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Oven Sets Off Carbon Monoxide Detector: What to Do?

We can understand the panic you feel when the carbon monoxide detector goes off.

Of course, it’s a health hazard to you and your family. And it needs immediate attention!

What to do when the oven sets off the carbon monoxide detector?

First, you’ll have to protect yourself. Open up all the windows, doors and go outside. Call 911 for help and contact a professional to fix the leak! The detector might’ve gone off because of the dirty interior. Or can also be the location of the detector itself. It might actually be a leak in your furnace or other appliances.

This was just the overview. Hurry up to the segment down below to find out what to do.

Calm down, you’ll be alright!

Why Is My Oven Setting Off My Carbon Monoxide Detector

Oven Sets Off Carbon Monoxide Detector: What to Do? 1

There might be a few reasons your alarm might go off. The following can be some of the causes why!

Firstly, it might be due to the boil-overs or spills from the time you cooked or baked. This means these spills burning over time produce the gas. This means it’s time to give your oven interiors a good clean.

It might be because the detector is placed less than 15 feet from the oven. You’ll have to read the instruction manual and place it accordingly.

The detector should also be less than 15 feet from the kitchen. In this case, you’ll have to relocate it. You can set it in the center of the house. Or set it in places that are moderately far from heat sources.

It might even go off due to how high it’s been placed. It should be installed a minimum of 5 feet above the floor. Rather than high up in the ceiling like a smoke detector.

Often during winter, it goes off due to the rooms being closed at all times. The fuel-burning by-products might set off the alarm.

Much like the smoke detectors, these need to be replaced as well. It is recommended that you should replace it every 5 years. Or you can replace it according to the owners’ manual instructions.

Never ignore your detector beeps. Because if it’s a major leak, it might even catch fire. And we all know how much furnishing costs!

What To Do When A Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off

Oven Sets Off Carbon Monoxide Detector: What to Do? 2

When you see your alarm going off, you’ll have to work fast. If the alarm went off, it means the carbon monoxide level might be high. Here’s what you are going to do!

Go Out And Open Windows For AirFlow

The first thing you should do is open up all the windows and doors. And let as much air in as possible. It’s better if you leave the premises for at least 5 to 6 hours. 

Because it might take time for the carbon monoxide to dilute. 

If The Alarm Turns Off, Don’t Go Inside

Once you’ve aired out your place a little, the alarm might go silent. But this doesn’t indicate the carbon monoxide is out of your house. It’s just like how you hear water leaking but can’t detect it!

The source of the leak might still be filling your place with gas. The level might fall due to air in the place. And thus the alarm will turn off.

Wait for at least 5 to 6 hours before you enter your house. It’s more beneficial for you if you spend the night at a hotel. And come back home the next day. 

Call 911 Immediately!

When you hear the alarm going off, it’s wise to call 911. Don’t hesitate to do this. You might not understand the gravity of the situation. And even end up causing harm to yourself!

The emergency responders are trained to identify symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Besides treating you, they’re also equipped to find the source of the problem. They can help you stop the leak!

You can also call the local utility and report your problem!

Contact A Professional

Oven Sets Off Carbon Monoxide Detector: What to Do? 3

Make sure to have a qualified technician have a look at your place. After inspection, if you find the leak was from an overheated and broken furnace or a household appliance, get help. It’s better to get the detector fixed as early as you can.

Go See A Doctor

Even if you and your family feel fine after the incident, it’s wise to get a check-up done. It’ll ensure that in fact, you all are doing okay!

Could The Carbon Monoxide Detector Going Off Be A False Alarm

Oven Sets Off Carbon Monoxide Detector: What to Do? 4

At times, you might need to examine if the carbon monoxide detector is defective. This might happen because of a very simple reason but it’s better to get it fixed. 

The first reason might be a dirty detector. Your alarm can become contaminated by excessive dust, grime, or dirt. 

In that case. if your alarm cannot be cleaned because of extreme buildup, replace it immediately. Because you might keep ignoring the alarm until it actually is an emergency. 

To make the buying process a little simpler, here are some of the best carbon monoxide detectors:

Product 1
Product 2 

Check out these new detectors for a better service. With one of these, your house will be all protected!

If the grime stuck in the detector is manageable, it’s time to remove it. It’s recommended to clean these detectors once a month. You can use the vacuum’s soft brush accessory to clean this. You can use those compressed air cans you use to clean keyboards and stuff! 

The alarm might also go off falsely due to bad batteries. Change them every 6 months. 

At the end of every month, check all the detectors. Make sure they are clean and running. Inspect if they have good batteries. 

That was all from us. You now know what sets off your alarm. And what to do in case it’s an emergency!


Question: Can a dirty oven cause carbon monoxide?

Answer: Actually that’s a yes. This information might be not known to you. But the gas stove and oven can be sources of carbon monoxide. However, don’t worry as long as it’s burning on low oxygen it’s fine.

Question: Can humidity set off a carbon monoxide detector?

Answer: Yes, for sure. Excessive humidity or having the detector too close to the stove might set it off. Besides that, anywhere near furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, garages might set it off too.

Question: How long does it take to get carbon monoxide poisoning?

Answer: Well it actually depends. If the carbon monoxide rate is high, then it might take about 2 hours. Even if the rate is low, in the long term you might face neurological problems. This can cause difficulty in concentrating etc.

End Note

This brings us to the end of our segment. We hope you’re all safe and alright.

And our oven sets off the carbon monoxide detector segment to help you solve it. 

Until next time, take care!