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What Causes Black Soot on Toilet Seats: 3 Common Reasons

The toilet seats get visited by people every day. And it needs to be sparkly clean when it’s being used. However, from time to time you may find some unwanted black soot lying there.

What causes this yucky black soot on toilet seat in the first place?

There are 3 reasons behind this unwanted guest. Like hard water, fumes from the gas burner and ac, and a blasted pipe. However, the black soot can be removed by a cup of bleach and some good old fashioned scrubs.

Now, this was only the surface of the answer. We have a lot more stored for you. So, why don’t we take a look at them?

The mystery behind black soot on the toilet seat

Despite being a small place, there’s a number of subtle factors when it comes to maintaining a washroom. Like you need to have an idea of the right distance between rainshower head and wall. Or how to get rid of black soot.

As for today, we’ll help you deal with the black soot.

But before we start we’ll let you know that the soots can be removed in a few minutes. So, don’t worry too much about them. For the time being let’s look at the causes for these black monsters.

Reason 1: Splashes of hard water

The number one reason behind black soot is hard water. Now, you might wonder what hard water is. And no it’s not made out of steel or anything.

Hard water is simply water that contains a lot of minerals and irons. So, how exactly does hard water cause black soot?

Well, it happens because the iron mixes with oxygen and forms a black substance. And yes this black substance is the black soot that you see.

Reason 2: Fumes from the gas burners

Another thing that plays a role in the formation of black soot is fumes. Now, you’ll find that the gas burners release the most fumes. This happens when you cook something or when the fireplace turns on automatically.

Now, dealing with the fume is quite a hard task. However, you can detect this very easily.

That’s because when this happens you’ll notice an odd smell coming from the fireplace. While the odor can be eliminated the black soot can be quite hard to deal with.

But how do the fumes travel all the way from the kitchen to the washroom?

Well, you see, the toilet seats are made from plastic. Since the plastics get charged very easily they attract all the fumes from the kitchen and cover itself with soot.

Reason 3: A burst pipe of the gas burners

One more reason for the black soot is a busted pipe. Now, the gas burners do not only cause the walls to get hot it also causes black soot to form when its pipe bursts.

You see, this happens because the pipes contain a lot of fumes. And once the pipe blasts off the fumes escape their prison. Once that happens the toilet seats attract them because they are made of plastic.

So, even though the burner is not placed inside the washroom it can still cause black soot on the toilet seats.

And at the end of you see black soot all over your toilet seat.

How to efficiently remove black soot from the toilet seat

No matter why you see black soot there’s only one solution to this problem. All you have to do is take out a cup of bleach from the cupboard.

Then mix it thoroughly in some warm water. You see, this will create a great solution to act against the black soot.

Then you can pour it on the toilet seat. And then scrub using a bathroom scrubber. Now, for this, you might have to scrub the toilet for 10 to 15 minutes.

That’s because the black soot is quite stubborn. They don’t want to leave that easily. However, once they are out of the picture you can stop scrubbing.

And with that, you’ll find that the toilet seat is back to being clean and sparkly.


Question: Can black soot be harmful?

Answer: Black soot is considered to be harmful because it is created due to incomplete combustion. So, when we inhale them it causes problems in the lungs.

Question: What causes soot on plastic?

Answer: The plastic can become statically charged. That’s why they attract all the fumes from the house and cause soot.

Question: What does black soot look like?

Answer: Black soot usually appears similar to dust. However, they are denser than dust.

Parting words

Well, that’s all the reasons for finding black soot on toilet seats. We hope you identified your main culprit by now.

And if you did you can take action against that monster. With that said and done, we’ll say goodbye here.

Stay safe. Have a nice day. Adios!