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How To Reset Kenmore Refrigerator: In 3 Quick Steps!

Refrigerators are one of the most used home appliances. But it’s normal to be irritated if your refrigerator gets you into trouble. 

Calling for a technician every time is not a solution for you either, I agree. Do you know by resetting the refrigerator you can solve the problems on your own?

How to reset the Kenmore refrigerator?

When you are resetting the Kenmore Refrigerator, unlock the door first, push the home buttons, and Ultra Ice simultaneously for 5-10 seconds. This will turn off the refrigerator’s settings. Unplug the cable from the refrigerator’s power source, reconnect the power cord, and resetting will be done. 

Liked the overview? Great! I have a full Kenmore side-by-side reset process explained in the next segment. 

Hopefully, you’ll stick around! 

How To Reset Kenmore Refrigerator

To reset your Kenmore refrigerator you can follow these steps one by one and make it done quickly.

Step 1: Switch The Refrigerator Off 

Open one of the refrigerator doors. For around 5 seconds, continuously push the ‘home’ and ‘ultra ice’ buttons simultaneously. It will turn off the controls on the refrigerator.

Step 2: Unplug Your Refrigerator

Afterward, unplug the refrigerator’s power connection from the outlet.

Step 3: Reconnect Power

Lastly, reconnect the power cord to the outlet. This clears the refrigerator’s memory. But make sure your refrigerator outlet doesn’t share the power with any other device.

But, what if it stops cooling the things inside the refrigerator. 

Is a Reset Switch on Kenmore Refrigerator Available?

Many refrigerators feature reset buttons, but Kenmore Refrigerators don’t really have one for the fridge compressor. There is a quick and simple method to reset your Kenmore refrigerator.

If you want to reset the Kenmore Refrigerator and are wondering where the Kenmore refrigerator reset button location is, then you might have to go through a process. Firstly, unplug the power cord from the outlet. 

Then, by the control panel, switch off simultaneously the refrigerator as well as the freezer.

The compressor does not have a reset button, but a model number might be useful in providing a more detailed answer. 

How To Reset Kenmore Refrigerator If It Stops Cooling

If your Kenmore refrigerator stopped cooling then you can fix it by resetting the process. Examine the evaporator coil to see whether they are dusty; if so, clean them. 

The condensing fan motor draws air through the cooling coil over the compressor. If the condensing ventilator is not working properly, the refrigerator would not cool sufficiently.

To help you, we tried mentioning some good-quality brushes and brush kits to clean the coil:

Product 1
Product 2

Use the brush properly to clean the coils.

If that doesn’t work properly, check the refrigerator doors for coldness using a pen. Examine the bottom rear section of the refrigerator & the compressor. Examine the fan adjacent to the compressor to verify if it is spinning normally.

Check to see whether the compressor is chilly or vibrating. Check to see if there are any issues with the compressor or the compressor relays. Check the electrical connection of the compressor using a multimeter.

Make careful to unplug the refrigerator first. Remove the primary cover using a screwdriver. On the compressor, there are three connections.

To access the compressor, first, remove the filter drier. Try not to bend the wirings when removing the compressor.

Insert the replacement compressor and filter drier and make sure that it fits snugly. When working with copper joints, use silver solder, and for steel joints, use a tin rod with a flux coating.

Attach the higher and lower sides to the manifold gauge, and then make sure the center tube is connected to the vacuum pump.

Let the vacuum pump run for thirty min, or when the pressure gauge registers Thirty inches of mercury, which is very close to zero temperature.

You’ll need a refrigerant meter to properly measure how much nitrogen will be put into the device and into the matching refrigerant cylinder.

Examine the sort of gas used by your refrigerator. Check the sticker within the refrigerator to see how much refrigerant is needed for your specific model of Kenmore refrigerator.

For many Kenmore refrigerators, the average quantity of refrigerant required is 4.75 ounces.

Because a certain quantity of refrigerant is lost whenever the line is attached or unplugged, most Kenmore Refrigerator Licensed Technicians normally add an additional 25% of refrigerant to ensure that they are providing enough.

