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What is the Current Redwood Price Per Board Foot: Let’s Find Out!

Redwood is known to be a great quality lumber type. It comes in varying colors and has outstanding durability. For that, when you are planning on using it, price always comes into the equation.

Here this guide will provide you with an idea of redwood price per board foot.

The price of Redwood typically varies depending on a few factors. For example, the type, size, and grade of the wood. Based on that, it ranges from about $2.25 to $12 per board foot. Which is totally reasonable considering the quality, resistance, and durability Redwood offers.

Still confused? Well, no worries! Because with this guide, all your queries about Redwood would be solved. 

Read on!

Redwood Price Per Board Foot

How much does redwood cost? This is a common question.

Well, redwood prices typically range from $2.25 to $12 per board foot. That is, depending on the type, size, and grade. 

Additionally, it depends on the country’s location and the grade of the product. Because there aren’t many old-growth, high-quality redwood trees left, the market for redwood lumber is currently highly robust.

Logs must be purchased at a higher price for sawmills to create clear-grade lumber with few flaws.

Redwood is a preferred material for framing houses, decks, and other outdoor structures due to its strength and beauty. 

Expect to spend more on redwood in the near future as the demands increase. Also, not to mention the limited supply. 

So, it is high time you purchase redwood in case you plan on building something!

Is Red Wood Expensive?

Redwood is quite reasonably priced. 

The reason for this is, it happens to be far less costly than many other kinds of wood. For example, composite lumber, or exotic wood such as Ipe. 

Here you can have a quick idea of the estimated price of an entire deck per square foot. 

The price of Pressure treated wood ranges from $15 to $25. And Cedar ranges from $24 to $45. Whereas, the redwood starts from $2.25.

Why Is Red Wood Expensive?

One reason Redwood is expensive is they are only found in one specific area of the northern California coastline. 

Nonetheless, there are certain conditions that make redwood a more preferable option. Regardless of its expense. Huge redwood trees can only be found along the northern California coast.

Is Redwood Cheaper Than Pressure-treated Wood?

No, it is not.

Pressure-treated woods are normally rendered with yellow pine. They are coated using one certain type of chemical named chromated copper arsenate.

On the other hand, Redwood happens to be super-durable and resistant to rot and insects.

Different from the pressure-treated yellow pine which needs funky stuff as in copper chromium senate. 

This stuff is applied to save it from bugs. Also, it enables the wood to be immune to bacteria, insects, and fungi.

Redwood is also easy to maintain compared to pressure-treated yellow pine. 

Does not matter if it’s been finished with a sealant, the wood is quite easy to clean.

All of this considering the cost of redwood is about 30 to 40 percent more expensive than pressure-treated yellow pine.

Is Redwood A Durable Wood?

Yes, Redwood has entirely natural durability. It has tannins and a unique cell structure which provides redwood and soft tones. 

Along with that, the same elements are responsible for giving them outstanding strength. This makes it normally resistant to decay, insects, water as well as fire. 

The durability of Redwood is proven in various outdoor living projects for ages. 

Is Redwood Good Quality Wood?

Yeah, Redwood is one of the toughest materials in nature. It withstands slanting or splitting. Also, it tends to be way lighter than many of its equivalents. 

Redwood can effortlessly be sawed, drilled and with just regular woodworking tools. 

The wood contains natural tannins which help make it even more durable and excellent for outdoor usage. It can be used for stair risers as well.

What Is The Redwood Deck?

A redwood deck is one kind of outdoor living space. It is generally built from redwood lumber. 

Redwood is one widespread choice when it comes to decks. That is due to its natural resistance to rot as well as decay. All of these make it a suitable element for any exposed outdoor space. 

Along with its durability, the wood also includes an elegant grain pattern. It definitely adds quite a bit of visual interest to your deck.

Granted, redwood decks tend to be normally more costly than the ones made from different materials.

Nonetheless, it is worth the investment because of its longevity as well as low maintenance requirements. 

Redwood decks are a terrific option for those wanting to add beauty and value to their home. You can work with an architect to plan the dream outdoor living space with it.

For the expenses, it’d take way less than furnishing a house of 2000 sq feet.

Redwood Deck Pricing and Installation Costs

Due to redwood scarcity, it happens to be one of the expensive materials. A precise description will help make its price point undesirable. As the high cost is the outcome of a number of variables.

As it has been already mentioned, The Pacific region of California, US, is the source of redwood trees. The redwood harvest is modest compared to market demand in this location because it is quite small.

Additionally, since redwood is largely cultivated here, it is considerably simpler to buy redwood on the West Coast than it is everywhere else.

There comes also the problem of old vs second growth.

Old growth happens to be a historically renowned type of redwood. This is the one that has helped create such a great prominence for the material.

