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Prevent Power Cord from Being Unplugged: 4 Solutions

You are working on your computer and suddenly it shuts down! All of your unsaved progress gets lost within a moment! On inquiry, you find that the power cord has come out of the outlet. 

How to prevent power cord from being unplugged?

Preventing the power cord from being unplugged is not very complex. First, you must ensure that the cord is plugged in properly. The power outlet must be working well. If not, it must be repaired. You have to keep the cords loose too. You can also use cord holders and socket sleeves for the task. 

To fix the issue completely you will need more details. Below I have discussed the causes and solutions of this problem.

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Why Does the Power Cord Get Unplugged

Stable power cords are a must for an uninterrupted power supply. But often the power points get loose and the chords don’t stay in the place. Phone cords knotting and loose power cords are very common issues in our daily life.

Before solving this issue you have to know the causes behind this. Below I have discussed some reasons for which power cords get unplugged. Check them out.

Reason 1: Smaller Plugs 

A very common reason behind cords getting unplugged is smaller plugs. This issue mostly prevails in cheap electrical devices. Charger lights and other removable devices mostly come with very small plugs.

When inserted, these plugs can not settle in the outlet. They fit loosely and tend to fall. Sometimes sparks are also seen inside the power outlet. 

Reason 2: Worn Out Outlets 

Another cause behind the loose power connection is the worn-out outlets. Power outlets supply current to electrical appliances. While doing this task often the temperature increases within the outlet. 

If the temperature remains high for a long time, the inside of the outlet starts melting. This is one reason behind outlets getting worn out. Old electrical outlets also get loose. This happens because of using different sizes of plugs in the same outlet. 

Reason 3: Too Much Tension on the Cord 

Sometimes we have to use appliances away from the power outlet. For example, using a mobile phone while charging or ironing clothes. At those times we have to pull the cord away from the sockets. 

This pulling creates an excessive tensile force on the cords. As a result, the cord comes out from the outlet. This situation can also happen if we plug in any heavy object without proper support. 

Reason 4: Using Extension Cords 

Extension cords are of great use to bring the power outlets near to use. But there are certain conditions for using the cords safely. To get the best result one must use extension cords with the correct plug and outlets. 

This is an important part of indoor and outdoor cord safety rules. Using incompatible extension cords can cause the unplugging of power cords. This can also result in fire and electrocution. 

Reason 5: Incompatible Outlets

This is a major reason behind power cords getting unplugged. Different types of electrical appliances come with different types of plugs. Various types of outlets are used to provide power through these plugs. There are 3-pins, 2-pins, flat pins, and many more.

These plugs are not interchangeable. That means you can force a 3-pin into a 2-pin outlet. Many people also force flat pins in round outlets. Doing this has many negative impacts. Firstly the plug does not go all the way. 

This causes a loose connection which is dangerous for both the appliances and outlet. The outlet gets loosened and can break too. It even stops working with compatible plugs in the future. 

These are the main reasons behind power cords getting unplugged. In the next section, I will show the ways of preventing this problem. Please keep reading!

How to Prevent Power Cord from Being Unplugged

Power cords getting unplugged is a very annoying situation. It distracts us from our work and also causes accidents. For that the problem must be solved at any cost. Below I have discussed some methods to solve the issue. 

Solution 1: Push the Plug Properly 

The first thing you have to do is to plug in the cord properly. Often we miss doing this and it results in a loose connection. Keep the head of the plug parallel to the outlet and push it inside. Make sure the plug goes all the way inside the outlet.

But don’t push so hard that the plug breaks. And make sure that you are using a compatible outlet with the plug. Otherwise, the outlet will break because of applying too much force.

Solution 2: Repair the Outlet 

Often the outlet gets burned inside due to various reasons. Overload of current and daisy chaining the outlet can cause this incident. As a result, the inside of the outlet burns and becomes loose. The outside might seem fine despite problems inside.

In such conditions, the outlet must be repaired. If the outlet is beyond repair, replace it with a new one. This should solve the problem of the power cord getting unplugged from it.

I have some suggestions for power outlets that you can use:


These outlets are great value for money. They last long and are very safe to use.

Solution 3: Keep the Cords Loose

This is an important factor for safely working with electrical appliances. From operating induction cooktops to computers, electricity is needed. But you must keep the cords loose. If you pull the cord too much from the source, it will surely get disconnected. 

If needed, set up a power source near your workplace. Then plug in your computer or mobile in it. Keeping the tension on the cord is harmful to both the device and the outlet.

Solution 4: Use Electric Cord Holder 

This is a device used to keep the cords plugged in the power outlet. This works in the simple principle of keeping the cords tensionless. It is made of plastic and is installed above the outlet. You can get one of these to keep your cord unplugged. 

There are also plastic sleeves available in the market that keep the plugin in the outlet. These are known as socket savers. Socket savers are pushed inside the outlet and they make the inside tight.

Follow these methods to prevent your power cord from being unplugged. We hope that my guidelines will solve your problem. But maintain safety with permanent electrical extension cords for outdoors.


Question: How do I stop my toddler from unplugging power cords?

Answer: You can stop your toddler from unplugging power cords by using outlet covers. These covers prevent the toddler from touching the cables. You can install outlets at a height that the baby cannot reach.

Question: How can I hide wires and outlets?

Answer: You can hide wires and outlets by using furniture. The best way to hide wires is by setting them up inside the walls. You can hide the outlets by using fancy tables and photo frames.

Question: Can you put duct tape on wires?

Answer: No, you cannot put duct tape on wires. Duct tape will not be able to stay similar when current flows through it. It will melt and stop working. Use electrical tapes on current wires.


This is all I have on your query: prevent power cord from being unplugged. Hopefully 

You can solve the problem easily now.

Changing the power outlets can be tricky. If you are unsure about the work, contact a professional. 

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