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How to Whiten Towels Without Bleach [6 Natural  Ways]

The beauty of white materials is in their simplicity. We adore white materials, whether it’s in the form of a white towel. Though, keeping white objects appearing bright and new for an extended period is difficult. 

A little bleach on a towel can save the day in a pinch. Besides, it’s a powerful chemical that can damage your clothing and put you in danger of health problems.

How to whiten towels without bleach?

Firstly, you can try to squeeze a lemon into the mix. Then you can try with white vinegar as a substitute, to add some aspirin, to using baking soda. Here’s also a hydrogen peroxide treatment. Also, using a high-heat drier, can use sun to naturally dry and brighten your whites.

Now, to whiten your towels, you’ll have to know more. That’s why we’ve explained below.

Let’s get into the next part!

Best Way to Get the Whiter Towel 

If you want a whiter towel, We have the natural remedies which you are looking for. Try these bleach-free solutions for whiter whites, which range from lemon juice to natural daylight. 

Add a Squeeze of Lemon

Citrus fruits are naturally acidic and work well to erase stains. Lemon juice works magic in brightening, looking, and smelling fresh.

You can use  1/4 to 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice before you start washing. If your clothing looks dull and wrinkly, soak them in hot water. Do this for half an hour. Add lemon juice before washing it. But make sure to install a hot water heater.

Add Some Aspirin to Mix

Aspirin is commonly used to treat hangovers and headaches, but it can also be used to whiten towels. Aspirin cuts dissolve the residue and accumulation that causes clothes to appear dull.

Here are some A listed aspirin from the market we recommend:

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Fill the washer dryer with warm water. Allow five white aspirin tablets to dissolve in the water. Use white pills rather than colored pills.

Add your white towels when the tablets have crumbled. Now, soak the clothes in aspirin mixed water. Wait for 30 minutes to an hour. This depends on how dull your fibers are. Then Carry on with your wash cycle as usual.

White Vinegar as a Substitute

Another substance you can use to produce the whitening is white vinegar. It is non-toxic and can be used to whiten clothes naturally.

White vinegar has just the right amount of acidity. The acetic acid in vinegar removes the residue and whitens clothing. But this solution is not strong enough to dull the fabric.

Add 1 and a half cups of vinegar to the fabric softener. Put this in the dispenser of your washing machine. This is for whitening.

You can also do this at the start of the rinse cycle in your washing process. Both approaches produce a white fabric that appears to be fresh. There is also a hack to removing wrinkles with vinegar.

Indulge in the Sun

Allow the sun to naturally dry and brighten your whites instead of using a high heat dryer.

Clothing is bleached naturally by the sun. The sun will dry and brighten your towels as they absorb them. Additionally, the sun keeps your clothes smelling fresh and dries them rapidly.

Carry on as usual with your whites. Lay your clothes items flat in the sun while they are still wet. To lighten, the materials must be exposed to as much direct UV radiation as possible.

Before you bring your whites inside, let them sit for a few hours.  If you keep your whites in the sun for too long, it can go bad.

Be careful, the longer the clothes are kept in the sun, the grimmer they will become. Any residual stains or patches on your clothes might be lightened with some sunshine. This works similarly to removing chapstick stains after the cloth is dry.

Use Baking Soda to Soak Your Whites

Another common household item that works wonders on white towels is baking soda. It removes stubborn stains and brightens whites with a baking soda scrub.

Take 1-gallon water and mix with 1 cup of baking soda, do this in a glass pot. Soak your white towels in the water. Put your whites in the washing machine as usual.

Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment

Most people have hydrogen peroxide in their medicine cabinets. It’s not only a good cut and scrape cleaning but the peroxide may also be used to whiten your clothes instead of bleach.

For the whitening, we recommend using 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. One cup of peroxide should be added instantly to your washing machine or bleach dispenser. Put your whites in and do your wash as usual.

You can make hydrogen peroxide and baking soda stain remover if you have specific dull areas on your white towels.

1/4 cup peroxide, baking soda, and warm water are mixed. Scrub the mixture into the stains with a toothbrush and set aside for thirty minutes. Take care of your laundry as normal.


Question 1: Is vinegar or baking soda better for laundry?

Answer: Yes. Vinegar or baking soda works much better for laundry. It works as a natural fabric softener. It also controls extra suds. Vinegar even helps the best laundry detergents and makes them more effective.

Question 2: Is it good or bad to use white vinegar to wash towels?

Answer: Yes, white vinegar can be useful for washing towels, to give you a quick reaction. It must be used correctly. There are numerous laundry detergents available, and logically, many people prefer to use them.

Question 3: Is the Hydrogen peroxide method safe for us?

Answer: Yes, Hydrogen peroxide can be safe and beneficial to us if it is used in exact ways. Also if it’s mixed in proper amounts of peroxide, baking soda, and warm water, then it gives a good result.


That’s all we knew about how to whiten towels without bleach. We tried to bring about this tutorial as easily as we could for you. So that you don’t face any difficulties while maintaining it.

We hope that you will try it out of yourself. Also hopefully, this has clarified the situation for you.

Thank you for staying with us till the end. Wish you good luck in fixing the matter!