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3 Common Wall-Hung Toilet Problems And Their Quick Fixes!

You recently renovated your house and installed wall-hung toilets.

But you notice them showing a few problems.

Wondering what to do to fix these? Well, we have the thing!

How to troubleshoot wall-hung toilet problems?

To fix the problem, you first have to identify them. The toilet might be loose from the wall. Or you might face a water leaking problem. At times you might even see that the toilet might be running constantly.

This was just the overview of the problems. To know about the solutions, dive into our detailed segment on this!

Common Wall Hung Toilet Problems & Their Solutions

3 Common Wall-Hung Toilet Problems And Their Quick Fixes! 1

3 common problems occur in a hung toilet. We have them listed below along with their solutions. 

Let’s get to it!

Problem 1 of 3: Toilet Feels Loose From The Wall

You often feel your wall-hung toilet is off when you sit on it. It might feel loose or jiggly.

This might happen due to the toilet not being installed properly in the first place.  But once you detect this problem you have to fix it sooner rather than later. Or it might lead to numerous other issues.

The toilet already contains a lot of bacteria. If this problem continues, the water might leak, spreading harmful germs.


To fix this problem, you’ll have to reinstall your toilet again.

You can do it yourself if you think you have the skills. With the assistance of a helping hand, you can install it smoothly.

If you’re unsure about installing it, you can always call a plumber. But first, verify if the plumber is qualified and licensed. This will provide you with the assurance that it’ll be installed right this time. 

Problem 2 of 3:  Constant Water Running After You Flush

3 Common Wall-Hung Toilet Problems And Their Quick Fixes! 2

If you hear that the water is running constantly, then it’s a significant problem. Firstly because you’ll be wasting a ton of water, secondly, it’ll affect the flush of your toilet as it’ll not be able to store enough water for flushing.

Here you have to make some simple adjustments to the ballcock and float. Or replace it to resolve the issue. Trust me this is worse than your toilet flushing now and then!


For this, you’ll have to start by removing the tank cover. Take a screwdriver and adjust the ballcock and float. Then twist them to loosen them up. And adjust the height until you see that the constant water flowing stops. Then twist it again to tighten it!

If the adjustment doesn’t fix your problem, you must remove and replace the float and ballcock! You can purchase these two from any hardware store. 

To make this easier for you, we have a few recommendations:

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Danco 80816 Complete Toilet Repair Kit Fill ValveCheck Current Price

These are one of the most recommended ones in the market! You can try these out. Trust me these won’t disappoint you!

If this continues, it might cause further problems. You might splash water on your seat, which can cause black soot

Problem 3 of 3: Water Leaking Into The Wall

3 Common Wall-Hung Toilet Problems And Their Quick Fixes! 3

Sometimes you’ll notice the water leaks into the wall when you flush. This usually happens because of poor plumbing connectivity or internal leaks.

You better act fast now! Because if you don’t, the water might leak into the wall and damage it. Hurry up before it reaches the wall through the waterproofing membrane!


Start by turning off the toilet’s water supply. This solution has a few options you’ll have to try from. After each solution, turn the water back on and check if there’s a leak!

The toilet bowl might be loosened. So, start by tightening the bolts of the toilet bowl. Securing this will turn off the water leak. If this doesn’t solve your problem, move onto the next one.

Check for cracks using color drops in the toilet. Just drop a couple of drops in the tank. And the color will collect on the cracks.  In such an instance, you have to replace the entire toilet.

Secondly, you can check for a loose connection in the water supply line. Therefore, tighten the line with a wrench and it’ll stop the leak.

Next, you can check the braided hose section. See if you notice any cracks. If you do, then remove the water supply line and replace it. 

If the leak is still there, the wax seal under the toilet might be damaged. So, take off the bolt connecting the toilet bowl to the wall. You’ll need someone to help you with the process to prevent damage. 

It might also create problems with the water regulator. This is due to the overuse of water.

That’ll be all from us. Now, try out these fixes to solve your problem.


Do wall-mounted toilets have a weight limit?

Yes, and the minimum weight limit is 500 pounds. This is according to the national standard. Besides this, it also depends on the built-in support and other factors.

Do wall-hung toilets save space?

Wall-hung toilets can save you a ton of space. It can save as much as 10 inches if you move the tank into the wall. And you can also adjust the bowl itself. 

What is the standard height for a wall-hung toilet?

The standard height for a wall-hung toilet is 14.5 inches, from the floor to the bowl’s rim. And this is excluding the seat’s measurement. You can also opt for 16 inches or higher according to your comfort.