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Kohler Toilet Refill Tube Pops Out [3 Methods To Try]

The old toilet refill tube that keeps popping out is pretty problematic. Because the flush won’t work smoothly as the water runs out! Even if you’re placing it in the right place, it just won’t stay there.

What to do if the Kohler toilet refill tube pops out?

You have three different options in hand to get rid of this problem. You can attach clips so that the tube stays in its place first. Another option is cleaning the refill tube if its elasticity is still well. If none of them works,  replace the refill tube with a new one. 

That was the sneak peek. To know the process in detail you’ve to spare us a few minutes. We’ve explained the process in detail for you.

What’s the wait for? Let’s get started!

Why Does Kohler Tube Pop-Out?

The Kohler tube popping off is a common plumbing issue. Yes, it’s rare to face this problem with new toilet installments. But it’s quite common in older toilets.

For example, old toilet refill tubes lose their elasticity over time. As a result, it doesn’t stay attached to the canister. Because of this, sometimes the toilet doesn’t fill with water.

Another reason is dirt. Sometimes the refill tubes get dirty from using over the years. Because of this, it can get slippery or jammed. This can cause the refill tube to keep popping up. 

How To Deal With Kohler Tube Popping Out?

Now that we’ve identified the reasons, we can solve this issue. We’re gonna talk about three methods that can help you solve this problem.

Method-1: Attaching Clip To Keep The Tube Joined

Attaching small clips might save you from replacing the whole thing. You’re gonna need one metal and a plastic clip. These clips don’t come with the packaging. You may have to order them from the shop. These are the clips you can use –

Product 1
Product 2

Got them? Let’s move on then.

Firstly, attach the metal clip to one part of the fill tube. Join the other side with the overflow tube on the flush valve.

Above the flush valve, there’s a 1 and a ½ inch black tower. Attach the plastic clip with the tower. Lastly, attach the metal clip’s hook with the plastic clip and you’re done.

For many people, this method works very well. In case yours doesn’t, don’t lose hope. We still have two more methods waiting for you.

Method-2: Clean The Refill Tube

For this method, you’ll need a pipe cleaner. Once you have it, enter the pipe cleaner into the pipe from one side to another. Scrub it from inside to get rid of any buildup inside. You can use abrasive cleaners to clean the pipe as well.

Once it’s cleaned, place it in its position. Check if both end sides of the tube fit well on the valves. If it fits well, give it a try and see the result. But if the tube still keeps popping out, replace the tube.

Method-3: Replacing Refill Tube

We’re going to replace the refill tube with a new one. These are the tube models you can use to replace the old tube-

Product 1
Product 2

Got the tubes? Then let’s go down to business-

Step-1: Turn Off The Water Supply

Turn off your toilet shut-off valve to stop the water supply in the tank. It’s usually placed on the floor behind the toilet. 

Now, open the tank lid and flush the toilet. It’ll remove the excess water from the tank. To remove the remaining water from the tank use a sponge to dry it.

Step-2: Remove The Refill Tube

Hold the side of the refill tube that connects it with the fill valve now. Twist the end side of the tube to get it off the refill valve. 

The other side of the tube is hooked with the overflow tube. Gently unhook the tube from the overflow end. It is now detached from the other parts of the toilet.

Step-3: Position The Valves

Before attaching the new tube make sure the valves are at the right height. Meaning the refill and overflow valve’s tube port should be at the same height. Otherwise, it’s not gonna sit well.

If the height isn’t right, try to adjust it manually. If that doesn’t work, open the overflow tube to adjust the height. 

Also, make sure you’re installing the overflow tube properly after opening it. Otherwise, the water won’t move to the tank to bowl properly.

Step-4: Install The New Tube

It’s time to install the new refill tube. All the parts should be in your hands by now. If yes, just assemble them together.

From here on, the process is similar to method-1. First, attach one end of the tube with the metal clip. The clip has a hook that lets it connect to the overflow tube. 

Position the tube onto the open part of the overflow tube now. In other toilet systems, there’s a stop top port to connect the tube.

For Kohler toilets, attach the tube with the black clip. This clip sits on the tower of the overflow tube. Connect the metal clip’s hook to the black clip and the tube is installed! 

Hopefully, with the new tube, there won’t be any water leaking between the tank-bowls.


Question: Why does the refill tube keep running?

Answer: If the float in the tank is placed too low it produces a weak flush. Similarly, if it’s placed high water leaks from the overflow tube. Thus, making it run all the time.

Question: Is leaking from the overflow tube a serious issue?

Answer: If the amount of water is little there won’t be much of a problem. But if it’s a lot of water, obviously you need professional help.

Question: Why is an overflow tube needed for the toilet?

Answer: Overflow tube moves water from the tank to the bowl when there’s any blockage. By blockage it means any malfunction preventing water from moving to the bowl. That’s why it’s needed to attach an overflow tube to the toilet.


Have you found your answers about Kohler toilet refill tube pops out? Hope this post was informative enough for you. 

See you again in another post!