So, when I talk about suitable decking options, I am talking about the old growth.

However, this redwood variant is less available on the market. Plus, when they are available for buying, they come at an incredibly high price.

The somewhat low supply of redwood pushes the expense of the decking materials high.

Suppose, you plan on using one of the common grades. Then a linear foot of redwood decking would typically range from $2.80 to $3.50 per square foot.

Heartwood variants are generally more expensive, ranging from $2.50 to $5.80 per square foot.

The prices of the Linear feet can vary depending on board width. It also impacts the square foot cost. 

Estimated for square feet, the material for redwood decking can cost from $5 to $11 per sq foot.

The wood will not be the sole element used in the decking. Rather, the total material expenses will encompass the essential substructure. rails, and steps.

With everything considered, the expense of equipment for redwood decking could be nearly $11 per square foot. This is if calculated at the lower end. Nonetheless, the upper prices can reach up to $26 per sq foot.

The expense of the labor for redwood decking installation would vary.  That is, depending on a specific situation like extra seating or stairs, size, or the level of your deck. It would even make your wooden stairs non-slip.

Typically, this cost may range from $4 to $10 per sq foot.

Also, a 100-square-foot redwood deck may cost you from $1,600 to $3,600 to construct.

How Long Will The Redwood Deck Last?

When we are talking about outdoor structures, a few elements will compare to redwood. 

This wood is super durable as well as has superb resistance to rot, decay, and damage. All of these make them an excellent choice for decks or fences. Also, many other exposed structures.

The lifespan of any redwood deck would differ depending on some aspects. Such as the quality of materials, maintenance, and climate conditions. 

However, A deck that has been well-constructed as well as properly cared for will last about 20 to 40 years or even more.

In hot or dry weather, it might begin to prematurely age just after 10 years. 

Also, let us not forget the incorrect formation methods or exposure to harsh weather. Because they will also reduce the lifespan of a redwood deck. 

Eventually, maintaining a deck by typical sealing and cleaning can definitely help in extending the lifespan. That too, by many years.

Is Redwood Good For Outdoor Use?

Yes, Redwood is an ideal one for outdoor use. Not only that, redwood is satisfactory for outdoor use. 

Furthermore its resistance to water and insects, it’s incredibly responsive to finishes. All of that combined, Redwood is a perfect choice for your decking.

Advantages of Using Redwood

Usage of redwood comes with many of its advantages. Here I have included some of them.

Elegant Look

The redwood tends to be really stylish and classy. Being a good quality wood material, you can use it for a long time. And maintain the classy look of your stuff.

Super Durable

Redwood material possesses a high amount of durability. Plus, it has tremendous resistivity. 

The wood includes a natural chemical that assists in resisting natural wear and tear. Plus, it withstands harsh weather conditions. 

With time the wood tends to achieve a hue that makes it look super attractive.

Lightweight Wood

Another pro of it is redwood is very light in weight. It can be effortlessly hauled from one place to the other.

Perfect for Outdoor Use

The durability of redwood and its tough nature is already mentioned. Due to that, redwood can resist any extreme climate. That’s why it’s adequate to be used in outdoor spaces.

Disadvantages of Using Redwood

Along with the pros, come to the cons. There are actually some disadvantages of redwood. They are given below.

An Endangered Wood

In terms of an ecological standpoint, redwood is undoubtedly an endangered species. It has a high demand in the wood market, but the production is not sufficient.

The Need for Maintenance 

If you want long-lasting durability of your redwood, it’s crucial that you clean it. From time to time, that is. Also, you need to varnish the wood occasionally to preserve it for a longer period of time.

Here are potential tools you might need while working with redwood boards:

Deck and Siding Solid Wood StainCheck Current Price
Rain Guard Water SealerCheck Current Price

That was it! Now it’s time for some frequently asked questions.


How can I keep Redwood longer?

To keep redwood longer, you need to clean it off any dirt once in a while.

Occasionally, give it a scan for any structural damage. Also, try to repair any loose tiles. Also, clean the fence.

You have to keep the structure away from any kind of vines and sprinklers as well.

Should the redwood be sealed?

There is typically no need for applying any sealers, any kind of paint, or finishes. However, in case the surface comes together, just rework your wood. Do it every few years. It will make the structures and the overall wood look good.

What wood is better for a terrace?

Generally, according to the recommendation of many experts, redwood is the best option for this. Or for any other outdoor stuff for that matter. However, in case you need a more reasonable option, then pressure-treated lumber can be the next best.

Wrapping Up

Hope I have resolved your query about the redwood price per board foot.

Also, I have delivered several other pieces of information that you are gonna find useful. You have already known why redwood would be suitable for you. And why it would not. So, keeping it in mind, decide accordingly.

That is it for now. Have a wonderful day!