How to Find Studs Behind Aluminum Siding

how to find studs behind aluminum siding

Got a stud finder to start locating those studs behind aluminum siding? It’s not as simple as it seems. The outside wall is significantly thicker than the inside wall. Also, layers of wire mesh, insulation, and vapor barrier make it difficult for the sensor to work.The question is, how to find studs behind aluminum siding?Weather … Read more

Fiberglass Duct Board vs Sheet Metal: Who Beats Who?

fiberglass duct board vs sheet metal

Selecting the best material for your HVAC unit is quite crucial. Because a wrong decision might require you to remove the whole unit. Most people end up confused with the last two possible options: fiberglass duct board vs sheet metal. Without a proper head-to-head comparison, it’s quite tough to declare the best one.Sheet metal is quite … Read more

Which Thinset For 12×24 Porcelain Tile [Explained]

thinset for 12x24 porcelain tile

Deciding between an adhesive for your new tile can be a real headache! But if you’re already leaning towards installing porcelain tile with thinset. Then, you’re off to a good start. Thinking about which thinset for 12×24 porcelain tile?For this, firstly you’ve to pick a color that best suits your needs. After that, you can decide … Read more

Safe Way to Put New Siding over Asbestos Siding

safe way to put new siding over asbestos siding

Putting new siding over asbestos siding can be pretty complicated. That’s why it’s important to know the proper way to do it. What is the safe way to put new siding over asbestos siding? You’ve to paint your asbestos siding. Then move onto adding the plastic sheeting. You’ve to nail the sheeting down on the exterior wall … Read more

How to Insulate Ductwork in Garage: The Perfect Guide

how to insulate ductwork in garage

Uninsulated ductwork can be a barrier to getting your cozy home. It funks up your garage’s temperature balance. And let’s not forget about the humongous bill you’re slapped with.Naturally, the question arises, how to insulate ductwork in garage?Before going for insulation, you’ve got to get your tools. Now, put some thought into choosing the insulating … Read more

Flashing Between Brick and Siding: What You Need To Know

flashing between brick and siding

Is water leaking from your living room wall because of your builder’s mistake? We can understand your rage and tension. But if you want to control the damage, you need to come forward and deal with it. Probably wondering, if you can install flashing between brick and siding? Yes, it’s possible. Installing flashing is considered to be … Read more

Siding Directly on Studs: Everything You Need to Know

siding directly on studs

Planning whether to build an unheated garage space or not? Probably, you’re inspired by some old houses. But should you use last century’s building practices today? We don’t think it’s a wise choice.Now you must be wondering should you install siding directly on studs? No, you shouldn’t put siding directly on the studs. It can hamper the … Read more

Rotten Plywood Under Siding: Everything You Should Know

rotten plywood under siding

Did you just find out that the plywood under your siding is rotten? We can understand your worries as a homeowner. But you can try to solve this issue by yourself.Probably, you’re confused about how to remove the rotten plywood under siding? Firstly, you must detect the problem, by applying the screwdriver method. Check if the … Read more