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Mop Sink Faucet Height [Things You Need To Know]

Mop sink faucets are installed above the sink area maintaining a certain height. There is no exact number for the faucet height. If you want to clean your mops easily, you must know the perfect height.

What is the ideal mop sink faucet height?

The standard height for a mop sink faucet is 14.5” – 15’’ (364mm). It usually comes with a ¾’’ garden hose thread. The faucet has two taps and they are 8’’ apart. The mop sink height should be around 6”-12”. The faucet is placed on top of the sink leaving around 24”-30” space in between. 

This is just a sneak-peak of the entire topic. Do you want to place the faucet at the perfect height?

Let’s dive into the next part for more information!

Factors That Determines The Faucet Height

Some key factors determine the height of the mop sink faucet.  Let’s take a look at them-

Faucet Centre Distance

If your wall is pre-drilled, see how many holes are already made. Measure the distance between the holes.

The standard distance between the two holes made to install the faucet is 8’’. If there are three holes, the distance between them will be 4’’. Check if the holes are leveled.  If they’re not leveled, the faucet will be tilted on one side. 

If the wall has no mounting holes, drill two holes on the wall 8” apart. Choose the drill bits according to the size of the faucet screws. The holes should be 36’’ high from the ground.

We have a list of drill bits of excellent quality. Choose the one you prefer the most:

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These drill bits are perfect for drilling any type of surface you want. 

Mop Sink Dimensions

Find out the length, width, and height of the mop sink. These dimensions are necessary to determine the height of the faucet spout. The standard dimension of a mop sink is  L 20″ x W 16″ x H 6″. 

For this kind of sink, the spout height should be 14.5’’ and length 8.5”. Keep the distance from the spout head to the sink 30’’.

This way the spout will be in the perfect position on top of the sink. Otherwise, the spout won’t have an adequate reach to the mop sink. You can add an extra sprayer to the faucet which is adjustable to work easily.

The Surroundings

You might have a small space and the mop sink is on the same floor as your kitchen. In that case, don’t install the faucet too high. Or the water will splash all over the house. 

There’s also a chance the food can get contaminated. The distance between the mop sink area and the kitchen should be at least 200 meters.

It is best to install the mop sink in the basement. You don’t have to worry about any issues regarding the height or contamination.

How Do You Calculate the Faucet Height?

Use the rule of thumb, to calculate the faucet height for your mop sink. It means taking measures based on experience rather than following an accurate guide. 

Think about your past experiences with mop sink faucets. Go through the types of cleaning tools you are going to wash in that sink. If you’re the user, the faucet height should not pass over ¾ of your height. Or, else it’ll be hard for you to use the mop sink.

We suggest at first, select the faucet for the mop sink of your choice. Then it’ll be easier to determine the ideal height for the faucet.

How High Should be the Faucet from the Mop Sink?

You should know, the height of installing the faucet solely depends on your comfort. As you have to wash dirty house cleaning tools, the faucet should be installed where you can reach it easily.

To fix the faucet at the perfect height, take a measuring tape. Mop sinks are usually 6’’-12’’ high from the floor. Your sink faucet’s height is between 14.5’’-16’’. 

The standard faucet height is 3 feet (36’’) from the ground.

If the faucet is too high from the sink, water will splash all over the sink area. If the spout is too tall, the splashes will be huge. You’ll have to clean the mess after washing your tools.

If the faucet is too low, you won’t get enough water pressure. The water pressure will be very irregular and your mops won’t be clean. 

Well, that’s about it. That’s all you needed to know about the mop sink faucet height. We hope this article has made working on the faucet easier for you. 


Question: What should I do with a leaky mop sink faucet?

Answer:  Leaky faucets are fixable. You don’t have to replace it. Just change the washers and it’ll be brand new.

Question: How many years can a mop sink faucet last?

Answer: A mop sink faucet can last for up to 18-20 years. But these need regular repairing and proper maintenance.

Question: Can I place the mop sink outside the house?

Answer: Yes, you can install the mop sink outside your house. Just make sure, the drainage system is good. And the mop sink is far away from your kitchen.

Final Words

We’ve come to the end now. We tried to explain all the factors in detail. We hope the information regarding the mop sink faucet height was beneficial. 

Have a great day ahead!