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How to Stop a Grandfather Clock from Chiming [5 Absolute Methods]

The chiming sound of a grandfather clock is enough to ruin your night’s sleep. It also gets annoying after a while.

You might be looking for a way to stop the chiming.

How to stop a grandfather clock from chiming?

There are many ways to stop your grandfather clock from chiming. You can stop it by turning on the silent chiming lever. Or you can just remove the pendulum from the clock. If you want to stop it only at night, you also have that option as well. There’s a separate configuration for that.

That’s just a quick overview. We have more to share with you.

Let’s go through our article to know more about them!

5 Methods to Stop a Grandfather Clock from Chiming

Now you want to stop chiming in your grandfather clock. But how do you do it? It’s not like any other electrical problems in the house. This is mechanical.

Well, there are several ways. But as we’ve said, they may vary from clock to clock due to their configuration. So you need to find out if they can be applicable to your clock too.

Let’s start:

Method 1: Chiming Deactivation Lever

In many grandfather clocks, there is a feature to deactivate the chiming process. The feature is a lever that acts as a switch. They are like grandfather clock chime silencers.

There can be many names for this lever like, “Don’t Chime”, “Chime Silence”, “Silence”, etc. You need to select it or turn it on to stop the chiming process. 

Wait, let me tell you something. 

You won’t find the level in the settings. You’ll find it on the clock’s face. In many cases, they are on the right and left side.

Turn the option on.

Method 2: Chiming Silent Option Only for Night

For stopping the chiming at night, you can adopt this method.

Like the chiming deactivation lever, there is also a lever to deactivate the chime at night. They are also in different names like, “ ANSO (Automatic Night Shut-Off)”, “Night Off”, etc.

You also need to turn the option on. Generally, the chiming stops here from 10 pm. Then it remains paused till morning like 6 am, 7 am, etc. It depends on the configuration of the clock. 

Method 3: Removal of Pendulum

Removing the pendulum can be a permanent solution to the chiming problem.

Many grandfather clocks have a pendulum for chiming. Just by removing the pendulum, chiming will stop in your grandfather clock. But it’s not that easy. You need to be careful while removing the pendulum. 

To remove the pendulum, you need to stop the pendulum from swinging first. Be careful while doing this.

There is a suspension spring or a pendulum guide. It works to hold the pendulum to the clock. Detach the pendulum from there slowly and easily.

Now stuff the pendulum in a bubble wrap or in a foam sheet. So you should take better care of it.

Method 4: Removal of Weights

If there is no pendulum in your clock, then some weights may operate the chiming. There are many weights in a grandfather clock for many operations.

First find the weights which operate chiming. Don’t confuse them with other weights. Normally the weight is the heaviest of all of them.

Now you need to remove the weight from your grandfather clock. For that , you’ll need to wind the clock. Winding the clock without a key can make the situation complicated.

There are two hanging systems for weights. They are chains and cable. 

In the case of the chain system, pull the chains above. Do it until the weights come halfway upwards. Now tie them with wire. Remove the desired weight.

In the case of a cable hanging system, tie the cables with packing tape. Then wind the weight of the clock and open the weight from the pulleys.

After removing them, make the chains and cables untie like back again. And pack the weight carefully in a bubble wrap. 

Method 5: Disable a Part of Chiming System

Can’t find your desired solution from the ways above?

Lucky you, here I am with one last method at my disposal. So, let’s expose the last method.

In most cases, you can find a bell in the chiming system. If you remove the bell, the chiming will stop. For that, you need to understand how people make bells?

If there is not any bell, take away any part of the machine so that it doesn’t chime again. 

Now you know all the possible ways to stop chiming in a grandfather clock. Go through the ways one by one to find your solution.

A Must-Have Precaution Before Stopping Chiming

There is a reminder for you that you must know. Do not follow the above steps while the clock is in the chiming phase. Otherwise, it’ll damage your clock.

There is a chime sequence in every grandfather clock. Wait till the clock finishes the chiming sequence. Then you need to follow the ways above till a particular time. This time also depends on the chiming sequence.

Advisors say to take steps to stop chiming 7-10 mins after the finishing of the chime sequence. It will prevent damage.

Oiling a grandfather clock is also important. Here we have recommended some oiling kits for you:

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      Product 2Horace Whitlock’s Clock Oil Kit

Clean the grandfather clock before oiling it. They will help to keep the clock running smoothly.

Here is a tip for you if you find it difficult to remove the bell. There is a clapper in the chiming machine. You can jam or use super glue to glue the clapper with the bell to stop chiming.


Question: Why do people call them grandfather clocks?

Answer: People have given this name when the song “Grandfather’s Clock” became very popular. The song became popular in 1876.

Question: What is the difference between a grandfather clock and a grandmother clock?

Answer: Well, the difference is in the size and height. The taller and heavier one is the grandfather clock. Another one is the grandmother clock.

Question: Why are grandfather clocks so expensive?

Answer: The reason is high labor and excellent skill to make them. A grandfather clock is a great masterpiece. So craftsmen work so hard to make them.

Wrapping up

That’s all my friend. Hope you know now how to stop a grandfather clock from chiming.

If you don’t want to risk damaging the clock, then take help from an expert. Take care of the grandfather clock and clean it regularly.

Until then, all the best!