Shower Cable Overheating: 3 Things You Can Do

shower cable overheating

Showers are one of the greatest inventions of mankind. And electric showers? Don’t get us started. The instant warm water is enough to melt all your worries away. But that doesn’t mean, you have to struggle.For instance, your shower cable overheating can quickly steal your joy away. But it need not be so. Shower cables mainly … Read more

Low Profile Shower Tray Overflowing: The 6 Step Solution

low profile shower tray overflowing

Low-profile showers are taking the market by storm. They’re sleek, look good and save space. But, what to do when you find your low-profile shower tray overflowing? Well, it’s simple. A low-profile shower tray has decreased water holding capacity. Thus, the drainage system needs to be efficient. For this purpose, raising the shower tray helps. To do … Read more

Shower Isolator Switch Not Working: What You Can Do

shower isolator switch not working

Just can’t wrap your brain behind why your switches keep getting damaged? Well, we’ve all been there, bud. If you struggle with your shower isolator switch not working, we totally get you. A shower isolator switch may malfunction when you turn it off frequently. Also, overheating and using a low-quality switch are all to blame. In case … Read more

Hydramax Shower Dripping: The 5 Step Solution

hydramax shower dripping

Did you just invest in a new shower but then, it started malfunctioning? We know the pain.But lucky for you, a Hydramax shower dripping is pretty easy to diagnose. This happens when there is an issue with the shower cartridge. This is a small valve inside your shower plumbing. When this collects dirt, it can cause … Read more