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Washing Aprons Without Tangling [5 Easy Hacks]

Tired of untangling your apron strings after every wash? We feel you. It’s like separating rice from chaff. Quite frustrating, isn’t it? 

But don’t let your frustration back you down. We’re here to help you prevent this. So how to wash aprons without tangling?

Use pillowcases, mesh bags, and best of all, tie the strings up. Moreover, try hand washing your aprons to avoid them getting tangled.

That’s not all, we’ve crafted easy and detailed methods to avoid tangling. So jump right into the article.

Washing Aprons Without Tangling: 5 Mandatory Laundry Hacks

A lot of your time may have been wasted while untangling your aprons. But we are here with easy solutions. We’re pretty sure, we’ll make your life easier with these 5 easy hacks to prevent your aprons from twisting after every wash. Without further ado, let’s dive into these crazy yet effective ideas to level up your laundry game.

Hack 1 of 5: Use A Pillowcase

Create a makeshift laundry bag using a pillowcase. An easy way to do this is by tying its neck using a rubber band or a string. Throw the pillowcase into your washing machine and wait till it comes out. Once it’s out, let them dry.

Your aprons will definitely come out untangled but I’m afraid they won’t be as clean as you thought. If you only want to escape the untangling process, this one’s for you. 

But if you want your aprons good as new, move on to the next hack.

Hack 2 of 5: Use A Mesh Laundry Bag 

This one’s an excellent way to keep your aprons from jumbling up. All you need to do is put the aprons inside a mesh laundry bag and throw them in. 

So, how’s this different from the pillowcase hack? 

Well, it’s because the mesh bag will do two things at the same time. It’ll hold onto the strings for you. Again, the tiny holes in it will allow the detergent to really penetrate into the cloth. Hence, cleaning the aprons to your satisfaction. How amazing is that? 

By the way, here are our top choices of mesh laundry bags suitable for tossing into a washing machine:

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Hack 3 of 5: Tie Your Apron Strings

Before starting, let me ask you a question. Can you tie shoelaces? No, I’m not talking about all those fancy knots and everything. At this point, you’ll only need to know the basics of shoe lacing.

So if you know how to tie shoelaces, it’s time to make use of that skill. Once you’ve tied them, just put them into your machine and wash them. Keep them tied until the wash and dry cycle is over to avoid tangling. 

In case you’re asking yourself the question, “What if the tie opens up during the wash?” or “How to tie apron strings?”.

Well, we’ve got you covered, buddy. Here’s the best method to securely tie the strings:

  • Tie an overhand knot at the center with all 4 strands as one
  • Instead of pulling the end free, leave it as a little loop 
  • Tighten the beginning of the knot around the loop 

This will hold throughout the wash and dry cycle and release easily.

Hack 4 of 5: Pin Your Aprons

If you’re still not satisfied with tying your apron strings, you can go ahead and pin them with a safety pin. Simply attach the strings with the pockets. This is much easier than getting window clings to stick.  It will stay there and avoid tangling. 

But make sure to use a strong pin to secure in place. You don’t want a broken pin to come out and tangled clothes to come out of your machine.

Hack 5 of 5: Hand Wash The Aprons

Now, washing aprons is not much of a herculean task so don’t be afraid to perform some manual labor. This is the best way to keep your apron clean and avoid tangling. 

Using a machine to wash stubborn dirt from your aprons could be difficult just like removing melted plastic from the roaster pan. But hand washing the aprons will help you remove all sorts of stains. So this is a bonus for you.

Quick Tip 

Untangling clothes can be pretty annoying, like trying to get plastic cups unstuck. But if you know the right method, you can avoid it.

We often load up our washing machine with piles of clothes to save time and that’s where we go wrong. 

You see, a big pile of clothes calls for tangled clothes and dirt. Putting smaller loads avoids tangling. Even if it doesn’t entirely untangle after the wash, it makes the process easier. 

So throw in a smaller load of clothes while washing and this will save you a lot of trouble. 


Question: How do my clothes get tangled in the washer?
Answer: Tangled and knotted clothes are usually the results of improper wash load. Avoid putting too many or too few clothes into the washer so they don’t tangle.

Question: Can my aprons get stuck in the washer?
Answer: If you overload the washer with clothes, your apron string may pull it towards the machine tub and get stuck inside the pump.

Question: Can the washer remove all stains from my aprons?
Answer: Hand washing aprons is the best possible way to remove stains no matter how stubborn they are.


Laundry itself can be quite a boring task and when you see your aprons getting tangled, it really gets annoying. But not anymore as our article will enlighten you on how to wash aprons without tangling.

Implement these hacks and you’ll find yourself saved from having a tangled mess of aprons.