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Do You Need 6/3 Wire For A Hot Tub? [Problem Solved]

Every human craves refreshment. What can provide refreshment after a tiring day? A nice warm bath. A hot tub can definitely provide you that. But you’re not sure about the 6/3 wiring instructions.

Do you need 6/3 wire for a hot tub?

Yes, you will need 6/3 wire to do the wiring of a hot tub. To wire the hot tub, turn off the main breaker first. Turn off the wire control panel of the tub afterward. Once done, wire the tub panel to the breaker panel. Inspect the tub after that and that’s it. 

The above information can’t be enough for you. That’s why we started from the basics and provided how to wire your hot tub. 

Let’s not waste any more time here and see for yourself what’s below.

4 Steps On How To Wire Your Hot Tub

Do You Need 6/3 Wire For A Hot Tub? [Problem Solved] 1

A hot tub is one of the ways to relax after a busy day. But it must be wired in accordance with strict electrical standards. 

You also need to wear safety gloves while doing this task. You can use the same nitrile gloves used for attaching your duct board plenums to the air handler. Because these types of gloves are made for technical work. 

Moreover, before we move on to steps, you should do another thing-

Install a manual disconnect device, often known as a tub panel. It should be installed between the electrical breaker panel in your home and the tub.

These steps will guide if you want to wire your hot tub-

Step 1: Turn Off The Main Breaker 

Do You Need 6/3 Wire For A Hot Tub? [Problem Solved] 2

Before wiring, a hot tub, like with any other electrical device, simply observes local codes. Consult an expert electrician as well regarding this. 

It’s a must to have the wiring inspected beforehand. This is for your safety purposes. 

Now, let’s get to work. Begin by turning off the main breaker for your house.

Here are some breakers if you need any just in case:

Siemens QF240A Circuit BreakerCheck Latest Price
Siemens QPF2 GFCI Circuit BreakerCheck Latest Price

Step 2: Prepare Your Hot Tub Control Panel

The 6/3 wire with thermoplastic nylon insulation is recommended for hot tub wiring. Avoid using aluminum wire. Because aluminium wiring is dangerous. The copper wire size recommended for hot tubs is 6 AWG. 

Begin at the LB fitting. You have to use the fish tape to drag the wires from the LB fitting to the tub panel. Allow at least 6 inches of wire to hang from the tub panel. 

Furthermore, push the wires through the LB fitting and into the house to the breaker panel. That will leave at least 6 inches of additional wire dangling. 

Do You Need 6/3 Wire For A Hot Tub? [Problem Solved] 3

When wiring the panel, make sure to follow the directions that came with your tub panel. Pull the wire through the conduit from the tub panel to the tub’s control panel. 

Again use the fish tape to do so. Allow at least 6 inches of excess wiring at either end.

To begin, connect the wires that lead to the hot tub. Connect the red, white, and black wires to the GFCI breaker’s bottom. Once done, you need to attach the grounding wire that’s green to the ground bar.

Connect the wires from the breaker panel now. It’s time to attach both the black and red wires now. They should be attached to the breaker feed lugs that’s on the top of the breaker. 

Again connect the white wire to the neutral bar on the line. Connect the ground bar with the green grounding wire afterward.

Now, you might not have a conduit. In that case, you can easily install the conduit by drilling a hole in the tub’s toe kick. 

Here are some 6 AWG wire:

WINDYNATION 6 AWG Cable WireCheck Current Price
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This step might take more time than the other steps. But no worries it’s still less than the time for retiling your shower

Step 3: Wire Your Hot Tub Panel To Your Breaker Panel

Do You Need 6/3 Wire For A Hot Tub? [Problem Solved] 4

Confirm that the main breaker is turned off and that no electricity is available.

Be careful even if the main breaker is turned off. Because the power company’s lines may remain active. That’s why when operating in the breaker box, take caution.

Connect the red and black wires to a 240V double-pole GFCI circuit breaker. If the hot tub is new then the circuit breaker should be labeled.

Step 4: Have The Hot Tub Inspected

Now, If the hot tub is completely empty. Then you won’t be able to tell if it’s working properly. There still might be something wrong with it. 

Seeing the used tub in action will give you a better idea. You will be able to identify potential leaks and jet power problems. Moreover, other types of flaws that may cause problems in the future can be identified too.

That’s why it’s important to power and fill your hot tub after wiring it. This way you’ll know if it’s working in the correct manner. 

Furthermore, call the electrical inspector to schedule a wiring examination. Because it is important to know that you haven’t backstabbed a wire. But if you have, you need to remove the backstabbed wire.

If your hot tub wiring has now passed the inspection, fill your hot tub with water. You can now sit back and relax.

Because hot tub wiring requires knowledge of local codes and electrical equipment. So, hire an experienced electrician.

You just have to follow the steps one by one. Only then will you be able to wire your hot tub correctly. Otherwise, you can always take professional help.


Question: What wire size do I require for a 220 hot tub?

Answer: 4 wire connection from your main circuit breaker panel is required for all 220v tubs. A GFCI disconnect breaker panel must be located at least 5 feet from the tub. Most hot tubs can be powered by 50 amp and 2 pole main circuit breakers. A 60 amp breaker is required by some hot tub manufacturers.

Question: Is a 100 amp service adequate for a hot tub?

Answer: The average home has a 100-200-amp service. A 200-amp service is advised if you want to use a hot tub. This way you can enjoy the proper electric heat. But If you are not a heavy user of electricity, a 100-amp service may suffice. 

Question: Is it necessary to bury hot tub wiring?

Answer: It is critical to bury the wires that connect the electrical breaker panel to your tub panel. You should bury the ones that connect the tub panel to your tub too. We understand you don’t want people to see your wires beside your hot tub. But you should avoid running the wiring beneath your hot tub. We advise you of this for your own safety.


Congratulations! You have come to the end. We hope now you know everything about 6/3 wire for a hot tub. 

Be extra careful throughout the process. Because you’re working with something that conducts electricity. 

See you soon!