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How to Fix A Touch Lamp That Won’t Turn Off [6-Step Guide]

I know how you feel when the touch lamp is not responding to the touch. Rather, it seems stuck on the same setting and won’t just turn off. 

It is, indeed, very annoying. But why buy a new one when you can repair it on your own!

How to fix a touch lamp that won’t turn off?

Firstly, get rid of the current touch control box. Next, identify and separate the neutral wires. Then disconnect the wires. Now, put the new touch control box in position. After that, connect the neutral wires with the new box. Lastly, connect the box and the lamp together.

That was just the gist. I have explained all the steps in the article. Read along!

Why Can’t I Switch off My Touch Lamp?

You might be wondering why we can’t go straight to fixing. You see, it’s important to understand the root cause behind it. Otherwise, it would be difficult to fix the problem.

There’s something called a touch control box that is built within the touch lamp. Actually, your touch lamp functions because of that box. 

But there’s a catch – these control boxes are extremely sensitive. Also, these are prone to a variety of errors. 

Here’s the thing: they can break down after using them for a while. As a result, your touch lamp can stop operating. Just like your outdoor light won’t work at times.  

Usually, the touch lamp refuses to switch off when the control box malfunctions. 

Now you know why your touch lamp isn’t turning off. We can start fixing it then. So, let’s jump right into that.

Fix A Touch Lamp That Won’t Turn off in 6 Steps 

I happen to have good news for you! You can fix the touch lamp on your own in just 6 steps. I have described the steps in this segment.

So, get ready to fix your touch lamp!

Step 1: Locating Current Touch Control Box

Do you see a small box at the touch lamp’s base? That’s the touch control box. You need to remove it.  But you need to locate it first. I’ll tell you how to do it. 

Start with unplugging the lamp. There’s a bottom at the lamp’s base. Remove the bottom. 

Now, look for the small box that is inside the lamp’s base. It will have a connection with the touch lamp via four wires. 

The four wires are usually orange/red, yellow, black/gray, and white. You should know what to do when black and white wires are connected together.

Here’s the thing – the colors might vary based on the brand. In that case, follow the instructions by the manufacturers for the next steps.

Step 2: Identifying The Neutral Wires

Two neutral wires are connected with the touch lamp. You have to identify them first. 

Do you see the touch control’s white-colored wire? Actually, the neutral wires of the lamp are connected with that. A wire connector is used to make the connection.

Now, get your electrical tape. Proceed with wrapping the neutral wires. This will keep them marked. It will come in handy later.

Sometimes you’ll see a common wire. It can get confusing. So, you need to know if the common wire is hot or neutral

Step 3: Loosening The Wires 

You’ll find some wire connectors. To be specific, there are three in number. You have to remove them by twisting them in a counterclockwise direction. 

Now, find the locknut. It’s on the touch lamp’s threaded tip connected with the base. 

Next, notice the ring terminal. It connects a wire coming out of the touch control box with the tip. The wire is yellow-colored.

Get your pliers. Start with turning the lock nut in a clockwise direction with the pliers. After doing that, it will be separated from the tip. Now, remove its ring terminal. 

If you are confused about pliers, you can have a look at my suggestions on pliers- 

Product 1
Product 2

They do a great job in serving its purpose.

Step 4: Connecting Yellow Wire

Bring the touch control box with which you’ll be replacing the old one. Now, put its ring terminal that is connected with yellow wire on the tip.

Next, replace the locknut and tighten it using pliers. Twist it in a clockwise direction. And that’s how the yellow wire is secured.

Step 5: Securing Orange Wire 

Don’t get worried if you can’t see any orange wire. It can also be red-colored in some cases.

You have to connect the neutral wires with the touch control’s white wires. Do it by twisting an orange-colored wire connector in a clockwise direction onto them. 

You marked the neutral wires previously. So, identifying them will be easy now.

Step 6: Connecting Black Wire

You have to connect the touch control’s black wire with the lamp’s wire. That’s directly connected with the lamp’s plug. 

Twist an orange-colored wire connector in a clockwise direction onto both the wires. Now, connect the touch control’s other wires with the lamp’s wires. Use wire connectors for this.

Finish with putting the base back at the touch control’s bottom. 

That’s it. You’re done now!


Question: Is it possible to get electrocuted from touch lamps?

Answer: Power surges could break the circuit’s safety capacitors. It is possible to get electrocuted due to that. Make sure that you buy a model that complies with safety requirements.

Question: Why does my touch lamp switch on by itself?

Answer: It can happen because of power surges in your home’s AC power. The control box can mistake that as a touch. That can result in turning the switch on. 

Question: Can I use smart plugs with my touch lamps?

Answer: Yes, you can use smart plugs with your touch lamps. These will direct the electricity flow to the plugged-in appliance. So, you can switch on and off your touch lamp.


That’s all I had about how to fix a touch lamp that won’t turn off. I hope you succeeded in fixing it by following my step-by-step guide. 

If it still doesn’t function properly, then there might be internal damage. Call an expert in that matter.  

I’m signing off then. Best wishes to you!