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How To Keep Mocking Birds Away From Feeders?

The question of how to keep mocking birds away from feeders did come to the minds of the average user. But they haven’t been able to solve the puzzle yet.

Mocking birds, though charming at first, may become flying menace machines if they constantly keep singing on top of their lungs. And that’s a major problem in quiet neighborhoods.

So, although it’s not what anyone would want to do, you need to come up with a plan to eliminate the intimidating acts of mocking birds.

And that’s why we are here today.

Throughout the course of our discussion, we will be talking about the effective ways to answer questions like how to keep birds away from feeders, how to give them alternatives and so forth.

So, you’d want to stay with us until the very end.

How to keep mockingbirds away from bird feeders A definitive approach

This section will be dedicated to the methods of keeping birds away from feeders. It’s easy as keeping other birds away from deck railings.

We will be talking about things like where to place bird feeders, their types, the necessary equipment you will need and more.

What items would you need?

Here is a list of things you may need to keep mocking birds away.


These simple but hand pair of tools will come in handy if you need to prune out the large branches.

Pruning off large branches will shorten the roaming space for mocking birds. They will not be able to sit on the branches and thus feel discouraged to come to your feeders.

Flashlight and binoculars

The two equipment will let you know the position and whereabouts of mocking birds. So, having these simple things around is an added bonus.

Animal deterrent sculptures

It’s more of a fun piece of equipment than an essential one.

Many believe such sculptures can eliminate the possibility of birds coming to your background. Although their effectiveness isn’t very encouraging, there’s no harm in trying it out.

A water-powered gun

A water gun is for an all-out tactic.

If you feel like you want to go gun’s blazing, then, by all means, go for it. You won’t need it otherwise. And unlike typical guns, you don’t have to worry about headspace maintenance, etc. 

How to keep birds away from feeders? The tactics

The All-Out-Attack tactic

It’s both fun and risky at the same time.

All you have to do is use your water gun and blast the aerial rodents out of the air.

But the risky part of it is that you could end up hurting one or two mocking birds in the process.

Scaring them away

For this, you will need the scary sculpture which you either made or ordered from elsewhere.

Although we did point out this method may or may not work at certain times. As always, trying it out can’t hurt your chances.

Types of bird feeders: Restricting the bird’s food resources

Bird feeders are also an effective way of keeping birds away from your lawn while also training them indirectly. You could either order pre-made bird feeders from your local store or look for how to make bird feeders and start from there.

When you’re up to picking up the right bird feeders, you need to keep these type in mind-

Perche feeders

Short Perch feeders are very effective against larger aerial rodents. Just make the length shorter and see how the magic happens. You will find shorter perches have eliminated a larger portion of mocking birds from the yard.

Weight activated feeders

You could call these types of feeders high-tech!

These feeders are designed to close down in case any heavy shift in weight occurs. So, the ultimate result will be limited to occupancy and lower noise levels as a whole.

Cage feeders

Cage feeders are effective because of the small feed ports that are convenient for smaller guest birds. They are not really suited for mocking birds and their bullying nature.

These types of feeders come in different types and orientations.

You can also find an option called free standing bird feeders. The free-standing feeders are famous for fashion statements and usability.

In short, whatever feeder you use, the effectiveness will more or less stay the same. It’s more about control than keeping the birds out of the yard completely.

But if you can keep mocking birds away, you can surely keep hibiscus blooming if you have such interest. Because both need patience and perseverance.

Final Thoughts

Yes, we agree that mocking birds are annoying. At times they can be very much out of control.

But think of the natural control aspect of it. These birds play a very important role when it comes to weed growth and pest control. There’s no wat to take that lightly.

With that said, we did mention a couple of fun and exciting ways on how to keep mocking birds away from feeders.

But we would ask you to practice some self-restraint as well. You may want to take things slow with your harmonious floating friends. Just don’t let them take it too far.

Goodbye for now. We hope you can take away something useful from today’s discussion!