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How to Program a Ritetemp Thermostat [3 Steps to Follow]

It’s normal to have trouble programming a thermostat. It’s hard for anyone to understand an electrical device so easily. So to programme it properly you need to know the right way.

How to program a Ritetemp thermostat?

Firstly we have to set the day and time of the week and set the clock button. Secondly, run the thermostat on the default programme to see if the programme works for you. If it does not work,  programme with the heat/cool mode button and set the day and the right temperature for the four-time slots.

Now, to programme correctly you might need to know more. For more details keep on reading.

What is a Thermostat?

A thermostat is an electrical device that regulates the temperature.It also activates a device to regulate the temperature when it reaches a certain point. It works to maintain a particular temperature by turning on and off the heating and cooling option of a particular device.

You can check the temperature with these digital thermometers:

Product 1
Product 2

It detects temperature changes for maintaining a constant temperature of an enclosed area. Basically, it’s a controller of a large air condition system. 

Though it has other usage and installing air conditioners costs. The user can set some instructions of some specific temperature at a specific time and the device will maintain it.

It turns one’s HVAC system on and off in order to gain a certain temperature. 

Some misunderstand it with AC. Well, both devices work to keep the desired temperature that you need but the thermostat detects the temperature. And, maintain it as per your previous instructions.

On the other hand, on the AC, you can’t set the instructions for the temperature you desire. You have to set the right level of temperature manually.

There are four types of thermostats:

Programmable, Non-programmable, WiFi and smart thermostats.

Talking about thermostats, there are many companies that manufacture thermostats. Among them, we are going to talk about the Ritetemp thermostat and how to program one.

Process of Programming a Thermostat

Setting up the right programmes has a few steps. 

Step 1: Set Clock

We have to press the set clock button once. That will flash the options of the set day of the week. Here we can adjust the day using the time Up or time down button. 

When we reach the desired day we want to set, we press the home button to save or wait sixty seconds to automatically save everything.

To set the time we have to press the same set clock button twice. It will show us the time display. We can adjust the time there and set the right time we desire. 

After that the same as before we press the home button and save everything.

Step 2: Auto Run

Basically, Thermostat may come with an integrated energy-star approved programme. This programme may help to consume energy efficiently. 

Critics strongly recommend running this programme for at least a week to see if it works for you. If it doesn’t then customize yourself as you desire.

To autorun the programme you have to press the heat/cool with the mode switch. Now it’s running on an energy-star programme. The clock and ambient temperature are seen in the display. There are four-time slots in a thermostat named P1/P2/P3/P4.

One of the time slots is also shown on the screen which indicates which time slot is active in the energy star-programme.

Step 3: Programme

To programme, we have to select heat with a heat or cold mode switch. After that, we have to press the programme button to enter programming mode and select the day we want to programme. Then we will have to select the time slot.

There are four-time slots and we have to use the next button which will help us to cycle through all the time slots in sequence.

If we want to programme the first slot we have to select P1.Now we have to select the desired temperature using the temp up and temp down button.

After that, we have to select the time that slot P1 represents.

Then we press the next button to display the second slot (P2). Repeat setting the right temperature we want and set the time that represents the second slot P2.

Repeat the above process for each day of the week. Or it can be copied for another day of the week. To copy the programme of the current day for another day we have to press the copy button.This will show us a copy on the display.

Then we have to select the destination day we want the programme to be transferred and press copy again. To save everything we have to press the home button.

To programme with cool we have to press the cool button with heat or cool mode switch and repeat the process we followed to programme with heat. This is a lot of steps, right? Unlike programming outdoor light timers.

Special Day Programme

This programme works when you are unexpectedly home on that particular day. It can be activated for a single day, not the whole week. If we want to activate it we have to press heat or cool with mode buttons and after that press the special day button to activate.

When it is active all other day settings are ignored even if the day is matched. This mode will terminate when we press the special day programme again.

Hold Temperature 

To change and hold the temperature you need to push the temp hold button. The hold icon comes on the screen. Then adjust the hold temperature using the up and down button. This is almost similar to setting the temperature for a burner.


Question: When should I reset my thermostat?

Answer: You might need to reset your thermostat after a power outage. As the sudden shut off might prevent a digital thermostat from sending signals to the HVAC system properly when the power comes back.

Question: Does the thermostat affect electric bills?

Answer: Your system can continuously turn on and off because of a faulty thermostat that forces the system.This consumes electricity inefficiently and might cause the rise of electricity bills.

Question: How does the thermostat schedule work?

Answer: Many thermostats allow you to set temperature and time four times during a day. So the time when you are not home sets a temperature that consumes less energy and saves even more money.


That’s everything we had to say about how to program a Ritetemp thermostat.

Hope you got the answers you were looking for. Contact a professional if you still haven’t got your answers.

Good luck with programming the thermostat!