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How to Reset A Rheem Power Vent Water Heater [A Step-by-Step Guide]

Imagine getting ready to take a warm shower in the winter.

But you find out the water is not heating up at all.

Because your water heater from Rheem is not doing its job properly!

So, you decided to give it a reset. 

How to reset a Rheem power vent water heater?

For the White Rodger digital gas valve, start by unplugging the water heater. Then plug it back in. Next, hold two temperature buttons together. Lastly, set the code. The steps are different for Honeywell one. First, turn off the valve and unplug the heater. Then plugin and turn it on. Finally, turn the dial.

That was just the preview. I talked about the details in my article. Read on!

Reset A Rheem Power Vent Water Heater

Are you getting ready to replace your water heater because it doesn’t reset? In that case, I hope you know the cost of replacing a water heater.   

But don’t worry. It probably won’t come to that. I’ll tell you how you can reset it on your own.

Before that, you need to determine the type of your water heater’s gas valve. Because the ways to reset the water heater vary depending on the gas valve.

Is it a White Rodger digital gas valve? Then I’ve got your back. Do you have a Honeywell gas valve? Not a problem. I’ll cover that one as well.

So, let’s get started!

White Rodgers Digital Gas Valve

I see the gas valve of your water heater is Whiter Rodgers digital. You have to follow four steps to reset this one. Let me elaborate on them for you.

Step 1: Unplug Water Heater

Similar to resetting a sump pump, you’ve to start with unplugging the water heater.

Do you see the water heater’s wire connected to the power outlet? Pull that wire off. That will unplug the water heater. 

Wait, don’t plug it back immediately. You have to wait for some time. Now, waiting for 10 seconds works for some. You can wait for 30 seconds also. 

You need to check what works for you. Just don’t put it back right away.

Step 2: Plugin Water Heater

After waiting for a while, reconnect the wire to the power outlet. You’ll see that all the LEDs lit up for a second. 

Then, it might go back to showing an error code. But don’t get worried. You will still be able to reset it. At least it means that the water heater is plugged in. And the power is restored.

Step 3: Hold Temperature Adjustment Buttons Together

You have to do this step immediately after plugging in the water heater. Try to do it within 3 seconds. 

Now, do you see the two arrow buttons facing sideways? One is blue and says “cooler”. The other is red and says “hotter”. These are the temperature adjustment buttons.

You need to hold the two buttons simultaneously. Wait till the “vacation” light starts to blink. It’s the green light on the left. Also, it might take a few minutes. 

Step 4: Set Code

Now, proceed with setting the code.

First, press the blue button. Then the red button. After that, press the blue button twice. Next is the red button’s turn which is followed by the blue button. 

Lastly, finish off by pressing the red button two times.

You might hear the igniter starting to fire up after setting the code. 

Don’t consider that as a sign of water heater going to exploding. It means you have succeeded in resetting your water heater.

Okay, let’s talk about resetting the other type of gas valve.

Honeywell Gas Valve

The first few steps are slightly similar to that of the White Rodger digital one. You need to follow four steps to reset this. 

I’ll discuss them one by one.

Step 1: Turn Off & Unplug 

Do you see the “on” and “off” switch on the valve? Slide the switch to “off”. That will turn off the valve.

Next, unplug the water heater. Keep it unplugged for 1 minute and then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Plug-In & Turn On

This step is quite simple. Just plug the water heater back. After that, slide the switch back to “on”. As a result, the valve will be back on.

Without any delay, go to the next step. Because you have to do that within 30 seconds.

Step 3: Turn Dial

Using a screwdriver, turn the dial to “low”. After that, turn it to “very hot”.

You have to keep doing this back and forth seven times. You will see that the status light has stopped flashing. 

Have a look at my suggestions on screwdrivers if you need one. These can last you for a while:

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In the end, you’ll hear the sound of the igniter starting. And that’s great news!

There you have it. You probably won’t have to visit your neighbors for a warm shower now. 


Question: What should I do about the error code?

Answer:  You have to understand the error code. Then you have to take necessary actions to remove the hazard. Otherwise, your water heater might go to “lockout” mode.

Question: Are there any precautions?

Answer: Yes. Please try not to work with wet hands. You are working with electronics. So, it might get dangerous for you. You can end up getting electrocuted.

Question: When should I get replacement parts?

Answer: Sometimes parts like the sensor, gas valve wear out after using them for a longer period. So, get a replacement if you can determine that the parts are not working properly. 

Final Words

That was my take on how to reset a Rheem power vent water heater. I hope you were able to follow the steps easily. I also hope that you found my article informative.

Don’t get worried if you still can’t reset it. That means there might be an issue. In that case, call a professional. 

Have a good day!