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Can You Use A Self Leveling Compound On Plywood? [Question Solved]

It’s really common to end up with an unleveled floor while flooring. That’s where the self-leveling compound comes in. It’s so easy to use that even DIY enthusiasts can do it themselves. But before you start, there are some issues that might confuse you. 

Can you use a self leveling compound on plywood? 

It’s absolutely possible. A self-leveling compound is a polymer-based concrete that can level pretty much anything. To use this on plywood, you’ve to get rid of all dirt and debris. Use a floor primer to coat the entire floor afterward. Get the right portion of water and self-leveling compound. Mix them using a paddle or electric mixer. Pour the mix into the unleveled area late on. 

Anyhow, this was just a quick glimpse of the whole procedure. If you wish to get some light on the compound and how to use them, read along!

Why You Should Use Self-Leveling Concrete

You should always know about the pros and cons before using something. For example, the pros and cons of duct boards can tell you what to avoid. 

Can You Use A Self Leveling Compound On Plywood? [Question Solved] 1

Self-leveling concrete has more advantages than disadvantages. It was made to get rid of leveling problems while giving minimum effort. Here goes a list of the certain reasons why you should use self-leveling concrete-

Doesn’t Require Too Much Water

Water is a problem when it comes to mixing cement. You always have to make sure you’re mixing the correct amount. 

But self-leveling concrete doesn’t require too much water. As a result, overmixing water with concrete is not an option on your plate.

Can Be Used On Multiple Floors

This compound is one of the most versatile mixes that are compatible with almost anything. It’s also super strong by itself. 

Surfaces like ceramic tiles, plywood, or planks can use this as a leveling option. It will easily sit and bond with them. 

Extreme Resistance Against Mold Growth

Mold can easily grow in wet conditions. The self-leveling compound has high resistance against mold growth. It stays dry even in winter weather. 

Prepare Plywood Flooring For Self-leveling Concrete

Can You Use A Self Leveling Compound On Plywood? [Question Solved] 2

You can’t just pour self-leveling concrete on plywood. It’s not the same as applying epoxy grout

There are some preparations to do first. Let’s have a look-

Step-1: Get Rid of Dirt & Debris

Plywood flooring can have a lot of debris hanging around. You’ve to get rid of all the dirt and debris first. 

Get a broom to get rid of debris from the flooring area. Sweep as much dirt as you can. The cleaner the floor, the better the result will be. 

Step-2: Fill the Cracks

You can now look for any holes or gaps on those plywood sheets. Inspect thoroughly to make sure no gaps are being overlooked. 

Get a crack filler for plywood from the nearest store. They are cheap and easy to afford. Fill in all the holes. 

Speaking of wood fillers, here are some of our recommendations- 

Wood filler 1
Wood filler 2

You can now choose whichever you like and get started! 

Step-3: Apply a Floor Primer 

Plywood requires a floor primer to be smooth. It’s used to increase the adhesion of the plywood. 

It also can reduce the chances of creating bubbles while coating. Other than that, it provides increased water, heat, and chemical resistance. 

Cover the entire floor with a single coat of primer. You can use a paint roller to minimize time and effort. Use a brush to coat on the smaller areas such as corners. 

Remember that white paints as the primer aren’t good for flooring. It has many reasons and that’s why other colors are used. 

Here are our top picks regarding floor primers- 

Primer 1
Primer 2

Choose whichever you prefer and get your floor primed! 

Step-4: Mark the Unleveled Areas

When the primer has dried completely, get a straight edge. It can be anything as long as it’s long and straight.

If any area is lower than other areas both horizontally and vertically, mark it. You can use pencils or markers to mark the area. 

Apply The Self Leveling Concrete Mix

Can You Use A Self Leveling Compound On Plywood? [Question Solved] 3

All the preparations are done. If you have reached this far, congratulations. We only have a little bit more to do. 

Step-1: Mix the Concrete

To mix the concrete, you’re going to need a bucket and a paddle mixer. You can also use a mixing drill. Manage them and you can get started. 

Pour an adequate amount of water and mix the leveling compound. Use the paddle mixer or the drill afterward to create a viscous mixture. 

If the mixture isn’t too dense, add some water. 

Speaking of self-leveling compounds, here’s what we recommend-

Self-leveling Compound 1
Self-leveling Compound 2

Pick whichever you like more and you can start mixing! 

Step-2: Apply the Mixture 

In this step, you’re going to need a trowel and a straight edge. Pour the mixture on the low spots that you marked. 

Use the straight edge to level it properly. Move it back and forth. Use the trowel to level the edges of the area. 

There are many ways of leveling concrete. It mostly depends on what situations you’re facing. 

You’re almost done. After applying, clean all the tools that you used in the procedure. Because concrete takes 30 minutes to get hard. 

If this method seems complex to you, don’t hesitate to call the experts. Just give a call to the nearest service and they’ll surely help you. 


Question: How much does a 50 lb bag of self-leveler cover?

Answer: A self-leveling concrete can cover a huge area. A 50 lb bag of concrete can cover at least 40 square feet. But the concrete has to be ⅛” thick. 

Question: Does self-leveling concrete crack?

Answer: Self-leveling concrete can often last for years. Only if they are properly applied and distributed evenly. Otherwise, they might start to crack after 4-5 months. 

Question: Can you pour self-leveling concrete twice?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible to pour self-leveler concrete twice. But you’ve to apply the floor primer again. Apply the 2nd batch of self-leveler on it later on. 

Final Words

That was everything we could gather on can you use self leveling compound on plywood. Hopefully, you’ve found the solutions that you were looking for! 

Finally, best of luck out there!