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How to Reset Maytag Refrigerator: Do it Right!

Maytag appliances never fail us with their smart and durable products. And although they’re mainly famous for their laundry appliances, their refrigerators share the same reputation.

But no matter how excellent our refrigerator is, it’s quite normal for it to show issues every now and then. Some of those issues can be resolved just by simply resetting the refrigerator.

How to reset Maytag refrigerator? 

For resetting a Maytag refrigerator, first, you need to reset the display panel. You can do that by pressing the ‘lighting buttons’ and the ‘energy saver’ buttons at the same time. Then you need to reset the system as a whole by entering the programming mode and applying some simple coding steps. 

This is just a small insight into the entire process. Read until the end to learn all about it in detail!

Resetting Maytag Refrigerator: Everything You Need to Know!

The reason why people go around searching for ways of resetting Maytag refrigerators is that it’s a bit different from typical reset methods. 

To reset a Maytag refrigerator, you’ll first require resetting the display panel and then the main system. 

It can be quite overwhelming to see the process involving coding, all of which may look gibberish and impossible to do on your own.

You may think you can do everything on the outside like capping off the water line to a refrigerator, etc. But software-related stuff is just an impossible mission. 

Actually, it becomes quite easy once you get the hang of it. 

Don’t believe me? I’m sure you will by the end of this article. Keep scrolling!

Resetting Maytag Refrigerator Display Panel

As I’ve mentioned before, you need to reset the display panel in order to reset the entire system. 

Below I’ve mentioned every possible method of doing it. Take a look!

  • Press and hold the ‘Power Saver’ and ‘Lighting’ buttons simultaneously for around 8 to 10 seconds.
  • Press and hold the ‘Power Cool’ and ‘Power Freeze’ buttons at the same time for around 10 seconds.
  • Press and hold the ‘Energy Saver’ and lights buttons at the same time for around 10 seconds.
  • Press and hold on the freezer buttons together for approximately 8 seconds.
  • Hold the ‘Quick freeze’ and ‘Vacation’ buttons together for approximately 8 seconds.
  • Simultaneously press and hold the ‘filter reset’ and the ice type buttons for about 10 seconds.
  • Press and hold the ‘Vacation’ and the Power freeze buttons together for about 8 to 10 seconds.

Try using any of these options to reset the display panel of the Maytag refrigerator. Pick the combination you’re most comfortable with and you’re good to go. 

Resetting Maytag Refrigerator

Once you’re done resetting the display panel, you can proceed to reset the full system of your Maytag refrigerator. 

I’ve broken down the whole process into 6 simple steps, which I’m sure you will be able to easily understand and execute in no time. 

Let’s dive in then!

Step 1: Locate the Program Code of your Refrigerator

Locate the program code- Sounds quite overwhelming right? But it’s simpler than you think. 

There’s a plate on the right side, inside your refrigerator. There you will find the reset/program code. 

If you can’t find it, look for the plate with the model and serial numbers. On the same plate is the software code.

Step 2: Press & Hold the Alarm and Temperature Down Buttons

Find the door alarm button on the refrigerator’s control panel and press on it. Then press the temperature down button, i.e. the button that decreases the temperature of your refrigerator.

Step 3: Enter the Programming Mode & Confirm

Leave the door alarm button and release the temperature button about 3 seconds after releasing the alarm key.

The control panel will display ‘PE’, indicating that your refrigerator is now in programming mode. 

Then press the temperature down button that decreases your freezer’s temperature to confirm your entry. 

Step 4: Recheck the Code

After confirming your entry into the programming mode, the code you entered will be displayed again for you to check its correctness.

To check it with the one you entered, press the alarm key for 3 seconds to temporarily exit from the programming mode screen. 

Check if the code displayed perfectly matches the one that’s being shown in the display panel. 

Step 5: Provide the Correct Code & Finish

After comparing, if you find that the codes don’t match, edit the code and type the correct one. 

You can edit the numbers on the display using the temperature up and down keys of the fridge and the freezer. 

To change the digits, press the temperature up button of the fridge. And to change the position of the decimal point, use the temperature up button of the freezer.

For example, if your code is 3456, to enter the first digit, press the fridge temperature up key thrice and it’ll display 3.

In this method, type out the correct code to complete the process. 

Step 6: Save & Exit the Programming Mode

To save the code you’ve entered, press and hold the temperature down button of the freezer.

Then, release the button and again press it to turn on your refrigerator. Once you’re done, exit the programming mode by simply closing the door of your fridge. 

And there you go! You’ve successfully completed the reset process of your Maytag Refrigerator! 

It’s worth mentioning that you must make sure that advanced refrigerator models shouldn’t share outlets. This can cause voltage overload and your reset process may be interrupted if the breaker trips. 

How to Reset Maytag Refrigerator Filter Light & Alarm?

The filter light is a handy feature that notifies you whenever the water filter in your refrigerator requires any kind of maintenance. 

But sometimes the filter light can malfunction. In that case, a reset may be enough to fix it. 

To reset the filter light, press on the light key and the lock key. If your Maytag refrigerator model doesn’t have light keys, you can do it by pressing the water key and the lock key.

After that, within 3 or 4 seconds your filter light will blink, by which you can understand that it has been reset.

On that note, if you’re looking for a good quality durable electric water filter, here are my recommendation on some of the best ones: 

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Alarm is another great feature of most refrigerators. Not knowing about it raises confusion and people search for why my refrigerator is beeping

In case the alarm is causing you trouble, you can reset it by unplugging your refrigerator and connecting it back after about 45 minutes.

That’s all!


Question: Is there a reset button in Maytag refrigerators?

Answer: No, there isn’t any shortcut reset button in Maytag refrigerators. You’ll have to use certain key combinations to do it. 

Question: How do I reset my Maytag Refrigerator after a power outage? 

Answer: To reset your Maytag refrigerator after a power outage, you need to unplug your refrigerator from the power source or flip off the circuit breaker. Leave it like that for about a minute and then connect it back to power and restart the GE device. 

Question: How to detect a faulty refrigerator compressor? 

Answer: You can understand that your refrigerator compressor has become faulty if it constantly makes a faint to loud humming noise.


We’re finally at the end of our discussion regarding how to reset Maytag refrigerator

I’ve tried my best to explain the process in a very simple manner so that you can follow and do it on your own effortlessly. 

Hopefully, you’ve found my article helpful. Stick around for more content!