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How to Get Window Clings to Stick: A Three-Step Guide

You finally find the perfect cling to decorate your window. After buying it, you face some difficulty not getting it to stick to your window. An annoying predicament, huh? We get you. 

That’s why we’re here to help you say goodbye to a dull-looking home and welcome a stylish one instead.

How can you get your window clings to stick?

Start off by cleaning the window where you’d put your window cling. Then mark the area of your window where you’d like to attach it. Finally, all you need to do is align the sticker accordingly and clean the window to remove any marks.

Yes, it’s that simple. So, let’s now dive in deeper to learn the ways you can stick window clings to your windows.

How to Stick Window Clings

Unfortunately, sticking window clings is not as simple as pinning aprons to stop them from tangling. But hey, we got your back, so there’s nothing to worry about! Follow these three simple steps below to find out how you can properly stick window clings to walls and windows.

Step 1 of 3: Cleaning the Window

Guess what, a static window cling uses static electricity to stick to windows instead of adhesives. So, if your window is not clean, it won’t stick. Moisture and dirt will be getting in your way while attaching them. 

So, to clean your windows, take a brush to remove the specks of dust and dirt gathered there. If you’re allergic to dust, don’t forget to wear a mask beforehand!

Keep note, if there is still some dust left, it’ll only make the area muddier when you spray the window with a cleaner. 

After you’re done brushing off the dust, spray a chemical solution on the window generously. Then, clean the window with a fresh piece of cloth. It’s better if you use a microfiber cloth for a more efficient absorption of water.

DIY Chemical Solution

You didn’t think a cleaning solution would come in handy for attaching window clings, now did you? You’re in for a bigger surprise once you find out that cleaning solutions are used even for the purpose of removing melted plastic from roaster pans

Okay, now that you’ve had your fair share of surprises, you’re facing the trouble of not having any cleaning solution at your home, huh?

Don’t worry, this DIY cleaning solution will surely help you clean the windows and get your window clings to stick better.


Here are all the required tools needed to clean the window:


To make your own chemical solution, pour 2 drops of your dish soap in 1.5 cups of water. Next, stir to mix it well. Finally, pour the solution inside a spraying bottle and it’s ready to use! Simple, huh?

Step 2 of 3: Marking the Fixed Area

If you think removing candle wax from sink is tough then you’re in for a  surprise, buddy. Because it’s just as much as a hassle to re-stick the window cling.

This is why the next step is crucial if you want to avoid this problem. Choose the area of the window where you’ll attach the cling and mark that exact spot. Oh, don’t forget to use a washable marker so you can clean off the marks later on. 

Step 3 of 3: Aligning and Attaching the Cling

After marking the area, place the window cling by aligning it with the mark. All you need to do now is press the static window cling against the window so that it attaches consistently. 

Guess what, if there are water droplets on wet windows, they’ll create bubbles inside the window clings. That’ll stop the clings from sticking uniformly to the windows.

You’ll be surprised to know that even if the window is dry, moisture can also create bubbles and stop the window clings from sticking to cold windows properly. So this is where a squeegee will come to your rescue!

Choosing the right kind of squeegee for this work is very important. So, buddy if you’re in for removing some bubbles, then a square-shaped squeegee will be your biggest ally!

All you have to do now is press the window clings firmly against the wall using the squeegee to remove any lingering bubbles. Finally, clean the areas where you’ve marked before attaching the cling and you’re all done! 


Question: How long will a window cling last?
Answer: For indoor windows, clings last for around 6 months. But outdoor window clings can last for only a few days.

Question: Do window clings go inside or outside?
Answer: It’s completely up to you! But we suggest you place it in a way where it doesn’t have much contact with dirt and dust. 

Question: Can I stick my window clings in mirrors?
Answer: Of course you can! Any clean mirror and metal will have long-lasting results for static window clings. 


That’s all from us. Following these tricks will help window clings stick to your windows perfectly. Don’t be shy to let us know about your window’s new look!

Good luck!