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Water Hammer Arrestor Not Working: 2 Directions To Follow

You’ve installed a water hammer arrestor just a few days back. But now you see that the arrestor isn’t working. This would feel quite pathetic! 

What to do if the water hammer arrestor is not working?

Before anything, check whether or not the water hammer arrestor is bad. If yes, there are mainly 2 basic directions to follow to resolve this issue. You’ve to adjust the water pressure reduction valve first. After that, you need to stabilize the supply lines of the water that are loose. 

This is just a little information to understand the entire part. But we’ve gathered every info you need, which will surely help you.

Let’s get into it then!

How To Tell If My Water Hammer Arrestor Is Okay Or Not?

Water hammer arrestors usually don’t go bad in months. At least, these work fine for a period of 3 years. 

But these can go bad after the range of 3 or 4 years. In that case, there are some symptoms. For example, you might see that the circulator pump is making noise. But the circulator pump also makes noise for other issues too!

But how to know whether it’s bad or not? 

You can simply put your water hammer arrestor to the test. To do so, install a pressure gauge on an external hose bib. The magic figure is 75 psi, but it might be higher. 

If you see the mentioned number, contact a professional immediately. Because this number indicates that the arrestor has issues. 

Shutdown valves getting damaged is also a symptom of a bad water hammer arrestor. In this case, replace the vales. But make sure you’re aware of the cost of replacing the shut-off valve. Lastly, hearing sudden noises coming from the pipe is another way to indicate the issue.

Why Do Water Hammer Arrestors Go Bad?

A water hammer arrestor can go bad for 2 basic reasons. First, it is impossible for a type with no moving parts to wear out. But as the air is absorbed into the water, it might get waterlogged over time. 

The gas-charged piston and O-ring style may wear out if there is silt. As a result, the water hammer arrestor gets damaged.

Moreover, excessive water pressure in your pipes can be the source of the problem. It prevents the water hammer arrestor from working properly. This way the water hammer arrestor isn’t able to do much to halt the water hammer.

Additionally, water pressure regulator problems are also observed. This occurs due to excessive water pressure.

Follow These 2 Directions To Fix Your Water Hammer Arrestor

You’ve already got a little idea about the water hammer arrestor. But you’re at a loss as to how to keep it from being harmed. Here you can find the instructions that must be followed.

But before going to the directions, have a quick look at the required tools. These are mentioned below-

  • Wrench or a screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Padded pipe straps

.If you have these, let’s get started-

Direction 1: Adjust The Water Pressure Reduction Valve

Adjust the pressure-reducing valve to regulate the pressure first. These can be found near a home’s main water supply.

Some valves have an adjustable handle, depending on the manufacturer. Others will necessitate the use of a wrench or screwdriver. With the help of the tool adjust the PSI on your valve to 50 or below 50 settings. 

Now you might be wondering which screwdriver is the best for this job! Relax, we’ve got the suggestions for you!

Product 1
Product 2

These are the products that you can blindly trust. These are quite useful for any work in home improvement!

For most households, a setting below 50 PSI is sufficient. Additionally, lowering a home’s water pressure saves energy. It also encourages water conservation and can extend the service life of automatic equipment. 

Direction 2: Stabilize Water Supply Lines That Are Loose

U-shaped pipe restraints are used by plumbers during home construction. They use screws to secure water supply lines to wooden joists or studs. 

But the straps aren’t always tight enough. In addition, a few straps are occasionally overlooked. As a result, the water hammer arrestor will eventually be damaged. 

To forestall the banging, tighten free pipe straps with a screwdriver. Or set up extra pipe straps for introduced stability. Because most pipe straps are molded from skinny steel or plastic. 

But you may additionally locate padded pipe straps that provide extra vibration reduction. This prevents the water hammer arrestor from saving you from damage.

Remember to maintain one thing in mind. That is, owners shouldn’t use galvanized or metal straps on copper pipes. Because the mixture of substances causes electrolysis and plumbing.

These are the directions to follow to resolve the issue.


Question: Can my water hammer get fixed itself?

Answer: No, but the water hammer can be fixed easily. Hydraulic shock is known as a water hammer. It happens when a high-pressure water line’s shut-off valve unexpectedly closes. Fortunately, homeowners can generally get rid of water hammers for a reasonable price. Furthermore, they are not required to seek expert assistance.

Question: Does my washing machine need a water hammer arrestor?

Answer: Water hammer arrestors are necessary on all quick-closing valves as a general rule. But you have no say in the sort of hoses utilized for the washer supply. As a result, failing to install water hammer arrestors would be stupid. That’s why it is better to install a water hammer arrestor in your washing machine.

Question: How much does it cost to replace the water hammer arrestor?

Answer: While water hammer arrestors are effective, a decent one costs roughly $50. As a result, putting these devices on all solenoid valves and mixer taps can be highly expensive. But adding air chambers to your plumbing system is a less expensive option. This is why you should contact the professionals to progress further with this option.

Final Words

Now, you know the reasons behind your water hammer arrestor not working! We hope our information was quite helpful. 

We wish you very good luck with your home improvement!