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Purdy vs Wooster: A Comprehensive Comparison

Can’t decide which brush to use for the perfect painting experience: Purdy or Wooster?

It is quite confusing as both are convenient. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Which one to pick from Purdy vs Wooster?

Purdy and Wooster both have their own qualities. For instance, Purdy are more durable, strong with a good grip. But there’s a concern about less coverage. Whereas, Wooster are flexible, have better coverage with a smoother finish. But unfortunately the bristles are weak and not as durable.

Now, if you want to have a detailed knowledge about the two brands of brushes and pick the right one for you, jump right into our article!

Purdy vs Wooster: The Difference

Purdy Wooster
Purdy bristles are more firm and strong. Woosters have weak bristles.
Purdy can work in humidity. Woosters don’t work in humidity.
Purdy gives less coverage. Hence, more time-consuming. Woosters give more coverage. Hence, quicker.

About Purdy Brushes: The Basics

Purdy vs Wooster: A Comprehensive Comparison 1

Purdy brushes are one of the most popular brands of paint brushes. These are highly recommended for interior and exterior designs. 

One of the best and unique things about Purdy brushes is that they are handcrafted with the signatures of each craftsman.

Purdy brushes come in different variations suitable for every kind of task. It starts from the Purdy XL series, the Purdy Clearcut series, the Purdy Pro-Extra series, and many more. 


It’s time to look at the good qualities orbiting round Purdy brushes. Almost all Purdy brushes can be used over any surface.

The Cut-In Ability

Purdy brushes have a clear-cut glider trim that makes them an expert at handling detailed work. The excellent stability of  the brushes make it easier to operate. Moreover, it gives the painting clean and sharp cut lines. Guess what? You also have control over your desired type of strokes. So these are perfect for cutting into ceilings, corners alongside trimming.

The best part is that they help two colors blend in, keeping the edges sharp. By now you already know that these make the cutting easier and simpler with a better clean-up. 

Yes, you guessed it right! You can even use them to paint on the sides when fixing distorted mirrors or broken furniture edges due to their fine finish.

Durable Bristles

The bristles of these brushes are either made of nylon and Orel polyester or natural animal hair. The blend of nylon and polyester makes them durable. The polyester maintains the shape of the brushes. The high-quality bristles allow an even line. 

Here’s the catch – even though the natural brushes are weak, Purdy have quite strong bristles so they don’t fall off. Hence, you won’t experience bits of hair over your painted material.

Moisture Absorbing Property

The Purdy brushes have moisture-absorbing Alderwood handles that are quite durable.

Think about it: This property helps to absorb sweat and allows a firm grip onto the brush handle. Moreover, sweat-free dry hands will prevent your brushes from stinking. 


Now, Purdy brushes aren’t all good. They also come with its drawbacks. So let’s look into the bad sides.

Less Coverage

The Purdy brushes don’t hold much paint onto the brush. As a result, using these brushes call for more coats of paint.

Less coverage could be a major disadvantage when talking about painting. Because this means it takes a lot more time for the paint to dry as there are multiple coatings. 


Even though Purdy  brushes are quite handy and comfortable to use.  These are quite expensive. However, these are durable so you can use these for a long time. But you’ll have to pay a good price.

Wooster Brushes: An Overview

Purdy vs Wooster: A Comprehensive Comparison 2

The Wooster brushes are one of the best when talking about brushes in the world of painting. These brushes are quite comfortable to use and easy to balance. They could be just the perfect brushes for DIY painters or beginners.

Wooster brushes have a variety of brushes based on the purposes starting from the Alpha series, Black China Bristle series, Ultra Pro series, and many more.


There are some amazing sides of these brushes that attract all keen painters. So let’s explore the reasons why people are so fond of the Wooster brushes.

Better Coverage

The Wooster brushes hold more paint at the end of the brushes. Hence, requiring less dipping of the brush into the paint. 

These brushes have a slightly fuller end that eliminates drag. Less drag equals more flow which equals better coverage.

Wondering if the high coverage can give you the opportunity to faux paint your appliances to look like stainless steel? Guess you’re in luck. You can actually make great use of this brush to make your own fake stainless steel

Smooth Finish

The thick brushes holding more paint gives a smooth finish to the painting. So your paint won’t feel so thick or layered. The brushes have a unique blend of synthetic micro tip filaments that help them deliver the finest finish with the smoothest flow of paint.


These brushes have great flexibility as the handles and bristles are joined with the stainless steel ferrule holding it firm. So you can balance the brushes as well as cover every corner with ease.  


Like there are two sides to every story, there are also drawbacks to every brush in the painting world. So let’s look at some major downsides of Wooster brushes. 


As the brush doesn’t give much clean-cut lines and holds more paint, there’s very little precision when painting. So you cannot use these to paint thin lines or for detailed work. 

These brushes are more suitable for a broader area where there’s less risk of spreading out that might ruin the entire artwork. 

Weak Bristles

Now even though the bristles are thicker, there’s quite a lot of fallout of the hair from the bristles.

Here’s the thing- Hair on the painted surface may ruin it or even cause stroke marks to remain. Moreover, the weak bristles also make it less durable which is quite a major drawback.

But here’s an interesting fact, you can always put your wasted brushes to use while cleaning your couch or mattresses.


Question: Are Purdy brushes worth the money?

Answer: Purdy brushes can be quite expensive but the features it comes with, definitely make it worth the money.

Question: Are Wooster brushes efficient?

Answer: Since Wooster brushes hold more paint, these can give good coverage making them quite efficient and faster.

Question: What brush is best for cutting?

Answer: The Purdy brushes are amazing for cutting. The Purdy XL series is best suited for this.


That’s all from our side. Hope this will broaden your knowledge on the two brands of brushes – Purdy vs Wooster.

With our detailed comparison, you’ll be able to choose the right one for you.