You can re-start the refrigerator after this. This should take some time. Keep a close eye on the pressure variations when the compressor starts up. After taking off the higher side first, then examine the power on the low side.

The sensor on the low side measures the exact quantity of refrigerant more accurately. The pressure reading will begin to decline at this moment.

The pressure will gradually reduce, and it will take around fifteen minutes to reach full speed.

Keep an eye on the refrigerator, and it should achieve maximum cooling capacity in a few hours.

I know, this method may look a little hectic for you. But if you think this is too complicated to handle, you can ask for professional help.

How To Reset a Kenmore Refrigerator’s Temperature

To reset the temperature on this sort of machine, you have to first press and hold the freezer temperature and fridge temp buttons simultaneously. Press them until the display emits a beep.

Then, while holding down the freezer temp button, spin through the freezing temperature selections. Apply similar logic to the refrigerator temperature.

Following resetting the temperature about one chamber, wait 24 hours before shutting the Kenmore refrigerator temperature of the other chamber.

How To Reset a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator’s Error Code

Follow these procedures to reset an error code on the Kenmore Elite refrigerator:

First, you have to shut off the refrigerator & unplug it from the power source. Wait 10 seconds before reconnecting it. Examine to check if the error code is still displayed.

Then, if the problem persists, unplug the water filter then replace and then check if it stops.

How To Reset Kenmore Refrigerator When It Stops Making Ice

When your Kenmore refrigerator stopped making the ice, you needed to reset it. This is frequently caused by a Control Board issue. Follow the instructions discussed here to reset the ice maker.

If you have to reset the Kenmore Refrigerator ice maker, you must first reset the icemaker. Switch off the icemaker then disconnect the refrigerator to disperse the unit’s electricity. This normally takes about five minutes.

Reconnect the fridge to the source of power and check to find out if the ice machine works again. If the ice maker stops working, the reason might be there isn’t sufficient water to produce ice. A hole or an unclear water line connecting to the ice maker might be the source of the problem.

A huge piece of ice might possibly be plugging up the waterline. In addition, if the water filter is not replaced on a regular basis, it may impair the pressure and volume of water flowing to the ice maker.

Check if something is melting inside the freezer since this might signal that the water entry valve leading to the ice maker isn’t operating correctly.

Check the intake valve wire with a multimeter, and if it is faulty, replace it to get the ice maker running properly again.

A faulty door switch might potentially cause the ice machine to stop working.

How To Reset Your Kenmore Refrigerator Following a Power Outage

You can follow these instructions to reset a Kenmore refrigerator after a power outage:

First, you have to find the refrigerator breaker in the service panel.

Secondly, switch off the breaker or unplug the power cable from the power outlet for 10 seconds to cut off the power supply.

Then you have to restore electricity to the refrigerator to finish the reset.


Question: How do I reset my Kenmore french door fridge?

Answer: To reset your Kenmore french door refrigerator, follow these steps: To turn off the fridge’s controls, open one of the doors and simultaneously push the “Home” and “Ultra Ice” buttons for five seconds. After that, unplug the power wire from the electrical socket.

Question: How can I fix my broken Kenmore refrigerator?

Answer: In your service panel, look for the refrigerator breaker to fix Kenmore refrigerator. Unplug the power wire or turn off the refrigerator’s breaker. Reconnect the refrigerator’s electricity to finish the reset.

How can I clear the error code on my Kenmore Elite refrigerator?

Answer: To reset the error code of a Kenmore Elite refrigerator: Switch off the refrigerator then unplug it from the power supply. After 10 seconds, reconnect it. Check whether the error code has still been shown. If the problem persists, take the water filter & replace it to check if it stops.

Wrapping Up

Did these methods help you to understand how to reset the Kenmore refrigerator? I’m sure it did! It’s simple, cost-free, and time-saving.

Why not give it a go before seeking expert assistance?

Also, share your experience with us.

That was it for today. Good luck with resetting your refrigerator!