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Samsung Fridge Not Cooling But Light is On [5 Reasons And Fixes!]

The problem with Samsung refrigerators is frequently connected to a lack of cooling.

It can be rather an aggravating problem. At times, the fridge won’t chill despite the light being turned on.

Why is the Samsung fridge not cooling but the light is on?

Firstly there can be issues with the evaporated motor. This means it has stopped working. This part is solely responsible for bringing coolant into the cooling coil. If this link is damaged, the fridge will no longer be cold. And if there isn’t an issue with the circuit, the bulb will stay on.

You will also want special instructions to repair the refrigerator in addition to this information.

Let’s go through them:

5 Reasons for the Samsung Fridge Not Cooling But Light Is On

If the fridge is not cooling but the light is on then we need to diagnose the problems. With a few instruments and some basic knowledge, we can go through a review. Most likely at home, for a number of reasons. Take a look at the services they provide.

Let’s get started without further ado:

Reason 1: Evaporator Motor

This is among the most prevalent issues that can occur in any refrigerator. The Samsung refrigerator is no different. It is similar to the Kenmore refrigerator not cooling. The Samsung refrigerator will not be cool if there are any complications along the road.

If it fails or ceases operating, it will have a direct influence on the Samsung refrigerator. So, you must examine the evaporator motor carefully. Check to see if it’s pulling cold air and how it’s moving about the fridge.


This is another component that will need to be fixed or replaced. Otherwise, any additional changes made to the fridge, including changing the coils, will be insufficient.

So, if you replace the evaporator motor and find a suitable replacement. It will produce the desired level of cooling.

I’ve compiled a list of excellent evaporator motor replacements for your Samsung refrigerator here:

Product 1
Product 2

I hope this information aids you in selecting an appropriate motor!

Reason 2: Evaporator Fan

If the fridge isn’t cooling adequately, it may not be operating properly. This might be due to lack of proper sizing of the evaporative cooler duct. Even if the compressor is operating, the refrigerator is not chilling. The followers are frequently the subject of discussion.

You may hear screaming or chirping from within the fridge when the cooling fan fails. If the refrigerator door is opened, the noise will become even louder. An extractor fan that isn’t working properly might cause this.


To begin, disconnect the refrigerator from the power source. Reconnect the fridge once all of the ice has defrosted. If it’s operating now, the ice was probably caused by a defective defrost timer.

Reason 3: Compressor Problems

Most folks aren’t aware of this. But, the compressor is one of the most crucial components of a refrigerator. 

It’s the glue that holds everything together. When your refrigerator isn’t operating properly, there are some things you should look into. To determine if it’s a compressor problem.


Check what happens if you disconnect it from the power socket for two hours. After that, reconnect it to check whether the compressor kicks on. If it occurs, the problem is certainly due to the compressor overheating.

Engage an expert to assist us with the appliance in this circumstance. Don’t advocate self-testing any electrical issues.

Reason 4: Regulate Temperature

You should spend some time outside the fridge adjusting the temperature. This is a typical problem in hotter regions or areas with high summer temperatures. This will have an effect if it pertains to the kitchen where the fridge is installed.


Even a perfectly functional refrigerator will cease working at 100 percent at certain temperatures. This is why you need to keep the temperature under control for food safety. If you do so you can get the most out of you both inside and outside the refrigerator.

It’s best to set it up at room temperature so that the fridge works properly.

Reason 5: Condenser Coils

You’re undoubtedly aware that your refrigerator is equipped with a sealed mechanism. It also includes the condenser coils. They cool it down by releasing heat outside of it. The condenser coils have the specialized job of releasing heat that has accumulated within the refrigerator. 

The condenser’s condensing coils can occasionally create a little quantity of moisture. It has a proclivity for collecting dust and grime. The more this accumulates on the coils, the more work they must do. To keep a constant temperature.

This can put a lot of strain on the system as a whole. This will allow it to operate for many more hours.


Though keeping your kitchen pristine and your gadgets sparkling, dust will build in the air. It will most likely stick to the coils of your refrigerator. Unplug your refrigerator and remove the protective grill to clean the condenser coils. 

Cleaning your refrigerator’s coils might be a difficult process like cleaning the refrigerator’s water line. Manufacturers sell a brush designed specifically for this function. But it isn’t required. The objective is to clear enough dust from the coils to improve their efficiency. 

Using a hoover with a brush connection is the easiest method to achieve this. Attached to reduce the chance of the coils being damaged. After you’ve completed this, your refrigerator should operate more efficiently.

If somehow the problem persists after you’ve exhausted all of the aforementioned options, you should seek expert help. It’s possible that you won’t be able to find a solution.


Question: Why is my Samsung fridge running but not cooling?

Answer: Dirty seals can create holes wide enough to let warm air through, reducing cooling efficiency. Clean any filthy seals or frost buildup around the gasket as soon as possible. 

Question: Why is my fridge light on but not cold?

Answer: If the fridge isn’t cooling adequately, it may not be operating properly. It’s probable that the problem is caused by a broken evaporator fan. If the compressor is on but the refrigerator isn’t cooling, there’s a problem. 

Question: Why won’t my Samsung freezer get cold?

Answer: Check the freezer door seal isn’t worn out if your Samsung freezer isn’t cooling. The seals along the doors may wear down with time, allowing warm air through.


Now you know the reasons and fixes behind your Samsung fridge not cooling but the light is on. I genuinely hope you are able to repair your refrigerator without difficulty!

If you are unsure about doing these tests or repairs yourself, contact a professional refrigerator expert. 

Wishing you all the best!