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Is Redwood Good Firewood: The Answer Is Surprising

You might be tired of trying different woods for your fireplace.

And recently, you’ve got a suggestion about redwood.

Still, it’s confusing to take a decision without knowing everything about it

You are now curious about is redwood good firewood?

No redwood isn’t good firewood. It is because of their poor burning quality, less density, and poor coal production. Also, they spark easily. However, considering  some cases you can use it. Such as the wood smell nice, kindling is good and they’re rot resistant.  

Didn’t get clear yet? No worries.

In this article, you’ll discover the physical characteristics of redwood. You’ll also discover why it’s good and bad, which will help you decide what you should put into the firepit.

Let’s jump into the discussion!

Is Redwood Good Firewood?

Redwood is not good enough as firewood. But it can serve you with other good purposes. Let’s get into the discussion.

Generally, redwood has two types. Coast redwood is also known as California redwood which is a giant softwood. You’ll be surprised to know that it is considered the tallest tree species in the world. The USA’s Oregon coast has massive production of redwood.

Coast redwood quickly burns like other softwoods. But redwood doesn’t have enough density.

On the other hand, Sequoia redwoods expand more in width. And it prefers to grow in the mountains of Nevada. Both varieties have the same heat-generating ability. Also, they do burn similarly.

Redwood works mind-blowing as a fire starter. It is helpful when you only need a short bun. Redwood is worth more for lumber; if you have redwood logs of any size, then it would be like firewood. Since it has low density, it burns faster. 

However, redwoods don’t burn as long as high-density wood does. So, you can’t be satisfied enough by using redwood as house-heating firewood. Instead, you can use it as kindling.

Redwood’s low density hinders heating in the room indeed. But we hate to tell you that redwood doesn’t burn hot for as long as Oak or Black Birch. 

So, it is not either good or bad. I feel an importance to shed light on the physical characteristic of redwood which helps you to know its nature perfectly. 

What Are the Physical Characteristics of Redwood?

Before getting into the reason why they are good and bad let’s discuss the characteristics. Because the physical characteristics say themselves a lot.

So, let’s jump to the characteristics immediately:

  • Creosote build-up: Redwood builds a moderate level of creosote. That is also known as a wood preservative.
  • Coal production: Redwood doesn’t perform massively when it comes to coal production. It produces a poor amount of coal.
  • Smell: Well, smell matters greatly when you use it as an indoor fireplace. And redwood smell earthy and spicy.
  • Splitting difficulty: Redwood easily splits among various parts. That is considered a good feature of redwood.
  • Sap content: Basically, the sap is filled with lumber or poisonous content for a tree. And you avoid this for your fireplace. And redwood has a moderate amount of sap content.
  • Seasoning time: Redwood takes a year to season fully. 
  • Smoke: Redwood produces a moderate amount of smoke.
  • Heat per cord: According to Million BTUs, redwood heats 18.3 per cord.  
  • Weight dry: Redwood dries weight 2652 in Ibs per cord.
  • Weight green: It has 4675 green weight (Ibs per cord)

Hopefully, you’ve gained some extra knowledge about whether it’s good or bad. Now I’ll be discussing it in depth. Move on to the next step.

4 Reasons Why Redwood Is Not Good Firewood

Now moving to the main segment of today’s article. Here I’ve given 4 reasons on why it’s not good firewood. 

Reason 1: Poor coal production

Redwood doesn’t perform well when it comes to producing coal. It produces a poor amount of coals which isn’t worth its cost. Also, it struggles to maintain its own fire because of producing poor coal. 

Reason 2: Fast Burning 

Redwood burns really quickly and aggressively. As a result, you’ll hardly get the heat of more than two hours out of one pack of wood on the stove. So, for sure, it’s not good as firewood. But you can use it in making furniture. But get the most appropriate finish for the redwood furniture.

Reason 3: Less density

It has less density which is responsible for burning the wood very easily. So, it can’t sustain for a longer time. It puts out volumes of smoke even when very dry. 

