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How to Clean Plastic Chrome [5 Easy Methods]

Shiny and clean plastic chromed parts increase the beauty of a product. But it is hard to maintain a plastic chrome. You have to keep it clean. 

You need to clean plastic chrome regularly to keep it shiny. There are many easy procedures of cleaning plastic chrome. 

How to clean plastic chrome?

You can clean plastic chrome all by yourself. You can use home remedies. Try to use toothpaste to clean it. You can also use white vinegar or baby oil. Another effective option is to buy a chrome cleaner. Though it is a little expensive, it works very well.

We have discussed the detailed methods of cleaning plastic chrome in this article. So let’s get into the article and learn about cleaning plastic chrome.

What is Plastic Chrome?

How to Clean Plastic Chrome [5 Easy Methods] 1

Plastic Chrome is generally found in the cars and automobile sectors.

It is a coating of aluminum on plastic with a vacuum-metalized chrome finish. It is usually found in motor and automobile parts to look like real chrome parts.

Plastic chrome makes the body parts more strong and more durable. But there are many cleaners for plastic chrome. You can learn about other cleaners like abrasive cleaners.

It also makes the marks eye-catching. It is an alternative to chrome plating but much more affordable.

5 Best Ways of Cleaning Plastic Chrome

How to Clean Plastic Chrome [5 Easy Methods] 2

There are varieties of methods to keep a plastic chrome clean. You can take expert help and also can use basic household products to clean plastic chrome. 

But you can’t always apply the same procedures to clean plastic chrome which is used to clean real chromes. Because it will damage the surface. But by knowing the right process you can easily clean it.

Therefore, let’s see some of the best and easiest ways how to clean plastic chrome-

Method 1: Toothpaste Method

You can clean plastic chrome with one of the most basic things in your household. And that is toothpaste.

The alkaline particles of the toothpaste react with the surface of the plastic chrome. It removes the scratchy parts from the surface. And thus it cleans the plastic chrome.

By the following steps, you can easily clean plastic chrome:

Step 1: Spread Layer of Toothpaste

Firstly, spread a thin layer of toothpaste on the surface. Do that for the specific part. For this, you need to use opaque white toothpaste rather than using gel toothpaste.

Step 2: Rub With Cloth

After applying the toothpaste, you need to rub the toothpaste with a clean soft cloth in a circular motion. You can’t apply too much pressure otherwise it will damage the surface. Keep rubbing in this method for 2-4 minutes.

Step 3: Wipe Down

Rub for a while, then gently wipe down the toothpaste. Do it with a clean cloth. 

And you have got a clean surface of plastic chrome.

Method 2: Vinegar Method

For this process, you just need a spray bottle and white vinegar. Use some undiluted white vinegar that is distilled. This is a very common kitchen ingredient. Or you can always buy it from any nearby shops. 

You can also clean the vomit smell with white vinegar.

White Vinegar is slightly acidic which helps to clean the plastic chrome. The acidic particle of the white vinegar reacts with the surface and makes it smooth.

Step 1: Prepare Spray Bottle

First, you have to pour the white vinegar into the spray bottle. You can’t dilute the vinegar at all.

Step 2: Spray

After pouring, spray on the surface of the plastic chrome. You have to wait for a few minutes.

Step 3: Wipe Down

Then clean the surface by wiping the vinegar with a clean cloth. You can use a cotton cloth or washcloth to remove extra vinegar.

Do not keep it for a very long time. But thus you can clean the plastic chrome.

Method 3: Using Baby Oil

In this method, you need baby oil which you can find very easily. It is safer to use baby oil than other products.

Baby oil makes the surface shinier and smoother than before. You can clean stainless steel with baby oil.

Some good quality baby oils you can use are:

product 1
product 2

Baby oil doesn’t react to the surface and it is not harsh at all. So you can use it without being extra cautious and it cleans the plastic chrome properly. Try using olive oil as an alternative.

The steps you need to follow are:

Step 1: Use a Clean Cloth

Firstly you need to damp clean soft cloth with baby oil. You had better use a cotton cloth for this.

Step 2: Rub the Surface

Secondly, you need to rub the surface of the plastic chrome.

Step 3: Wipe Down

Thirdly you can wipe down the extra oil with a new cloth. You have to clean the excess oil properly.

Step 4: Clean With Soap Water

After cleaning with a cloth there is a chance that the area remains oily. It will make the part greasy. So it’s better to clean it with soapy water after wiping.

So, by following this you can clean the plastic chrome.

Method 4: Using Aerosol Cleanser

You can use an Aerosol cleanser to clean plastic chrome. It is specifically designed to clean plastic chrome or other plastic surfaces. So it will not ruin the plastic.

Step 1: Spray

First, you have to spray the plastic cleaner product on the surface of plastic chrome.

Step 2: Loosen the Material With Brush

Then you have to unsettle the surface with a brush to loosen the material from the plastic. You can’t put too much pressure unless it will leave marks on the surface.

Step 3: Wipe Down

Finally, wipe down the product with a cotton cloth. You need to wipe in one direction to avoid casualties.

Method 5: Using a Chrome Cleaner

You can use a chrome cleaner to clean plastic chrome. There are special chrome cleaners for your chrome-plated products. You can buy a suitable product to clean plastic chrome.

You need to follow the user’s manual written on the product. As all of them have different user manuals. 

Finally, we have discussed 5 methods of cleaning plastic chrome. Toothpaste, white vinegar, and baby oil methods are quite affordable. But aerosol cleaners and chrome cleaners are very expensive and they need expert hands to use.


Can I use chrome polish on plastic chrome?

Answer: Yes, you can. To polish plastic chrome, Autosol M1 polish is used. You will need a small amount of this polish for polishing the plastic chrome. You will take the polish on a cloth and move it in a circular motion. By this it will become glossy again.

Which household products can you use to polish chrome?

Answer: You can polish your plastic chrome with a very common product from your household. Dishwasher or soap in hot water works very effectively to polish chrome. Damp a sponge in the mixture and then you polish the plastic chrome. Soap water is a very simple yet good way to polish the plastic chrome.

How can you maintain chrome plating and remove fine scratches from chrome plating? 

Answer: Plastic chrome develops scratches or swirls marks very easily. To remove the fine scratches you will need red jewelers rouge. You can also use a polish that is specifically made for chrome plating.


Now we can wrap up the article. Hope now you know all about how to clean plastic chrome.

You can clean the plastic chrome with a Professional chrome cleaner or with basic DIY tools.

We have tried to explain it in simple words. We hope you can now clean plastic chrome accurately without hurting the plastic.

Thank you for being with us till the end. Have a nice day!