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How to Repair Laminate Furniture [Explained]

It’s normal to worry about your laminated furniture when you see scratches, dents, or bubbles in it. These problems are fixable and you have to fix them to increase the usability of your furniture. 

How to repair laminate furniture?

For scratches use a wood polisher and after that filler on the stains. For the dent, put a towel on it, make it wet and use hot iron on it. Dent will pop up. For bubbles, cut the area with a knife and put wood filler. Let it dry. Polish it with a wood polisher. Add primer and color as you desire.

Now to repair laminate furniture you will need more detailed knowledge. That’s why we have explained the way to fix laminate furniture in detail.

Hope you will stick around!

Why Laminated Furniture Needs to be Fixed?

Natural and laminated wood are the two most common forms of wood used for furniture. Wood or particle board that has been dyed or treated to mimic a more expensive or exotic form of wood can be used to make laminated furniture.

Despite the fact that these coverings are extremely robust and can last a lifetime, they cannot be mended like ordinary wood and must be treated differently. 

Small streaks and scratches reduce the value of the laminate wood. It reduces its attractiveness. The functionality of laminate wood depends on the maintenance and care that is taken.

It’s normal to see scratches, Dents, bubbles, chips, or gouges in laminate wood.

You need to fix it to increase its lifetime and useability. 

You might want to know how much laminate flooring costs?

It’s pretty affordable and available.

Few Ways of Repairing Laminate Furniture

There are a few short ways to repair these. Let’s talk about these.

Fixing Scratches

First of all we need to take initiative before the scratches become too big to be fixed. You will need a few things, a wood filler, a scraper and towel or rag, a stain or furniture polisher.

To fix the scratches we need to clan the area of scratches with the help of the towel. Before using the stain or furniture polisher make sure you shake it well.

Now apply a little wood filler on the scratches. Then take your scraper and run it over the wood filler. While running over, press the scraper down a little bit.

After that take a paper towel and wipe off the excess wood filler from that place.

Now dip your rag on the stain or wood polisher.

A little dip would be enough. Now rub the rag over the scratches. After some time, wipe it off with the dry part of the rag.

One other thing. We also need to find out if plywood is rotten or not.

Now the filler will not remove the scratch completely especially if it goes against the grain of the wood but will keep it not as noticeable as before.

Fixing Dents in Laminate Wood

To fix the dents first we need to properly clean the surface of the laminate wood with the rag.

After that place, the rag over the dent and add a few drops of water over it.

Now we will need a fire torch and a metal scraper. Now heat the scraper with the help of the fire torch. You can use iron here as well.

Now carefully let the hot scraper or the iron sit over the dent for a few seconds. This will make the dent pop up from the laminate.

Now remove the hot scraper or the iron and let the area cool down.

It follows an almost similar process of taking out the dent in a refrigerator.

Fixing Bubbles from Laminate Wood

In order to achieve the complete look of laminated wood, the veneers are attached to a solid piece of wood such as plywood or OSB. The glue used to adhere the veneer to the wood eventually fails, causing the veneer to split from the underlying wood and form bubbles of air trapped inside the veneer.

There is also a fix for bubbles in laminate wood.

First, we need a razor blade and cut the whole area of the bubble on the laminate wood.

After cutting the whole area of all the bubbles we need to apply the wood filler with the help of the scraper. After properly filling we wait for the filler to dry. 

It may take over 12 hours to completely dry. Then we wipe out all the excess filler spreading on the wood using the rag. Then we apply the proper color coating it needs. After that, your laminate wood will be just like new.

Removing the Chips or Gauges

First, we will need to open the cape from the wood filler stick and press the crack or gouge with the stick’s tip. Accumulation of the stick’s material will cause it to attach to the surface of the skin.

When you have completely filled the damaged area with wood filler, wipe away any excess with your old rag. It dries for over a night. You will find the chips or gauges of wood laminate gone.

Peeling on Laminate Furniture

Laminate wood is an appealing and economical alternative to traditional wood. But laminate wood furniture peels more easily than traditional wood. 

It may be possible to recover your furniture to its former splendor if the smooth laminate finish is disturbed by peeling edges. 

Pesky peeling can be completely eliminated. If you see your furniture is peeling on the edges, acting immediately may help. You can use superglue or epoxy glue to adhere the peeling portion to the particleboard that rests under it. 

To repair laminate furniture try this epoxy glue that is given on the table:

Product 1
Product 2

Don’t use excess glue on it. You can use a toothpick to carefully slip the glue under the peeling laminate. Then press the peeling laminate to re-attach it with the base wood. Laminates can be fixed in the dresser.


Question: What causes laminate to peel?

Answer: The glue holding the laminate layer in place can become less adherent if the furniture’s laminate layer dries out, which is common with antiques. The lamination will either lift, causing a bulge, or totally come away from one end and peel back.

Question: Can bubbled laminate furniture be fixed?

Answer: Yes, bubbled laminate furniture can be fixed. Cut the bubbled area and fill it with wood filler. After that let it dry and paint it according to your desire.

Question: Can you stain laminate?

Answer: Yes, you can stain laminate in two ways. Use a gel stain or latex craft paint. Using a primer is most important when you are staining a laminate.


That’s everything we had to say about how to repair laminate furniture. Hope the discussion was helpful.

If you are still having trouble fixing your laminate furniture please contact a professional.

Good Luck!