Reason 4: Spark so easily

If you want to burn it in an open fireplace. Then be careful about redwood. Because it sparks a lot while burning. And obviously, there are reasons for wood to spark in fireplace. You should use it in the outside firepit, not in the inside fireplace.

Well, you have learned why redwood isn’t good firewood. But not always is it bad. In some cases, it works well. The next segment is all about that.

6 Cases When Redwood Can be Considered as Good Firewood

Redwood is a cheaper wood than other softwood out there. In this segment, you’ll learn 6 positive aspects of redwood as firewood. 

Easy to Split And Light

Redwood splits super easily as a softwood. Naturally, it grows in straight grain. So, it splits easily. Also, it dries easily when it is green. 

Apart from this, it is easy to light as well. It makes a nice crackling fire with great flames.

Good Kindling

As you know, Kindling is easier to split always. Also, once it has been seasoned, it is easy to produce as well.

If your intended use of it is to slit. Then you should wait until it’s kindling. It’s been said that redwood is better suited as kindling.

A Moderate Amount of Sap

Comparatively, redwood contains less amount of sap than other woods. It has a moderate amount of sap in its wood. Redwood’s sap is not sweet, so it doesn’t catch the attention of invasive bugs and beetles. Normally sugar maple logs attract bugs and beetles.

Pleasant-smelling wood

We love to tell you that redwood makes your home smell like a little forest. Along with it, a hint of spice mix with the smell. It has such a pleasant-smelling quality. Compared to the cost of a redwood board per foot it is really great.

Though it is not something out of the box, it gives a nice amount of fragrance. 

Brilliant Heat Output

Redwood has an exceptional heat generation which is 18.3 BTUs. You can feel the heat from a fair amount of distance. But the heat will not last for a longer period of time.

Not Dangerous Smoke

Though redwood produces a moderate amount of smoke and creosote, it’s ok. Because the smoke is not as dangerous as other sappy softwood smoke.

High Moisture

Redwood consists of high moisture. It helps to crack away and burn happily. Also, it creates a nice atmosphere if you use it on a campfire or a log burner. 

What Are the Alternatives to Redwood?

The growing areas of redwood are also known as a place of hardwood. It is common for people picking up other woods as their preference from the same area.

Douglas fir can be a good option for you. It is extremely popular in redwood areas. Comparatively, it can generate more heat than redwood which is 20.7 BTU.

When pitted against other softwoods like pine the Oak and Birch perform very well. It burns better than redwood. Also, it is a better option for clean burning firewood. 

Oak and Birch have a lesser amount of sap which produces less smoke. But they might not be the perfect wood for stair risers.

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Now move on to the FAQ segment. 


What kind of wood should you not burn in a fireplace?

You should avoid trees like pines, firs, or cypress. This softwood burns fast and produces a few coals. It also generates a lot of smoke which can coot your chimney with soot. That is harmful to your chimney, hindering the long run.

Is redwood easy to burn?

Though redwood is categorized as a fire resistance tree. But the thing gets completely reversed when it turns into fire logs. It burns up very quickly because it has low density. Mostly, you will get two hours of heat if you use one pack of wood on the stove.

What is the best wood to burn?

If you want to have a hotter and longer burning time. Then go for hardwood such as maple, oak, ash, birch, and fruit trees. They are easy to clean. And they have the least pitch and less sap.

What is redwood good for?

Redwood is used for decking because it stays comfortable for bare feet even on hotter days. The durability and long life of redwood make it the perfect candidate for outdoor structures. Redwood works amazingly to make outdoor furniture. Also, redwood makes amazing wall features. You can use redwood to make musical instruments and small specialty items. 

Final Words

I think you got the answer to the question of whether redwood is good firewood.

Redwood might be recognized as firewood, but you can get far better hardwoods out there. You can collect it from the areas where it grows.

Actually, redwood is an amazing wood for timber. But you may not be satisfied enough by using them as firewood.

Now decide if you’ll choose redwood as your firewood. We are signing off here, and yes, stay warm.

Have a great day! Keep staying safe while burning wood!