when you’re handling electrical things. Whether you’re wiring a rotary switch or checking on a broken thermistor, you need to be careful. 

The thermistor’s resistance should vary in lockstep with the refrigerator’s temperatures.

 Repair the thermistor if the resistivity does not increase or the thermistor does not have consistency. 

Reason 4: Issues With The Main Control Board

It’s probable that the primary control board isn’t working properly.The control board, on the other hand, is very seldom the source of the issue. 

Check all of the most typically problematic circuits before changing the control board. Restore the main control board if none of these pieces are damaged.

Reason 5: Problematic Temperature Control Board

The thermal management board provides electricity to the compressors and air motors. The compressor or fan motors may get continuous power if the controller malfunctions.

The refrigerator will be overly cold as a consequence. Control boards are frequently misunderstood. 

You now have a complete understanding of why your Frigidaire refrigerator is freezing food.

Let’s have a glance at some options for resolving these problems.

How to Keep It from Freezing Food?: 3 Solutions!

Most of the time when there’s any electrical issue, there’s always a fix for that. Whether it’s your dryer motor that’s gone bad or your Frigidaire fridge, everything has a solution. 

That is what we have for you. Let’s find out. 

Solution 1: Dial-Up The Temperature

As previously said, this is the most evident, and as a result, it is frequently missed. Increase the temperature a little and check whether the problem has been resolved.

It’s important not to overheat the fridge. The recommended temperature range for a fridge is 38 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If this does not resolve the problem, proceed to the next stage.

Solution 2: Rinse the Refrigerator’s Coils

Remove the power line from the refrigerator and turn it off. Then lift the fridge away from the wall to gain access to the fridge’s coils. 

Return the fridge to its original position after cleaning the coils. You can use some soft brushes to clean the coil. 

If you’re not sure what sort of brush to use, I can provide some recommendations:

Product 1
Product 2

Feel free to use any one of them you like. 

After cleaning, turn the fridge back on. If unclean coils were the issue, washing them should help with the issue.

Solution 3: Change Any Problematic Part

In the earlier section I’ve discussed the parts of the Frigidaire fridge that can become faulty. If the first two techniques didn’t work then simply check all the parts. 

If any of the components quit functioning, simply change them. 

A Frigidaire fridge can show a lot of other problems too. So, it’s better you know the proper troubleshooting for Frigidaire fridges


Question: What leads a Frigidaire refrigerator to lose its ability to cool?

Answer: The answer is a clogged or damaged seal on a Frigidaire refrigerator. It won’t cool properly and might allow cold air to escape while warm air enters. In this case look for signs of damage like holes and breaks, on the front seal.

Question: Is a reset button available on a Frigidaire refrigerator?

Answer: Click the Power Cool and Power Freezer buttons on the monitor screen at the same time. Press and then hold the buttons. The refrigerator will be re-chilled when it has been rebooted. 

Question: What is a Frigidaire refrigerator’s anticipated life expectancy?

Answer: Depending on the model and size, Frigidaire refrigerator may last from 14 to 17 years. On average, a normal refrigerator lasts 17 years, whereas a small refrigerator lasts 14 years.

Final Word

Now you know why your Frigidaire fridge keeps freezing food. I have covered all the probable reasons here. Also, we’re very confident the solutions we gave you will fix your problem.

But, handling any electrical item is tricky. That’s why I advise you to be extremely cautious. 

Good luck!