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How to Get Rid of Moths Outside In 5 Easy Methods

The sound of moths banging into windows and flapping against screen doors is annoying. A moth infestation and its caterpillars can cause havoc in your backyard. But you can’t figure out the solutions. That’s where I come in!

How to get rid of moths outside?

There are many things you can do. You can repel moths and enjoy your outside spaces, use pesticides or naphthalene if you want to get results fast. For home remedies, you can use bay oil, olive oil, ground pepper, or cloves. Because they’re easy to find out.

The solution can be found here. Like what you’ve seen so far? That’s fantastic! Dive in and find out everything!

Improving My Garden’s Moth Control

I have many options for getting rid of these troubling critters. But most of the disinfection is simply based on home remedies.

Home Remedies to Keep Moths Away  

If you are not a fan of chemical treatment and physical treatment, try some home remedies. I believe they are quite effective for keeping the moths away.

Bay Oil

Bay oil comes from the Laurel plant in your garden. Moths can’t stand them. They can also withstand a lot of hedging.

Make a mixture of bay oil and water and spray them on any garden plants. This will help to keep moths away from close proximity to your house.

You can use sprinklers for this whole spraying procedure at a time in your garden. But you need to know how many sprinkler-heads per zone you can use. 

if you use a bottle, keep shaking the bottle to keep the water and oil together. This will help you to get your desired result.

Olive Oil

This is the most common oil in a household. If you do not have it on hand, you can substitute bay leaves and olive oil. Put the crushed leaves in a glass container and pour enough oil to cover the leaves. You should let that mixture sit for at least a month.

After that, you should have a reasonably effective moth deterrent. And because it is oil-based, it can be used for almost anything. Though it will take some time for water to wash it away.


Another way of eliminating moths from the premises and the most effective one is  to put cloves in the corners of the patio or anywhere you want. It’s also useful for bugs that crawl on your wall.

Using cloves, you can make a very effective moth repellent by combining rosemary leaves, thyme, mint, or eucalyptus, and some cloves. Combine these and put them in a container or bag. Then place them in areas where I hope to deter moths.


Another ingredient that deters moths is ground pepper. Put pepper, cinnamon sticks, and cloves in a bag together. It is an effective way to keep moths away from your garden and house.

Using chemicals

Using chemicals like pentachlorophenol is a useful pesticide for getting rid of moths. Though it’s considered harmful for the environment. 

Another chemical remedy is using naphthalene. Crush the naphthalene and spray the powder on the affected area wall and ceiling. It will help to repel moths easily.

There are some common pesticides that are highly recommended for deterring moths-

Product table 1
Product table 2

These products are quite efficient to solve our problems.

Using a Water Trap for Outdoor Moths 

Use a water trap for a different remedy than the do it yourselves. This is a cheap alternative as chemicals and kitchen items can be expensive sometimes. The water trap, on the other hand, is common and easy to find. 

Different types of moths and larvae, such as sod webworms. are extremely destructive and can quickly destroy an entire lawn. Moths in the yard can be identified by brown patches of grass that grow in size or by moths flying above the grass at dusk.

Use lawn insecticide in the affected areas of your garden, following the manufacturer’s instructions. The larvae of white moths are housed in these webbed masses.

These nests can be easily removed. Cut open the webbing and allow nature to take care of it. Cut the infected branch from the tree if you are in a hurry and rinse it with soapy water before placing it in a plastic bag. be careful of this process.

Precautions and Tips

If it is pentachlorophenol, which is toxic to both people and the environment. Make sure to wear masks when you use them. It can harm both.

If you are adamant about chemicals to get rid of bugs, you can buy liquid insecticides. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up in a real mess if you don’t get help.


Question: How do you kill moth larvae?

Answer: Pheromone traps attract moths and make them want to fly into sticky things. A freezer can be used to kill moth eggs and larvae on clothes that have been infested by moths by putting them in there.

Question: How to prevent having moths inside the house?

Answer: Wipe down surfaces on a regular basis to remove dust and crumbs. Keep moths away by closing doors and filling holes in the window.

Question: How to get rid of hidden moths?

Answer: Always vacuum the carpet, cupboard, or drawer. Spray water and vinegar solution all over the hidden areas. Wipe the inside of cabinets and drawers, countertop and liners, and shelf to get rid of moths.


I hope this guide will help you to get rid of moths outside so you can enjoy the summer nights in peace. You can contact a professional if you want.

There are chemical and home therapies available. But leave the chemicals to the pros. First, try natural therapies.

See you next time!