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How to Install Christmas Lights

The holiday season is here, and most people cannot hide their excitement. Plans to host friends and family are underway. Besides that, the need to decorate and set up for the fun and festivities is a big priority too.

One thing that most homeowners will be doing is getting a Christmas tree and decorating it. Additionally, Christmas lights will be famous for both indoor and outdoor setups.

So how do you install these lights for the perfect appeal? Check out the suggestions outlined below to inspire yourself.

Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights

You may have driven past a well-lit home and wondered how the owners got such magnificent results. Well, a lot goes into beautifying an outdoor space with Christmas lights.

  • Plan the lighting schedule before executing it. Think through the process and have a clear picture of how you want things to be before you climb the ladder.
  • The last thing you want is to come up with a suggestion when you are halfway through the process. What’s more, consider where the plugs go since this is an outdoor project.
  • Confirm that the Lights Work. After hatching an elaborate plan, get the lights if you have none.
  • Once you have the lights ready, confirm by testing that all the lights work as they should.
  • You do not want to bring down lights midway through the installation process.
  • Once ready, gather all you need, including tools, and head outside to the location.
  • Have means to secure the lighting. The fact that they are for outdoor installation means they are often affected by the weather.
  • Always place the lights on strong and steady ground and secure them in place. Work with a second pair of hands if needed.

How to Hang Outdoor Lights

Once you prep and know what to do with the lights, the next step is to hang them. This follows a specific step.

  • Take measurements of the place you want to install the lights. This could be around the house walls, the roof, on an outside tree, or artificial décor outside the house.
  • It is even more important to take measurements if you buy the lights from scratch.
  • Get help choosing the right outdoor Christmas lights. Professionals are willing to assist if you do not know how.
  • Visualize the plan and put it in a diagram. In this diagram, you need to put the measurements of the distance between each light. This allows you to calculate the number of lights you need for the space.
  • Work on getting enough socket lines. Plan to buy in bulk, as this will save you a lot of money.
  • Select between C7 and C9 lights, or go for a combo of both.
  • To hang the lights, start from the top to the bottom, as this is the best way to ensure illumination. It would help if you observed paramount safety as you hung the lights.
  • Add a few ground power stakes before plugging any lights into an outlet. Consider placing GFCI stakes as they are a safer option.

Installing Christmas Lights on the Roof

How to Install Christmas Lights 1

Install Christmas lights on the roofs to enhance the festive lights around your home. It would be best if you got dedicated gutter hooks/clips to make this a reality.

Be sure to space the hooks evenly to form a pleasing pattern. Even spacing also ensures that the hooks hold the weight of the lights perfectly.

Roof installation can be risky. It would be best to exercise caution and always use a stable ladder. If unsure of what to do, hiring professionals who understand what it takes to achieve results is best.

Using Hot Glue Instead of Hooks

When installing Christmas lights on exterior walls, you can use hot glue instead of hooks. It is one of the easiest ways to install these lights.

Use hot glue if you worry about weather changes since the hot glue is waterproof. It is also easy to apply and remove, not to mention that it will sit pretty throughout the season.

To use hot glue with Christmas lights, proceed as follows:

  • First, apply the glue directly on the light socket for heavier pieces and hold it firmly for at least 10 seconds. This allows the glue to cool and set.
  • A different technique works for lighter lights. These include LED string lights, icicle lights, or rope lights. Put the glue on the backside of your light clips.
  • When removing the lights, shake the base of the lighting wire, release it from the brick, and peel off the old glue. It ensures proper maintenance and long-term storage of festive lights.


Do you need clips to hang up Christmas lights?

You want to be sure that your lights are adequately secured once you hang them up. Do this securely.

Refrain from using staples and nails when setting up the Christmas lights. Failure to do this renders the lights useless for the following year’s holiday season.

Instead, use safe tools and hooks recommended for Christmas lights. Clips that clamp to gutters, as well as bricks, are the best.

Alternatively, use slides that work for under-roof shingles. Your roof light installation works even without using nails and staples.

What should you not do to hang Christmas lights?

Avoid using nails, tacks, or screws when hanging lights. Choose highly-rated extension cords. Go for those that match your environment and the load you put on them.

Do not overload electrical sockets. Instead, keep the extension cords away from areas where they can easily cause one to trip. These cables can be accident hazards when improperly managed.

Do you put Christmas lights starting from the top or bottom?

There is no format for hanging these lights as long as they work. Most people prefer doing it from top to bottom for safety reasons.

Some decorating experts would advise following a bottom-to-top format to avoid power issues. In the end, you should choose what works for you.

Video showing the basics of installing Christmas lights