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How to Fix a Tear in Polyester Fabric in 3 Simple Ways!

Having a tear on your favorite clothing can be a big bummer. If the fabric is made of polyester, it only adds to our concern of how we can fix this tear. This is because polyester is such a delicate material, we don’t wanna ruin it any further.

How to fix a tear in polyester?

A tear in polyester can be fixed through sewing from the back, iron-on patch, and fabric glue. You can choose sewing if you are known to sew. But if sewing is a hassle to you, there are other options too. This includes attaching patches on the tear. You can use iron-on patched or fabric glue here.

These were just a preview of the whole fix. In our article, we’ll go through a detailed guideline of how you can repair these tears.

What are you waiting for? Let’s dig right in!

Can You Fix Polyester Tears?

Yes. Polyester tearing can be fixed in some easy DIY steps. These include iron patches, sewing patches on the back, fabric glue, etc. This is similar to fixing microfiber couch holes.

Polyester is long-lasting and durable. For that reason, it’s widely used in almost all outdoor clothes. These include jackets, coats, shirts, and many more. But their rough use can cause small tears in them.

We have some easy methods to fix tears in polyester. Let’s see.

3 Methods to Fix Tear in Polyester Fabric

Here we have got you 3 easy methods to fix tears in polyester fabric.

Method 1 of 3: Stitching

This is the most efficient way of repairing the tear. 

Materials Required

  • Polyester Patch
  • Sewing Machine/ Needle and thread

If you already have a sewing machine in your home, you can easily use it. If you don’t have one, no need to worry. You can also hand sew the patch yourself.


  1. If you have a very small tear, you need to make sure that the tear has 1 inch of space on all sides.
  2. Now you need to select a polyester patch matching the color to the fabric you have.
  3. After selecting the patch, simply put it on the backside of the fabric.
  4. Stitch the tear in a zigzag way through your sewing machine. You can also opt for sewing by hand if you have experience.
  5. Make the zig-zag sew a couple more times to cover it properly.
  6. Cut off the extra patch in the back apart from the sewed part.

There you go. You have just fixed the tear in the polyester fabric. Make sure to choose a patch near the color of your fabric. Also, if you ever get concealer on clothes, make sure to remove concealer from clothes properly.

Method 2 of 3: Applying Iron-On Patch

This method is for those who have no experience in sewing. Yes, you can repair the tear without touching any sort of needle too. Let’s see what you need for this.

Materials Required

  • Iron on a patch which is designed for polyester
  • Parchment paper or cloth made of cotton
  • Iron

You must make sure that you select the right patch. This patch should be designed in a way that it’s appropriate for polyester fabrics to be ironed on.

The next thing to keep in mind is the temperature. Polyester catches fire easily. For that, you need to start by setting the iron on the lowest heat possible. And we don’t recommend increasing the temperature either.

If you work with cars regularly, don’t forget to get geary smell off your clothes. You should also clean splashes of oils. It makes the fabric weak.


  1. Take a parchment paper/piece of cotton cloth. Align it over the patch and put the patch on the tear of the fabric.
  2. Set the lowest heat of the iron and press it on the cotton or parchment paper. Run it in a circular motion for at least 30 seconds. The glue will slowly start to melt and the patch will stick on the tear.
  3. Finally, remove the parchment paper and your tear is now fixed completely.

This method should be followed by taking the precautions that we mentioned before. Be sure to follow them. Also, make sure to have only one layer of polyester clothing under the iron. This is because polyester is so delicate that it can catch fire.

Method 3 of 3: Using Fabric Glue

Now, we have an even simplified solution for you. If you don’t wanna even get in the hassle of ironing, you can just use fabric glue. The fabric glue is to attach the patch to cover up the tear.

This method differentiates from the previous one by the lack of need to iron the patch. Fabric glue is an amazon product to repair tears. It’s very strong in nature. There’s no chance of the patch to come apart in the future unless very roughly used.

Materials Required 

  • Fabric Glue 
  • Polyester friendly patch 

If you’re confused about which fabric glue to go with, here’s our recommendation:

Product 1
Product 2


  1. Apply a little bit of fabric glue on all sides of the patch. Don’t apply in a way that the patch is dripping on the glue.
  2. Align the patch on the back of the teared-up part. Apply pressure gently over the patch.
  3. Keep pressing it for 30-40 seconds and the patch will stick. 

In this way, you can use a normal polyester patch to cover the tear. Generally, the patches are used on the backside of the tear. This makes the teared-up part look less teary and more patched up.

However, if you have some stylish patches, you can easily use them on top of the tear. Here the tear will be completely covered up by the patch.

There you go! Following these 3 simple methods can fix tears in polyester fabric.


Question: Is polyester hard to tear?

Answer: Polyester is pretty hard to hear. Especially the cotton-polyester blend ones. They are tear-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and they also reduce shrinkage. Straight-up polyester is also quite hard to tear up. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t be teared up. Under rough use, they do tear up.

Question: Is Polyester breathable?

Answer: Yes. Polyester is breathable. Polyester being extremely lightweight adds value to the breathability factor. This makes the sweat evaporate quite easily. The fabric doesn’t dip in sweats that often.

Question: How do you fix a tear without sewing?

Answer:  You can fix a tear without sewing through iron-on patches, fabric glue, garment tape, hemming tape, etc. Patches are a must if you don’t wanna get into sewing. But the way to attach the patch can be different. If ironing is a hassle, fabric glue is a fine way to stick patches on a tear.


This was all from us on how to fix a tear in polyester fabric. We tried sharing our knowledge on repairing these small tears that ruin your attire.

Be careful while choosing the iron-on patch on your polyester fabric. If you followed all of our guidelines, this should not be a problem. Choose the method that’s most suitable for you.

Thank you for staying with us till the very end!