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HomeArise acquired

HomeArise is happy to announce that we acquired the domain to serve you more.

About Tamara Lee: Mind Behind

Tamara Lee started as a designer at a young age and tried out for a while. Afterward, she pursued home designing and staging, and she was pretty good at this. She was also accredited for it. 

When she gets to design and stage homes, she always feels like she’s doing it for her own home. And that’s where her passion for designing homes took place and kept going onwards. 

Later, she also pursued pottery barn on a professional basis and that took her to places. She had to wake up till midnight and start as early as 4 AM on her pottery barn stores that she found in Monterey. 

Over a course of 6 years, she had a plethora of experience and well, it was not all roses and sunshine.

DesignsByTamaraLee: More Than Just Design

Tamara Lee founded this website to set up a bridge between her love for designing/crafting and her audience’s utter necessities of those state-of-the-art works. It usually provided Interior Design, DIY, Vintage Trailer Renovation ideas, printables, and ready-made items for sale. 

Apart from these, Tamara Lee also shared a handful of how-to’s, tips, guidelines, and literally anything around home design that might interest her audience. She also had been mentioned in websites, magazines, and other recognizable sources. 

Her blogs usually were around designing the home around certain occasions or concepts, easy hacks and tips that would help homemakers to design better, and answers to the questions that people always asked her about. 

HomeArise Acquired DesignsByTamaraLee, Now What?

As mentioned, HomeArise acquired the domain and enhanced their subject of expertise from home maintenance, cleaning, and renovation to design and staging homes. 

Tamara Lee is not behind the project anymore.

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