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How To Reset A Beko Fridge [In 4 Simple Steps]

Refrigerators may have problems with power and cooling. It’s possible that your refrigerator’s system has to be reset. The problem will eventually get solved.

How to reset a Beko fridge?

The reset process of the Beko fridge needs only a day. This is done first by unplugging the refrigerator. Then you can turn the fridge off from the control panel. Now, you can reset the freezer and the fridge temperature settings. Now, you have to wait for 24 hours to reset the system.

However, the reset may take longer than normal. You might be able to avoid it by following the methods below. This will help you save time. Is it intriguing to you?

Let’s read it!

4 Steps to Reset Your Beko Fridge

You can reset Beko Fridge if there is a problem with the system. Let’s see the following steps that should be followed to reset the fridge.

Step 1: Unplug Your Refrigerator

Try disconnecting the refrigerator and the freezer from the main power source. You should take a look if it is connected to an outlet. Keep it unplugged for long, this helps the reset to work.

While disconnecting the refrigerator from the outlet, it starts knocking and wheezing sounds. There’s no need to be concerned; this is very typical for a freezer to do.

Step 2: Turn It Off from Control Panel

The control panel needs the switch to be off. For regulators,  turn the entire control panel to a “zero” scale. Plug your refrigerator into the wall sockets after you are done switching the control panels. 

Step 3: Reset Your Freezer and Fridge Temperature Settings

The next step is to reset the controls on your refrigerator and freezer. Depending on the make and type of your refrigerator, these characteristics may vary.

Set the freezer and refrigerator temperature controls to the desired temperature. It could be set between any number between 0 and 9. Allow the machine 24 hours to fully accommodate the new settings.

But, experts advise that you maintain your fridge around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.That’s usually kept about level 4 or 5 for a fridge. Then set the freezer with settings 1–10.  

Step 4: Wait for The Refrigerator to Stabilize

Start stabilizing the entire fridge within 24 hours. Then after it is done, you can actually again turn it on. And the fridge will work fine after the reset. 

This is also done when the fridge breaker breaks down too. But how to avoid this reset. Let’s find out how it’s done.


In order to avoid constantly restarting the fridge, you can always avoid it through simple prevention. Let’s take a look at exactly how it can be prevented from happening.

Check Ambient Temperature

The weather outside may cause your device to malfunction. Especially if it is kept in a garage or somewhere without warmth or humidity. 

If you suspect this is the problem, move the appliance. This technology allows freezer units to operate in temperatures as low as -15 °C. 

Check the Door Seals

The icy air within your appliance must be completely isolated from the rest of the world. Starting looking for holes between the door seal and the cabinet is a good idea.

If you locate any, carefully remove or replace the door seal away from the door with your fingers. The recommended door seals are as follows:

Product 1
Product 2

These door seals are good at keeping the internal storage separated and air-tight. 

Avoid Overloading Appliances

When you store various appliances in the fridge, do not store too much together. Now, also try to avoid everything overloading on one shelf. 

Cleaning Condenser 

Try to clean condensers regularly, as these accumulate dirt in the air. This will prevent the air condensers from clogging up. 

Sometimes you need to clean water lines too. These will help to make the fridge perform more smoothly and in an efficient manner.

Check Internal Light Frequency

If your appliance includes interior lights, the light should turn off when the doors are shut. But first, close the doors slowly. If you don’t see the light go out, it’s possible. It is because the bulb is still glowing while the fridge is running and producing heat.

If this is the case, you should seek the help of a qualified specialist. Meanwhile, it is better to remove the bulb. Look into your manuals to find the light bulb. 

You can grab your manual here if you can’t locate it. This is done by entering the model number of your product. Be cautious, as the bulb may be hot.

Check for Technical Problems

If the situation persists, your refrigerator may experience a technical malfunction. Try contacting an authorized service agent if you feel this is the case.

Now, you can see that if these are maintained. Then you don’t even need to reset the refrigerators. 


Question: Why isn’t my fridge getting any cooler?

Answer: In order to function effectively, your refrigerator needs enough air circulation. Overloading it may cause the airflow inside the cabinet to get obstructed. It’s also possible that the cooling system isn’t working properly.

Question: Why is my Beko refrigerator making too much ice?

Answer: Frost forms predominantly as a result of the interaction caused by allowing warm air into the fridge freezer. When the door is left open for an extended length of time, this happens. Isolating the chilly air is vital.

Question: How long should a Beko fridge freezer last?

Answer: For fridge freezer machines, a lifespan of 10 years or more is relatively normal. If there is an issue, there is usually a warranty for 1/2 to 1 year.


Now, you know how to reset a Beko fridge. This reset will be less than 24 hours. 

You just have to acknowledge the steps properly and do it. Now, you have to take some time for yourself to reset it.

Hopefully, this will help you fix the fridge. Good luck!