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How to Get Dent Out of Refrigerator Door: 3 Efficient Methods!

A refrigerator is the heart of your kitchen. And it is practical for it to go through some dents and bruises. And, the dents are very unsightly. If not removed, the dents can ruin the whole aesthetic of the kitchen itself. 

How to get dent out of refrigerator door?

You can follow a few methods to get rid of the dent. Firstly, you can fix the dent by altering the temperature of the surface. Also, pulling on the dent with a simple plunger has the potential of removing it. And spraying a canned air duster around the dent can also make it pop out!

These are very known and doable fixes. But to perform them, you will need further instructions. I have elaborated all the methods in simple steps below.

Got a few minutes to spare? Read along!

Remove The Dents: 3 Effective Techniques!

It’s very common to get dents on the refrigerator door. As common as it is, it is equally frustrating. Still, it is pretty easy to remove the dent.  Here, I will discuss 3 effective ways which can get the dent removed easily.

Let’s get right into it:

Method 1: Dry Ice/Blow Dryer Method

This method is the most common for removing dents. For this method, you will need:

Necessary Tools 

  • Blow dryer
  • Dry ice
  • Heavy safety gloves
  • Damp cloth

Now, let’s get into the detailed procedure:


  • First, take a damp cloth and clean the area surrounding the dent. Let the area dry out fully. Then, put some heavy gloves on. 
  • Now, take some dry ice and apply it to the dent and the area around it. When the area around the dent heats up, the dent might pop out.

Note that, you can also use a blow dryer for this method. Replace the dry ice with the blow dryer. Set the blow dryer to maximum and heat up the area around the dent. 

Let it cool, the dent may come out. 

Usually, the cord for blow dryers is very short. They aren’t meant for usage like these. Because of that, you might need to extend the dryer cord.

Method 2: Plunger Method

This method is cheap and quick. You will need:

Necessary Tools

  • Plunger
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Clean water

Now, let’s begin:


  • To begin, using the isopropyl alcohol, clean the area surrounding the dent. This step is important because it creates a tight seal for the plunger.
  • Then, after cleaning the area, spray some clean water on the area. 
  • Finally, take the plunger and attach it keeping the dent in the center. Apply some force to attach it tightly.
  • Keep pulling the plunger at the opposite direction of the door. Pull it with a constant force, don’t pull too strongly. That might break the seal.

This process using the plunger is identical to removing car dents. The dent should come out after a while of pulling. This method is the most efficient when using a flat-edged plunger.

For your convenience, we have listed some cheap but great flat-edge plungers:


These plungers should remove the dents. They are also great for your household chores.

Method 3: Canned Air Duster Method

This method is very straightforward. Things you’ll need for this method:

Necessary Tools

  • Canned air duster
  • Damp cloth

Let’s begin!


  • First, take the damp cloth and clean the area surrounding the dent.
  • After that, take the canned air duster; shake it thoroughly. Then spray it around the dent on the door covering the whole area. 

This method is effective to loosen up the dent, which eventually gets removed. You can attempt this method more than once. Repeat it 2-3 times till the dent is gone. 

Be careful while spraying, though. Spray the surface from a distance to prevent any kind of injury.

Some Additional Tips

While performing any of those methods, there are measurements you need to keep in mind. I have them jotted down for you. 

Have a look:

  • Before performing all the steps, make sure to detach the refrigerator from the power line. Electricity present while attempting these steps can be fatal. Also, avoid an ungrounded electrical outlet for any of the methods. 
  • While performing the dry ice method, don’t apply the dry ice for too long. The same goes for the blow dryers. Don’t blow dry for too long; you might damage the refrigerator door. At worst, it might melt as well!
  • When cleaning the area around the dent, always use warm water. The dent pops out when there is a change in the temperature. Usage of warm water speeds up the process of removing the dent.
  • If the surface of the refrigerator is dirty, the plunger method might not work. Clean it thoroughly. Sometimes there is soot present on the surface of the refrigerator. Remove soot off metal at first then get the dent out.

Make sure you follow the tips in mind. It will increase your safety. 

What If None of The Methods Work?

Sometimes, home remedies and fixes won’t be enough for a problem. Also, you can find several dent removal kits in the market. If your household items don’t work, spend some bucks to remove the dents with ease.

If the dent is very critical, maybe it is time to call a professional. A professional will be able to take care of the dents by using professional methods. 

Furthermore, you can order a replacement door for your refrigerator by contacting the manufacturer. It is a costly alternative. Additionally, replacing the dented door will make the refrigerator look brand new.


Question: Does removing dent scuff the paint?

Answer: No, the dent removal procedures do not harm the paint surface of any metal. The heat and suction are used to adjust the structure of the surface only. Although, using the blow dryer too long can damage the paint. Additionally, pulling too hard with the plunger can scuff the paint as well.

Question: How much does it cost to replace a refrigerator door?

Answer: The cost of replacing a refrigerator door depends on the cost of the refrigerator itself. A freezer door can be replaced for around $230-$700. There might be an additional expense for the servicing. Different factors such as the number of components, door size can increase or decrease cost.

Question: Is it cheaper to repair or replace a refrigerator?

Answer: In general, it is always a cost saver to repair a refrigerator. There are 2 types of refrigerators. Among them, built-in refrigerators have a long lifespan and should be repaired. On the other hand, side-by-side refrigerators should be replaced if they need repairing. 


That’s all from our end. I hope you now clearly know how to get dent out of refrigerator door.

These procedures require the use of electrical equipment. Take safety measures accordingly while you are working with the equipment. 

Hopefully, you’ll succeed in removing the dents. 

Best of luck!