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Can You Place Carpet Over an Asbestos Tile? 3 Ways for Installation

The production of asbestos was banned for its toxicity. However, some houses still own a portion of the asbestos flooring. Especially if they’re old.

If you do find some asbestos tile in your house, it’s best to look into covering it up.

Can you put carpet over an asbestos tile?

Yes, it’s possible, in some cases. There are mainly three ways you can install a carpet over an asbestos tile. First, simply use a flooring adhesive to glue the carpet. You can use the double-stick installation by using padding underneath. Or use tack strips to hammer the carpet around the room. But there are pros and cons to each method.

These are the ways to install a carpet successfully over the asbestos tile in your house. However, if you want to know further about the installation process, then read along. We’ll be discussing three easy methods of fixing the asbestos tile.

Let’s start-

Can We Put Carpet Over an Asbestos Tile? – Answered

Of course, we can! However, before we decide, we must take a look at the condition of the tiles. If the tiles are broken or crumbling, it’s better to remove the tiles right away. And if the tiles are in good shape, you can cover them up under a carpet.

You might be wondering, why should we cover it up?

Many medical journals, in the 1930s, began pointing out asbestos as a harmful substance. It was discovered later that inhaling the airborne fibers constructing the asbestos can permanently accumulate inside your body. And causing illnesses such as mesothelioma, cancer, and asbestosis.

This is why sometime around the 1970s the production of asbestos was banned. Later the ban was modified and only 1% of asbestos was allowed to be used. And since then begin the use of asbestos in vinyl tiles, roofing materials, and brake pads.

That’s why when we find asbestos flooring, it’s better we cover it. So that no fibers are in the air. Unless the tile is broken or the floor is laminated, installing a carpet would be the best way.

How To Install Carpet Over Asbestos: 3 Simple Ways

If your house is 30 years old, chances are it still has some asbestos tiles in use. But take our word, there is nothing to worry about. The first thing you need to do after finding out the asbestos is to investigate its condition. You can also use stucco to cover asbestos siding.

If it’s broken and crumbling, you need to get the tile removed as soon as possible. Because these kinds of tiles are particularly harmful to health. 

If the tiles are in good condition, simply cover them with a carpet.  This will ensure that no fiber spreads in the air. As a result, the chances of inhaling the asbestos fiber. 

There are three ways to do that. While the steps of each are simple, choose the method that’s suitable for you. Make sure you clean the asbestos tile before beginning your operation. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the three simple ways to install carpets over the asbestos tile-

Method 1: Applying Glue

If the floor is smooth and the tiles are consistent, then using this method will be the easiest. All you need to do is glue the entire carpet to the floor. Any flooring adhesive would do. 

However, we’ve got some suggestions for you, in case you’re confused:

Adhesive 1


Adhesive 2


Once you have your adhesive at hand. Apply the glue evenly on the area, and put the carpet on top. Let the glue dry for 12-20 hours.

Not only is this the easiest method, but carpet can also be removed whenever you want. So you can clean and wash the carpet anytime. If you don’t want to add a height to your floor, this is the best option for you.

Just make sure the glue is applied to all the areas properly. This way, your carpet won’t get damaged. And dust will not accumulate underneath.

Glue is the easiest and the quickest option. However, there are some drawbacks. The glue might often come off. So you’ll need to reapply every 6-12 months. Also if you don’t like carpets without padding, this might not be suitable for you.

Method 2: Doing The Double Stick Installation

This method is perfect for basement floor carpeting because the carpet will be insulated. And it’s almost similar to the first one. 

The only difference is the use of padding underneath.  For this method, you’ll need to purchase extra padding to layer under the carpet. As a result, the carpet will be more comfortable and long-lasting. 

This will give you the most comfortable result, although removing the carpet will be difficult. And as it increases the height a little, it might create problems with the thresholds or doors. The process is also time-consuming. That’s because the layers are thicker and the glue will take a lot of time to dry.

If you’re into comfortable flooring, this method is just for you! Using the glue will help you avoid using a knee kicker on the carpet. Because stretching the carpet causes damage, just like nailing over asbestos sidings.

Method 3: Using The Wood/Tack Strips

There’s another method if you don’t want to go with the above two. For this method, you’ll need to outline the perimeter of the room with tack strips. Which are basically wooden strips with nails to hold the carpet.

For this, you’ll need to put the padding first. Which will give you sufficient height. Once the padding is set correctly, you can put the carpet over it. All you need to do is tack the carpet on the nails.

This process is a lot easier to install. And the removal process is even easier. However, as this process involves stretching, it can cause damage to the asbestos tile underneath. And the carpet might also dislodge itself or lift from the strips if used frequently.

Now that you know the three ways of installing carpet. You can analyze your situation and choose one.  Be careful about the asbestos tile while working on them.


Question: How to safely remove carpet from asbestos floor tiles?
Answer: For this process, you’ll need to wear gloves, safety goggles, and a mask. Choose a corner that is furthest from the door and gently pull a corner. If there are no signs of damage underneath then keep pulling until the carpet is removed.

Question: How do you cover asbestos tiles?
Answer: Depends on the condition of the tiles. If the tiles are good, you can simply put a carpet over the asbestos tiles. Follow any of the three methods discussed above. Or you can put a layer of ceramic tile over it. However, if the tiles are not in a good condition, you’ll have to remove them as soon as possible.

Question: How do you clean asbestos floor tiles?
Answer: Cleaning asbestos tile is simple. You can use a brush or a scrub to gently dust the dirt off. Then you can use neutral floor cleaners with water. And wipe the floor with a mop or a wet vacuum.

Signing Off

Hopefully, you’ll be able to install a carpet over an asbestos tile using any of the following methods. The process is super easy but requires a little attention. 

Just make sure you check up on the tiles regularly. Best of luck with the tiles!